Saturday, August 19

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Cursed for sle3p!ng with a witch doctor's w!fe - hands & feets vise versa and deformed

Cursed for sle3p!ng with a witch doctor's w!fe

A rich man from Lagos has been warned a couple of times about his concubine.

Apparently this rich man met and fell head over heels  in love with a married young woman.

The woman didn't hide the fact that she is married to a very powerful and wicked man but the rich man refused to listen.
He was warned time and time again,the witch doctor sent him several warnings but he wouldn't back off.

He is now pleading for help to reverse the curse on him. He woke up to his feet on his hand and his hands on his feet.

He is now broke and hiding in his parent's house.
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Somizi says he is the best gay in mzansi and can't be outshined

Somizi says he is the best gay in mzansi and can't be outshined

Somizi says he can't be outshined by any gay in this world. He says he is a rare breed.

Somizi says he sees GC is rising and trying to get to his level and he admires that but he's got a long way to go.
Somizi says he knows men who have been gay their whole life but will never outshine him even if he tries.

I've recently came out of the closet but that has never stopped me from shining the brightest.

Somizi says that the day that he decided to come out he swore that he won't be a broke gay man and he has lived by his word and done extremely well and beyond.
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Watch V!deo : The CCTV Video Of Grace Mugabe ‘Pun!sh!ng’ Gabriela Engels Leaks,Hotel Manager Blamed

VIDEO : The CCTV Video Of Grace Mugabe ‘Pun!sh!ng’ Gabriela Engels Leaks,Hotel Manager Blamed

Randburg – A 9 minutes long CCTV footage of Grace Mugabe b3@_t!ng up a model,Gabriella Engels has since been leaked by suspected hotel management and has started doing rounds on social media.

The 32-year-old manager of the hotel at which the ‘f! ght’ took place has been cr!ticized for leaking a s3ns!t!ve footage at a time when investigations are still in progress.
”That was a ch!ld!sh b3hav!or by the manager and his action is more likely to brew x3n0ph0b!a,besides,this video is more likely to tr@umat!ze the victim every time she bumps into it on the int3rnet”,said one SAPS officer who chose not to be named.

More to follow :

Watch Video >>> FACEBOOK
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Grace Mugabe appear in court and win 'I hit her to defend my self because she attacked me,it was self defence'

I hit her to protect myself and also sustained injuries – Grace Mugabe claims

Zimbabwe’s first lady Grace Mugabe claims she hit 20-year-old Gabriella Engels with an extension cord in an act of self-defence. Her two sons were not spared a beating either

Mugabe has told South African officials that she was in fact the victim in the attack that happened last Sunday in a flat in Sandton. This allegedly took place in the presence of numerous body guards.
This is according to highly-placed sources privy to the case. “She is adamant on the issue of protecting herself because she feels she was attacked. She says she was attacked by the victim and that she also has her own injuries which she is not going to publish in the media,” said one source.
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Friday, August 18

Mahlatse Ramatseba

7 Things Women Do While They Are Cheating In A Relationship

7 Things Women Do While They Are Cheating In A Relationship

#1 Asking about your daily routine

This question isn’t strange for people who work away from home, but asking how your day went if you’re working at home is indeed unusual. If your girl is asking this question constantly, she might be planning to do something while you’re out.

#2 She’s preoccupied with her thoughts

If your girl is preoccupied with her thoughts and seems lost, she may be planning to break up with you.

#3 Non-stop nagging

If your girl nags you about every little thing without a reason, she is trying to find a reason for a break up.

#4 Tagging an individual with “just a friend”

Follow your girl’s reaction when you ask about her new friend. If she’s uneasy about it, trust us – there’s something going on.
#5 Doesn’t give straight answers in a fight

If she’s dodging questions or doesn’t give straight answers during a fight, she may be decided on a break up.

#6 Hiding the cellphone from you

If your girl hides her phone for you, there’s a chance there’s something in it you don’t need to see.

#7 Not interested in romance

If your girl is not as romantic as before, you’re probably being cheated on. It’s time to end the unhealthy relationship and move on. Do it for your own good.
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

WATCH VIDEO : Teenager ‘Enjoys’ Herself With A Cucumber On Facebook Live,Commits Suicide

WATCH VIDEO : Teenager ‘Enjoys’ Herself With A Cucumber On Facebook Live,Commits Suicide

According to the deceased’s boyfriend,a 21-year-old girl from Mpumalanga was left with no option but to take her own life after a video of her mastur_bating with a cucumber found its way to the social media without her knowledge as she later claimed that she was not aware that someone among her drunken friends was secretly livestreaming her on Facebook Live without her consent.

The boyfriend added that the girl (name withheld) was shocked to learn of the video’s virality on Facebook after one of her friends alerted her to search a certain Facebook group where the video was being circulated.
”She called me in the wee hours of Wednesday and I could feel that she was emotionally charged as I also knew that she was someone who was not talkative”,said her friend,who only identified herself as Mandisa.
The other version of that story according to other witnesses states that the ex-boyfriend who is suspected to have leaked the controversial 4 minute video is said to be on the run since the relatives of the deceased are baying for his blood.
Efforts to get a comment from the deceased’s parents were fruitless as they flatly denied commenting on the saga,citing that they are still mourning their loved one
Source : Online
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WATCH : Simphiwe Ngema visits Dumi Masilela’s grave

WATCH : Simphiwe Ngema visits Dumi Masilela’s grave

The cost of the tombstone has divided social media, with some saying it is ‘too much’, while others say the late actor deserved it.
Late Rhythm City actor and musician Dumi Masilela’s tombstone has left social media users divided over whether the cost was necessary. The 3-ton rotating tombstone reportedly cost R160 000.
Bataung Memorials CEO Lebohang Khitsane said the tombstone captured Masilela’s personality.
“We wanted to capture who Dumi was to his family, his friends and his fans across different platforms. So the stone was inspired by his multitalented nature. He was an actor, singer and soccer player, of course in addition to his other life roles like being a husband, son and brother,” he told TimesLive.
They shared a video of his widow, Simphiwe Ngema, rotating her late husband’s tombstone after the funeral.
The Rhythm City actor died following a hijacking ordeal last week on Wednesday in Tembisa. Masilela spent the night fighting for his life in hospital after being shot during the attempted hijacking.
watch the video below
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Minister of education: School opening dates shifted by 2 weeks

Minister of education: school opening dates shifted by 2 weeks

The minister of education shifted the 3rd term opening dates by 2 more weeks,a move that was not welcomed by most parents.
Primary, secondary and universities will open as from 17th october 2017.This is according to Daily Nation on Tuesday 15 August 2017.

The minister has come to this conclusion to ensure students have more time with their families, boyfriends & girlfriends because; most students fail exams as a results of not getting enough time to do other things.
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Simphiwe Ngema 'I dream of Dumi leading me to a man he wants me to marry'

Simphiwe Ngema:I dream of Dumi leading me to a man he wants me to marry

It's almost a week since Dumi Masilela was buried. Dumi was a true believer and follower of God.

He married the pastor's child and they are both strong believers.

Simphiwe has been having the same dream ever since she laid her husband to rest.

Simphiwe says Dumi appears to be very happy for me and the man in my dream. He keeps introducing me to him and telling me how much of a good man the man is.
When I told Dumi's mom about the dream she then said it's a sign that Dumi wants me to marry that man .

My heart refuses to accept but my mind tells that all Dumi wants is to see me happy.
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Robert Mugabe threatens Gerrie Nel for representing the model assaulted by his wife

Robert Mughabe threatens Gerrie Nel for representing the model assaulted by his wife

According to an inside source President Mughabe is annoyed by the news that Gerrie Nel will be representing the model that was assaulted by his wife.

The Mughabe lawyer asked the model and her lawyer to settle the matter out of court but they turned the offer down.

They offered a lot of money to settle the matter without involving the law but Gerrie Nel and his client declined.
Robert Mughabe then started threatening the lives of the lawyer and the client.

Gerrie Nel is a very fierce lawyer and he isn't shaken by the threats one bit.

Developing POST as we are gathering information, KEEP CHECKING
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Alleged Grace Mugabe assault victim offered blank cheque and there is a lot more to it

Alleged Grace Mugabe assault victim offered blank cheque and there is a lot more to it

The woman who was allegedly assaulted by Zimbabwe’s First Lady‚ Grace Mugabe‚ was offered a blank cheque to make the matter go away.This was revealed at a media conference on Thursday at AfriForum’s offices in Centurion at which the alleged victim‚ Gabriella Engels‚ and her mother‚ Debbie‚ were present.
“There wasn’t an amount offered to them (the Engels family). The indication was: come up with a figure‚” AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel said.
Spies said they will approach the court if Mugabe is granted immunity‚ because they believe her claim she was accompanying her husband Robert to a SADC summit in South Africa was an “afterthought”.
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