Saturday, May 6

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Dj Sbu mentally ill and was spotted in venda going half n@ked

Dj Sbu mentally ill and was spotted in venda going half n@ked

Venda is known for being notorious in black magic. Our very own Dj sbu dated a married woman,the woman is said to originally be from venda.

A few weeks after the affair the woman allegedly ended the affair.  Sadly Dj Sbu was in way too deep so he couldn't let go.

The woman the decided to go back home for a few months to allow Sbu a chance to give up on him and let go of what they shared.

Instead of Dj Sbu letting go,he embarked on a journey to go after her. Upon arrival the woman's in laws got irritated by his presence and warned him.

He was warned that if he doesn't leave Venda in three days he will go mad. He stayed and in three days time he was seen roaming around the streets of Venda shirtless and barefoot.

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