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Thursday, December 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba

BREAKING NEWS: DJ Sbu dies in New York at 39

BREAKING NEWS: DJ Sbu dies in New York at 39

NEW YORK – South African kwaito artist, DJ Sbu has died in a New York hospital, his New York-based brother Mzwandile says in a statement.

“He was secretly flown in for medical treatment but unfortunately lost him” – Mzwandile told the media.
His brother refused to state the cause of his death but close friends tell the media that DJ Sbu was secretly battling with kidney related ailments.

Plans are underway to flown his body back home for burial.

Real name Sibusiso Leope, DJ Sbu recently founded his own energy drink called Mofaya.
He died at 39.
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

South Africans hot under the collar for life-sized $3x dolls costing R16k

South Africans hot under the collar for life-sized $3x dolls costing R16k

In many a frat house, pub and space where straight male friends discuss the fairer $3x, there are fantasies bandied about concerning a mythical world. This paradise is populated by women who actually find our jokes funny, are not judgmental about the 67 seconds of zealous thrusting that constitute our best lovemaking and could not be bothered by the fact that your meat spear is more of a partially nibbled Vienna. In this world your obsession with World War 2 aircraft specs is a riveting topic of conversation and all your opinions are treated as immutable fact.
Get ready, because the realisation of that fantasy could be much closer, temporally and geographically, than you think.
Luvland recently became the first adult franchise in South Africa to import and sell the JYDOLL, a variant of the life-sized $3x dolls that have the international adult industry aflutter. The doll weighs as much as a real woman and is made of a "thermoplastic elastomer material", which means she feels more "real" than a plastic phallus.
"The $3x dolls are moulded on real women. This one weighs about 60kg and has all the orifices: ears, mouth, nose, anus and vagina. It feels real, is portable and can be put into any position," says Patrick Meyer, operations manager at Luvland.
The 60kg "this one" he refers to is named Tiffany and her come-hither stare was fixed resolutely on a blank space on the ceiling when I tentatively shook her hand.
Tiffany, with her toffee skin and brown hair, came to this country as part of a small bevy of $3x dolls whose mission was to test demand in the South African market.
"We were in China in October, where I ordered six of them. They were delivered a few weeks later and now we've only got one left. I've got another 45 coming in January," says Meyer.


Advances in artificial intelligence and other technologies have turned $3x bots and dolls into the hottest new buzzword in the adult industry. Gone are the days when you had to attach an air pump to your lover. Now, depending on your budget, she could moan, crack jokes and potentially even read you the news.
Harmony is the latest brand ambassador for this next generation of $3x toys. She's essentially an animatronic $3x toy in parts. Her brain is an Android app developed by Realbotix. In this form she lives on whatever device you decide to download her onto. She makes jokes, answers questions and loudly wonders about the size of your penis.
The second piece of the Harmony puzzle is provided by a US $3x-doll company called Real Doll. It, in conjunction with Realbotix, is putting the finishing touches to a vessel for Harmony's mind. Said vessel will have eyes and mouth that move and, eventually, cameras that are able to track movement and sound. She won't be as good at $3x as a real woman, but for her creators the goal is to create a companion.
In an interview with technology news website Engadget, Matt MacMullen, the CEO of Real Doll, said: "What initially seemed like the Ferrari of $3x devices proved to be something more for the people who actually buy them. They have sort of become companions and what I started to notice is that people sort of started imposing personalities on their dolls."
It was not a large jump from people imposing personalities in their $3x dolls to giving the dolls actual personalities, among other things.
"It is engineered in such a way that it is going to learn from the different interactions that it has," he said, outlining the fact that each person will have a different version of the doll depending on how one sets up its customisable personality and how one engages with it from that point.
"People have asked me if I'm asking the dolls to replace women and that has really never even been on the radar. It's an alternative form of relationship, that's all."
As much of a focus as personality is, the $3x dolls of the future are still going to have enough $3x gadgetry on them to make that old blowup doll in your cupboard look like a telegram machine.
It is expected that in the very near future - think before the next Olympics - animatronic $3x toys will be equipped with self-lubricating vaginas, heat and touch sensors and all manner of doohickeys to make the sensation as real as possible.


The Harmonys and Tiffanys of the world may only be approximations of real women, but their arrival has stirred up a number of serious questions about their potential effects on the lives of real women.
Dr Kathleen Richardson, a senior research fellow in the ethics of robotics at De Montford University in the UK, is concerned that the increased sophistication of robots that are essentially non-human $3x slaves could have dangerous side-effects for our value systems.
In an article in the London Telegraph she said: "If you didn't have prostitution, you couldn't have the idea of a $3x robot or a $3x doll. They are an outcome of a way of reflecting on a human person as if they were a thing."
This concern birthed a campaign called "Campaign Against $3x Robots", which argues against the development of robots or AI that mirrors, reproduces or contributes to current gender inequalities.
Richardson is not alone and there is currently a running back and forth concerning the ethics of $3x robots that encompasses everything from whether robots can have rights to whether or not it even matters if robots are slaves. After all, they were made to serve us, right?
For many people however, $3x dolls are neither the topic of a third-year philosophy class nor are they toys. Luvland's Meyer, for instance, is quick to claim that the majority of the dolls he brought into South Africa have been bought by disabled people and others who, for whatever medical reasons, may struggle to have $3x with a real woman. Having a quippy robot can also be therapeutic for people with social anxiety disorders.
That said, there is a debate going on about the merits of $3x dolls for paedophiles. As discomforting to read as it is, there are $3x dolls that mimic the dimensions of young girls. Some of the smallest of them stand at 100cm tall, weigh 12kg and have a 58cm chest - the dimensions of a five- or six-year-old.
The argument for their production essentially states that if you provide a doll for that kind of deviancy then you help keep real children safe. For many that argument is thin at best.
It is not a road Meyer is interested in walking down. "We absolutely won't touch those or anything near those sizes. They are also banned in the UK," he says.
Like all things $3x-related, the rise of $3x dolls and bots tickles us in all the right spots. It is a bit like looking in a quirky circus mirror only to start noticing scary shapes behind you when you look too hard.
Much like many of the current debates around virtually everything robotic, $3x bots are talking a big game but standing beneath a sign that looks suspiciously like "Underdelivery". They're certainly interesting but hysteria has overblown their capabilities and if hysteria weren't so much fun to participate in, we would admit that we know it.
So perhaps the real reason $3x robots and AI in general pique so much of our interest is because of one of those scary shapes in the circus mirror that we are loath to look at but are fascinated by nonetheless. We've already made them in our own image and seem to be fast approaching the point where they become sentient. So when they do, will all these new robots call us God?


How do you clean them?
Generally all you need is a pair of gloves, dishwashing liquid and baby powder. The gloves are not compulsory but you'll want them. The folks at Real Doll are hoping that future-generation dolls will have detachable bits that you can lob into the dishwasher.
Can you rent one?
Not in South Africa yet, but if you find yourself in Dublin, unable to find a comely Irish lass, then for €100 (R1,600) you can get an hour's worth of rubber necking. Lumidolls in Barcelona is the world's only $x-doll brothel.
Are there male $3x dolls?
Yes, but you're unlikely to enjoy them. Like female $3x dolls, they are still rather limited where movement is concerned. For now you're better off with one of those Bluetooth dildos that has 3,012 different settings and can be operated underwater, than with a 60kg rubber mould that just lies there staring lustily at your roof.
How are they delivered?
In a box far too large to be inconspicuous. It may not necessarily have the words "GIANT $3X TOY" on the side, but people will notice. Maybe you can pretend it's a fridge.
Where can I find them?
There are a number of companies selling them if you are keen on shelling out upwards of R16,000. Luvland is the only local supplier at the moment but I'm sure DHL could bring you one from across the pond if you asked nicely.
How long do they last?
With the right care, a lifetime - or however long it takes for your religious mother to find yours and condemn it to the fiery pits of the church incinerator in an attempt to save your soul.
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Simphiwe Ngema pregnant with Solly Moholo's child - Nation shocked

Simphiwe Ngema just found out that she's pregnant 

The widow of Dumi Masila is overwhelmed with emotions and the events in her life right now.

few months ago she burried her husband's dumi and she couldn't stop crying.

She sat there like she couldn't wait to hear someone say "Dumi is okay guys go home, this was just a bad joke ".

Simphiwe was seen crying and forcing a smile everytime a beautiful memory of her husband was shared because she new what she did with solly moholo.

During the time of the memorial She was so brave through the service but collapsed towards the end. She was immediately rushed to a near by hospital where tests were ran and she was told she's 10 weeks pregnant.

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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Do you support (the legalization of) gay marriage? tell us

Do you support (the legalization of) gay marriage? tell us

Of course. They are people who have different ways of getting it on and how in the world does it effect others? We are in the 21st century and people still care about how other people have s3x. And the opposing arguments are very illogical. There has always been gay and lesbian people since the dawn of time. The world still reproduced. But again it is also illogical to force your own way of having s3x onto another. Gay people arnt sick. The people who force their s3xual behavior upon someone else are the sick ones.


Get Over Yourselves They aren’t going to make you watch them get married or have s3x so just stay in your little bubble if you’re so sensitive that you can’t let other people do what they want. Will not letting people get married because of their gender help you sleep better at night? Nope. We’re all going to die at some point so get over it and start doing something beneficial in your life.

Religion shouldn’t curtail someone’s freedoms Not everyone is gay so reproduction isn’t a huge issue. Marriage is the formalisation of love so wouldn’t change anything other than giving the couple similar opportunities to everyone else. Religion shouldn’t curtail other people’s freedoms and also, it would be the religious leader’s job to judge those who had sinned.


Who are you to tell them no? I believe as long as someone is doing right by others then it doesn’t matter what they do in their s3xual lives. Who cares if someone likes other men or women, what does it matter to you? If it’s against your beliefs that is fine, but who are you to tell them what they are doing is wrong, even if it is for their benefit?

I do not see very legitimate arguments on the other side. Just saying. Marriage seems to me to be more of a business contract than a religious one, so it should, I guess fall under the Department of Commerce in this country. The Biology/ Reproduction argument is out the window – we will still reproduce, we don’t need the “sanctity” of marriage to do so, or at the same time choose not to reproduce. Is it preferred that gay men and women get married to the opposite s3x as a mere performance? Or would we rather have people be honest about heir feelings and attraction. To whichever sex. I am a heteros3xual, but it seems to me, being honest about one’s s3xuality is much better than “acting” out of social mores. As such, I believe it is up to the particular couple (or more) to decide how they should proceed and is not a matter of legislation.

33% Say No



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In God We Trust? This all stems from the disbelief of God. This is why evil can be normalized. So I don’t need to have a reason against it. As long as it is against God and his will, it is against me. Call it blind faith or dogmatism or whatever fancy term you would prefer, but it is only the truth


When does it stop? When we as a society start to redefine marriage, when do we as a society decide enough is enough. If two consenting males or two consenting females can marry, who are we to say that a consenting mom and son can’t get married? Or three consenting adults? Or a consenting adult and his or her dog? Or a consenting adult and a bridge? What is within reason, and every pro-homosexual argument can be extended to each of these groups, it’s their decision, who am I to judge, you’re just a homophobe, etc. Already we have seen a decline in the sanctity of marriage and love as a whole. Pretty soon marriage won’t mean a thing.
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Wednesday, December 13

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Shock Makes Way For Admiration With Fake Blood!!!!

Shock Makes Way For Admiration With Fake Blood!!!!

WHEN people see these photos for the first time, they’re left feeling shocked and horrified.

But soon shock makes way for admiration.

These are not real injuries but the work of make-up artist Nandi Mpiti from Cape Town.

The horror injury pictures have been doing the rounds on social media, but attempts to speak to the talented girl proved fruitless.

The caption under the gruesome photos reads: “Don’t be alarmed. It’s make-up and fake blood. Please help me live my dream of becoming a make-up artist in the film industry.”

On her social media account, where she posts the pictures, Nandi writes: “Please share. My future employer might be on your timeline.”
Those who know the talented young artist told the People’s Paper she wanted to work in the film industry as a make-up artist and that she was passionate about her work.

Joga Kwang wrote: “Wow! Talent! Great job, Nandi. You have my full support.”

Daddy Wabo wrote: “Look at SA’s talent. Nandi wants to be a make-up artist. Please tweet this until the filmmakers see it.”

Some people seemed too afraid even to look. “This is scary. For me it brings back bad memories,” wrote Sizwe Mazibuko.
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Tuesday, December 12

Mahlatse Ramatseba



BY DAY he was Mike Mpachika (27), the farm worker from Tongaat.
After hours he was also Mike,
the inyanga from Malawi.
On Monday it was Mike the inyanga who was in such deep trouble that he died because of it.
Prem Balram, a Reaction Unit South Africa spokesman, said they were called out to the farm outside Tongaat by other employees.
“It was established that four
occupants of a white Chevrolet came and asked for the man by name,” he said.
“Two of the suspects were allegedly dressed in police uniform and two in civilian clothing.”
A worker said he was in his room when he heard the men shouting that Mike gave them fake muthi which didn’t help them.
“It looks like Mike knew the men. They demanded their money back.
“Mike tried to escape but they fired three shots at him, hitting him in the head and twice in the body.”
He said the suspects fled the scene in their car.
“I called the reaction unit and
reported the incident,” he said.
“They arrived and stabilised Mike before he was rushed to hospital, where he later died.
“The problem is that Mike was from Malawi. No one knows his family.
“He worked at the farm and practised as an inyanga. ”
KZN police spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala said a case of murder was being investigated by Tongaat cops.
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Gwede Mantashe's shocking Whatsapp Texst asking for $.3.X… See screenshots here

Gwede Mantashe's shocking Whatsapp Texst asking for $.3.X… See screenshots here

The report further quotes the Whatsapp exchanges and one where Mantashe allegedly requested the woman to send him pictures of her vagina.
Blurred pictures, allegedly sent to Mantashe by the woman, who is named in the article, were also published on the site yesterday.

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Monday, December 11

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Seputla Sebogodi tries his hand at marriage for fourth time

Kenneth Mashaba Seputla Sebogodi tries his hand at marriage for fourth time

Former Generations actor Seputla Sebogodi is on the brink of getting married for the fourth time.
Sebogodi, a veteran actor popularly known as Kenneth Mashaba on the SABC1 soapie, has found love in the arms of a Pretoria woman. He proposed to her this week.
If the pair eventually get married, this will be Sebogodi's fourth marriage. Wife-to-be Makoena Kganakga took to her Facebook page on Wednesday to announce that Sebogodi had asked for her hand in marriage.
Kganakga, who works for religious radio station Radio Pulpit as a secretary, is understood to be a trainee pastor, motivational speaker and women's development activist.
She told her friends on Facebook that Sebogodi, a staunch ZCC member, supports her ministry wholeheartedly and "washes me with God's word".
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

VIDEO: She was born without legs and hands, yet she is praising God.

VIDEO: She was born without legs and hands, yet she is praising God.

She was born without legs and hands, yet she is praising God. You that have your hands and legs complete, Type Amen/share if you appreciate God for your life, and know you owe Him your praises and worship

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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Oscar Pistorius loose his hands in jail

Oscar Pistorius loose his hands in jail

Oscar Pistorius had his legs amputated as a baby, and first walked with prosthetic legs. Now, Oscar Pistorius is in prison serving for murder and his prosthetic legs figured as key evidence in the case.

Oscar Pistorius developed hands cancer and there was lack of fubulas (calf bones) in his hands which he is being treating and it was not responding to medication up until Doctors had no choice but to cut them off.

Pistorius was born without fibulas (calf bones), and at 11 months old, his parents made the difficult choice to have both of his legs amputated below the knee, enabling him to be fitted with prosthetic legs. Within six months, he was walking.
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Pictures: Zodwa Wabantu Just got Engaged 'i'm a wife material'

Pictures: Zodwa Wabantu Just got Engaged 'i'm a wife material'

Zodwa Wabantu has revealed that she is currently off the market and has found a younger man to keep her warm at night.
Speaking to TshisaLIVE‚ Zodwa couldn't help but gush over her new-found love interest‚ explaining that it has been a few weeks since she started dating again.
"He is not in the industry. He is a banker and he is not attracted to my fame. Actually‚ we met before I was famous and then we lost contact. He messaged me and we started hanging out again but he is not with me for my fame."
Zodwa said that she would never get married and was just taking everything one step at a time.
"He is fun but he is not husband material. We are just hanging out. He comes to my shows‚ we eat‚ we drink and we do a whole lot of other things together. It is just someone to talk to."
Although she was shy to dish any more details around their romance‚ she did reveal that her man is younger than her‚ but said she didn't consider him a "not a Ben 10"
"He is younger but I am not worried about the age gap. You know that I don't care what people say‚" she said.
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