Tuesday, February 21

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Video of Dineo the mermaid Dead in Limpopo Giyani released

Video of Dineo the mermaid Dead in Limpopo Giyani released

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Monday, February 20

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Dineo Storm the mermaid found Dead in Limpopo Giyani

Dineo the mermaid found Dead at Giyani

Dineo has died - Dineo dead in giyane

Last week we were expecting a very big eruption in some parts of the countries.

A tropical cyclone named Dineo was said to be hitting Limpopo and all the Northern and western side of the countries.

But when Limpopo was said to be one of the provinces which will experience the cyclone a lot of people on the social medias made jokes out of it saying it's taking a chance because nobody messes with Limpopo as it's famous for its black magic.

Apparently the Limpopians weren't hit as hard as expected by the cyclone because it was not a cyclone but a mermaid after all.

The mermaid was found dead in Limpopo at Giyane.

No one seems to know what could have caused the death of the very feared creature but most keep saying Limpopo is no match for any evil.

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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Pictures: Pastor turns church into a s_trip show and a night club

Pictures: Pastor makes congregation s_trip during a live service

PRETORIA - A pastor of the Soshanguve Church, End Times Disciples Ministries, has come under fire for allegedly using the unconventional methods of having congregation members strip and then stepping on them to preach.
Images that were posted to the church's Facebook page on Thursday went viral on social media and across the internet.

In the images, members of the church can be seen stripped down to their underwear and the pastor is seen stepping on some.
There is an image of a church member licking the pastor's boots and one of the pastor allegedly jumping on members of congregation.

In a caption for the image of the pastor jumping on members, it is implied the congregants felt no pain as God is with them. 
The caption reads, "Total Demonstration of God's Power >No Pain felt in them, meaning God is with us. To God be the Glory".
The page has since deleted some of the pictures and the pastor could not be reached for comment.
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

BREAKING: Swedish coach Kjell Jonevret named as new coach of Orlando Pirates

BREAKING: Swedish coach Kjell Jonevret named as new coach of Orlando Pirates.

Orlando Pirates have finally ended their search for a new coach with the appointment of Swede Kjell Jonevret on a three year contract on Monday morning.

The Swede will be assisted by Mamelodi Sundowns legend Harold "Jazzy Queen" Legodi as Bradley Carnell‚ who was assistant to Muhsin Ertugral and caretaker coach Augusto Palacios‚ has requested that he be allowed to leave to pursue a career in Europe.

Carnell tweeted soon after the announcement:

But the new coach is unlikely to be on the bench when Pirates host Polokwane City in a tough home league match on Saturday afternoon as he can only resume his duties after he's received his work permit.
Pirates have not had a permanent head coach since the combustible Ertugral faced the television cameras in November and stunned viewers when he said he would offer his letter of resignation the next day.
A magical SuperSport United had just wiped the floor with a hapless Pirates in a 6-1 humiliation at Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit on November 1 and Ertugral decided it was better to quit than continue.
He sent his letter of resignation at 3am the following day and Palacios took over as caretaker coach.
But Palacios has had a tumultuous stay at the helm that was marred by violent disruptions at Loftus Stadium 10 days ago following a humiliating 6-0 defeat to Sundowns.
The violence forced Pirates chairman Irvin Khoza’s hand and he had to speedily appoint a new coach to avoid further action from irate supporters.
Source:Times live
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Sunday, February 19

Mahlatse Ramatseba

MP sends nud€ pic in parliament WhatsApp group by mistake

MP sends nud€ pic in parliament WhatsApp group by mistake

A senior member of the Limpopo provincial legislature suffered the biggest embarrassment of his political career when he allegedly sent an X rated picture to fellow members of the legislature recently. It was not known whether the man, who is also a senior ANC official in the province, sent the p3_n1s meme by design or by accident to a WhatsApp group messaging platform for lawmakers.
Limpopo ANC spokeswoman Khumbudzo Ntshavheni declined to comment and referred us to ANC party caucus spokesman Phuti Lekganyane. Lekganyane said it was a personal matter. “We regard this as a personal matter and our view is that the affected member must comment on the matter himself,” he said, adding he forwarded the question to the politician. He said despite the alleged despite the alleged incident they still had confidence in their comrade.  “This could be viewed as one of the many ploys against the person”.

Two senior ANC members who did not want to be named said it appeared the man was chatting with fellow legislature members and a female contact at the same time when the alleged mishap happened. “He sent the picture of the pe_n1s to the group instead of sending it to the companion. We don’t know if he sent the picture unwittingly or deliberately,” said the ANC member.
Another party member said some female members of the chat group  were unhappy as they felt that their colleague was $e_xually harassing them. “You see there are elderly women in the chat group and I’m told they were unhappy with him. But they all decided to close ranks because he is their fellow comrade and they protect each other”
Sunday World
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Well Congratulations to AKA and Bonang, for winning, the shortest split in SA’s history…

Yesterday rapper AKA took to his Twitter account to announce that its over between him and his longtime girlfriend Bonang. “Sad to announce that myself & bonang have broken up. We tried guys,” AKA wrote on Twitter.

Well it looks like they’ve worked things out, as The Super Mega just hop on Twitter to announce that they’re back together again. “I love you @Bonang_m… I’m just a bit crazy & intense… I’m sorry baby.We good. Before adding. “Ya so what. Couples fight.Get over it. Life goes on. he wrote.

AKA deleted his tweets, an hour later… which is weird, but we were able to get a screenshot… AKA is currently in Cape Town to work on some new music,as he is scheduled to drop his album later this year, and Twitter thinks he did this promote the album.

What do you think?…let us know what you think in the comment section below.
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Saturday, February 18

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Анджелина Джоли - Angelina Jolie's new man

Western media reported on the new man of Angelina Jolie 

Hollywood diva unpleasantly surprised their fans were in the midst of a new love affair. In the US media talk about the fact that the actress has found someone to replace Brad Pitt .

According to Star Magazine publication, Angelina Jolie is in a romantic relationship musician and actor Jared Leto . 41-year-old Jolie and 45-year-old Leto met in 1999 in the film "Girl, Interrupted."
As I mentioned several times the media reported their couple was spotted in Los Angeles, but the stars are still far from being able to officially advertise their relationship. Recall that Angelina Jolie is now divorced from Brad Pitt, after ten years of marriage.

According to reports, Jolie moved closer to the summer, as he helped her befriend in a stressful situation with divorce. They were more likely to see and spend time together, and their first friendly sympathy grew into a strong sense of, say foreign reporters.

In fact, many remembered that when Jolie Summer and starred in the movie, then in their presence well felt that there is between the actors' incredible chemistry. "

Life Jared Leto, unlike Jolie is known for a lot less. Winner of the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" is officially a bachelor, although at different times, he attributed novels with many famous actresses in
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Bonang: AKA forced me to lick his ANU_ S

Bonang: AKA forced me to lick his ANU _S

Dineo might have been downgraded to a tropical storm but clearly the love lives of AKA and Bonang Matheba is a full speed cyclone.

The separation of AKA and Bonang took Mzansi by surprise, in less than a month the two were enjoying a holiday together then all of a sudden AKA announced on his Twitter Account that the two are no longer an item.. The Super Mega Boss only revealed that he tried his best.

Television & Fashion personality Bonang however opens up in the late Friday hours when she hints about the details of their separation.

“Things have been hectic in my life ever since i met Kiernan, we looked all loved up in public but privately i was suffering, i tried to fight for the love that i had for him but he never appreciated, he forced me to l!ck his sewer if i refused he would threaten me.

Honestly who does that??
Now that i got my life back i need to focus on my career, i am not going to cry over it NEVER… I am happy he left,” she said.

AKA refused to comment on the allegations

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Leo Rosenwasser Died at 61 - Actor & Comedian

Actor, Comedian, and driver Leo Rosenwasser is dead at 61 of age

Murió el actor Leo Rosenwasser - Infobae

A los 61 años, murió el actor y humorista Leo Rosenwasser

El ex humorista de “VideoMatch” y conductor sufrió un infarto esta madrugada

Comedian,Actor and driver Leo Rosenwasser died during the first few minutes of Friday. The former comedian of "Videomatch" was 61 years old and suffered a heart attack , Chronicle TV reported. As he transpired, at the time of his death he was with his girlfriend in the apart hotel Migueletes Plaza Belgrano, where he lived.

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Friday, February 17

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Wife poisons children after husband cheats with a 19year old

Wife poisons children after husband cheats with a 19year old

A furious wife poisoned her three children aged 14,9 and 4 after finding out that her husband of 18years has been cheating on her with a 19 year old girl from the same street.

The alleged man from Mpumalanga is apparently a highly recommended and respected pastor of many years.

This finding came as a shock to the entire community but more over the community is more angry at the wife for punishing the kids for their father's sins.

The alleged 19 year girlfriend had a fall out with her best friend who is the  one that exposed thei couple's secret of one year.

This has hurt so many people and the wife is reported to have been mentally disturbed by the affair and she is the one that handed herself to the police after killing her bundles of joy out of anger and confusion.

Names were not yet confirmed during the writing of this article and the Mpumalanga police refused to comment on the matter.
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Muvhango’s Susan responds to being called ugly

Muvhango’s Susan responds to being called ugly

If you were to go through actress Muvhango Actress Maumela Mahuwa’s Instagram account, you’d learn how confident she is in her own skin and who she is. Now the actress is admitting that it hasn’t always been that way and it took many years to gain that self-confidence and self-love.
Maumela is now one of the longest lasting members of the cast on the much-loved soapie Muvhango, as well as a musician and a sought after pastor.
As she rocked up for the interview with Drum Magazine, we immediately noticed that Maumela looked fabulous and much slimmer.

“Deciding to lose weight was a dare to myself,” she told the reporters. “I met this couple, Pastor Franka and Alisha Orjie, who told me to lose weight.”
That might sound a bit harsh to some but Maumela feels it’s a good thing to surround yourself with people who are honest with you.
In the interview the actress admits that it didn’t feel nice to be called ugly. “When I agreed with them that I was ugly, I stopped loving myself… When you are told you are too dark, short, your nose is flat and your lips are too big, you start to believe you are really ugly. I saw nothing beautiful in me,” she told the publication.
All the rejections in my life confirmed that something was wrong with me and I settled in my self-pity.
However her outlook on life changed when she got to know Muvhango producer Duma kaNdlovu , who became her hero and father figure. “He told me once that I am such a beautiful African child,” she recalls. “I did not change immediately but it was enough to wipe away all the negative thoughts in my mind.”
In fact it took her 12 years to work through her self esteem issues.
“I had no confidence in myself, I had none installed. I still have the same nose, mouth and face-I have seen in the mirror all my life. But now, the same things are accepted and they belong there. this dark skin is my heritage, she proudly stated.
Maumela is single, though she plans to get married one day! ” I am not in a relationship at the moment, but I want to get married one day,” she says.
And what about children? “yes, I want many kids,” she enthused. I want a full house, more like crazy full, with small and big people.
Although she would like to tie the knot sometime, she has an important message for other women. ” Become your own woman before you are someone’s wife or mother.”
Maumela who is gearing for the release of her album in October, has plenty of experience to share.
I have lived a colorful and beautiful life. It has been a great journey and being me is wonderful. I thank God for that,” she concludes.
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