Monday, May 22

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Cabinet minister Jeff Radebe begged staff to send her punani pictures

Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe is embroiled in a text $€x  scandal that threatens to torpedo his ambitions for higher office.

The minister allegedly begged a staffer more than half his age to send him pictures of her ‘C.l.i.t’.

Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe, an outside contender for ANC president, allegedly begged a 29-year-old staffer to send him pictures of her pr!vate parts.
This revelation was published by the Sunday Times, which detailed a story of how Siyasanga Mbambani, a presidential photographer, received the SMSes from the 64-year-old struggle veteran. The exchanges reportedly began in 2014.
The paper published samples of the texts, which included Radebe apparently begging her to do more than just send him a picture of herself fully clothed (which she had). She later allegedly obliged with a pic of herself in a bubble bath, and finally exposing her naked breasts.

“Let me see there,” a later text from him requested, with a clarification telling Mbambani that he was interested in her photographing herself further “down”. She claims she refused to do so.
She approached the Sunday Times with her version of the story, saying she viewed the exchanges as $exual harassment and that she had been put on suspension at the government communications department unfairly. The ostensible reason for her suspension was over allegations of improper conduct on her part and concerns about her dress style.
She had apparently showed unacceptable “seductive conduct” in front of Cyril Ramaphosa and Jacob Zuma.
The Sunday Times, however, concluded that Mbambani had been encouraging of the messages from Radebe. She changed her story that she had never sent him explicit pictures of herself when the paper showed her the evidence, saying she may have been intoxicated when she sent the topless photo.
Radebe failed to provide an official response on the matter.
Twitter has been trending with comments on the story since its publication on Sunday morning, most of them satirical:
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DRUG addicts are known for their reckless behaviour.
But the latest trend among nyaope boys has shocked many . . .
They have allegedly been stealing the ashes of dead people to smoke!
Cases of nyaope addicts who allegedly stole boxes containing the ashes of cremated people have been registered at Mooifontein Cemetery in Kempton Park, Ekurhuleni and Avalon Cemetery in Soweto.
Workers at both cemeteries told the SunTeam many graves had been vandalised, supposedly by nyaope smokers looking for ashes.

Families whose loved ones are buried in the cemeteries have asked the government to tighten security. Norkem Park Police Station spokesman Captain Lesibana Molokomme said a number of cases had been opened over graves being vandalised at Mooifontein Cemetery.
“We have opened over five cases of vandalism,” he said.
Three suspects had been arrested but the cases were still in court.
Molokomme couldn’t confirm that the graves were vandalised by nyaope addicts looking for human ashes to smoke.
Funeral Industry Regulatory Authority chairman Johan Rousseau said the government needed to take action against vandals.
Joburg City Parks spokeswoman Jenny Moodley said they had not received any complaints about stolen ashes.

Source:Daily Sun
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Sandile Mantsoe's other gf speaks up

Sandile Mantsoe's other gf speaks up

Sandile Mantsoe has been exposed. He apparently had multiple partners. Of course as a rich man it is expected of you to be highly attractive.

He attracted all the fine looking ladies from all around the world. He was a man of many words yet had little to say to win the ladies.

They were automatically attracted by his good looks and deep pockets. His other gf confessed about also having an abusive relationship with Sandile.

She weeped heavily and hung up the phone before giving the team full details nor her names. The team's attempt to call her back were unsuccessful.

More details to follow later
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Huge reptile eats bonking couple

Huge reptile eats bonking couple

A couple who decided to have a feel of outdoor fun became lunch for a 5 meter hungry crocodile in the crocodile infested waters of St Lucia in Kwa Zulu Natal.
The tourist couple, believed to have come from France are said to have discarded park rules when they went to the Isimangaliso Wetlands park for some sight seeing. The couple are believed to have started making love right there at the water’s edge and got so busy in their encounter they did not see a crocodile approach from their back.

The gigantic reptile pounced on the unsuspecting couple and devoured them. Their panic cries for help were not heard as they were over 4 km away from the designated area. Three more crocodiles are believed to have joined the human goulash.
The following day, park authorities noticed that one car had not existed and a search and rescue was placed into effect. Their car was found parked near the river and it did not take long for search and rescue crew to locate the scene. Their clothes lay untouched, which indicated they were n@_ked when attacked.
The crocodile was also found nearby with a belly full of meat.
The identities of the couple could not be released until their next of kin had been informed
Source : Online
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Sands dedicates his Tigi Tigi song to Amanda Black

Sands dedicates his Tigi Tigi song to Amanda Black

The new comers got new things coming. The South African Idols finalist Amanda Black has found love.
She found more than love, she found a soul mate. Amanda Black known for her hit song Amazulu and Sands who is popularly known for his hit Tigi song are happily engaged.

A source close to the two says they are so in love that most of their songs are a dedication to each other.

The two are inseparable and a match made in heaven. They are too perfect for each other and they compliment each other well,added the friend.

The two alleged love birds were unreachable at the time of this article's writing. Love is a beautiful factor indeed.
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Connie Ferguson is Pregnant.

Connie Ferguson is Pregnant. 

The beautiful and forever young mother of two beautiful girls and a grandmother is now impatiently expecting.

Connie Ferguson known for her talent and never ageing ever so $xy looks is about to become a mother again.

Connie us married to Shona Ferguson  and there's definitely no marriage like theirs. The two are happier than happy.

They have the same goals and dreams and they are both very hard working.

A source close to Shona said that it started with Connie glowing then ended with them announcing the great news.
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VIDEO: Pastor uses his phone to call God during service

VIDEO: Pastor talks to ‘God’ on the phone during live church service

‘I actually have a direct line which I can call Him on and get instructions on how to proceed,’ he has been quoted as saying.

Pastor Paul Sanyangore of Victory World International has claimed to have a direct phone number to heaven, after a video of him talking on the phone during a church service emerged.
In the video, the pastor can be seen holding his cellphone and responding to God’s questions, he claims.
He calls a woman from the crowd, and as she kneels down, he then starts receiving instructions from “heaven”.
“Hello, is this heaven? I have a woman here, what do you have to say about her? Oh … I should ask her who is Sibo,” he asks “heaven”. The woman then responds telling him who the said person is.
“What else Papa God? What else? God is telling me to ask you why is it He’s showing me a heart?”
The woman again responds.
“He says we should pray for your children, two of them. He is saying the other one is epileptic, the other one is asthmatic. He is saying I should ask you who is in Bulawayo.”
The woman then tells the pastor that the said children are in Bulawayo.
“God is telling me to tell you your story has changed. God is telling me to ask you about a food outlet.”
Again the woman responds.
“Heaven in online,” he says.
Watch the video below:

In an interview with Zimbabwean news site H-Metro, the pastor, also known as Pastor Talent, said he did not understand why people were surprised about his actions, further claiming to have a direct number to God.
“I have a direct channel, actually I have His number and I can call Him when need arises. It is possible to talk to God; why would you doubt that I got a call from Him? I actually have a direct line which I can call Him on and get instructions on how to proceed. I got this when I was praying and I heard a voice telling me to call direct,” he was quoted as saying.
He reportedly said he would make the numbers available to the public when the time was right.
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Another Horrific photos of Soweto lesbian raped and stoned to death - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Another Horrific photos Soweto lesbian raped and stoned to death - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! 

TRAFFIC came to halt when murdered lesbian Lerato Moloi (27) was buried on Saturday.
Lerato’s friends walked 10km from Naledi Hall to Protea Glen Mall intersection to protest her brutal murder.
As people watched from their homes, the group sang the famous struggle song, but adapted it to: “Senzeni na. Isono sethu ubutabane. (What did we do? Our sin is being lesbians.)”
A passerby found Lerato’s body on the railway tracks not far from her house last week.
Lesbians who attended her funeral told Daily Sun they were tired of women being killed like this.
“The people who killed Lerato wanted to show her she wasn’t a man like them,” said Kgotso Mokwena (26).
“Enough is enough. We want this to stop now. Today it’s Lerato, who knows who else it could be tomorrow? It could be me,” said Kgotso.
The women said they had been to Kroonstad last week to bury another of their friends.

The service started at the Moloi home and proceeded to the Naledi Community Hall, where scores of people including people from the the community, Lerato’s friends and government officials waited for them.
Gauteng Community Safety MEC Sizakele Nkosi-Malobane said people should stop judging others and love one another unconditionally.
“This thing of categorising people starts in our homes. When you see this child is smart, you love them.
“ If they are a little bit slow, you don’t love them.
“When she is a yellow bone, you love her, but if she’s black, you don’t.”
She said it was time for South Africans to do what was right and love people equally.
Speaker after speaker called for the return of the death penalty.
The convoy then departed for Olifantsvlei Cemetery on the Golden Highway, south of Joburg where Lerato was laid to rest.
Her friends marched in front of the convoy that shut down all the roads leading to the cemetery.
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Karabo's boyfriend 'Sandile Mantsoe' beaten and raped in cell no 13

Karabo's kiiller 'Sandile Mantsoe' beaten and r@ped in cell no 13

Sandile Mantsoe who confessed to murdering and burning his girlfriend of 7 months was beaten and r@ped by his cell mates.

The cell mates are apparently angered by his actions which led him to their cell.

They called him names and hated the fact that he didn't at all look remorseful and that's what made them attack him before r@ping him.

He is critically lying in bed in the prison sick bay. That's what a source close to Sandile was told when he went to visit him in prison yesterday.

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Saturday, May 20

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Muvhango actresses refuses to work together after their fight over a man.

Muvhango actresses refuses to work together after their fight over a man.

Two of the most legendary actresses from Muvhango now wants nothing to do with each after discovering that they have been sharing a bed with the same man.

The actresses popularly known as Rendani Vusi's aunt and Katlego Vusi's girlfriend who have been acting as close friends on the soapie now can't stand each other.

After discovering that they have been sleeping with the same man they have become the mice and the cat.

Their colleagues have tried making peace between the two but failed dismally.

The two have been caught on camera wrestling in a public place.
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Friday, May 19

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Karabo's friends and family are seen sitting in the front of Diepkloof Hall in Soweto, overcome with grief as a daughter and friend to many will be laid to rest this morning.
The Diepkloof Community Hall is filled to capacity with many also sitting outside watching via a screen. 

 says she is against the  hashtag, calls for more male voices on issues of violence against women @News24 

Don't think there was a tearless person in the room after older sister, Bontle Mokoena spoke 💔 @News24 

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Funeral service of Karabo Mokoena is underway in Diepkloof hall, Soweto. Family and friends gathered to paytribute  

 musical tribute to Karabo by South African gospel singer Deborah Fraser. KS [Video]
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