Wednesday, March 21

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Magosha Good friday Special 2018 – Buy 1 Get 1 Free #Punani Promo

Magosha Good friday Special 2018 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free #Punani Promo.

Good friday Special – Pretoria Magosha offers Buy 1 Get 1 Free #Punani Promo… Again we feature one Magosha from Mzansi who is giving it away almost free this good friday…

She shared her ad and we thought it was interesting…
T!ght and w3t pu$$y in Pretoria north R150 for 2 r0und$ – Pretoria

I give u full house treatment. No un@l. any style of your choice name it I can b3nd for u

Here are her contact details…

Contact swazi here : @mzansistories
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Mother Stabs Baby 50 Times After He Bites Her During Breastfeeding

Mother Stabs Baby 50 Times With Scissors After He Bites Her During Breastfeeding

An eight-month-old baby was stabbed 90 times with a pair of scissors by his mother after he bit her while she was breastfeeding him.Little Xiao Bao is recovering in hospital after having more than 100 stitches, mostly in his face, following the attack in eastern China.
The child lives with his mother and two uncles, who make a living from recycling rubbish, in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province.Xiao Bao was discovered by one of his uncles, lying in a pool of blood in the yard of their home, and rushed him to hospital.

The infant’s mother later confessed to stabbing her son after he bit her as she breastfed him
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Video: EFF's Floyd Shivambu beat & kick Netwerk24 journalist

Video: EFF's Floyd Shivambu assault Netwerk24 journalist

Cape Town - Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Deputy President Floyd Shivambu attacked Netwerk24 journalist Adrian de Kock at Parliament on Tuesday.

De Kock said the scuffle occurred after he approached Shivambu for comment about Patricia de Lille's disciplinary hearing.

Speaking after the incident, De Kock said Shivambu demanded that he delete his photos.
"He went for my camera and then tried to break my camera. And then obviously I said to him you can't, you have to stop - I'm going to lay assault charges - and then he started going for my throat..."

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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Zodwa's sister 'Zinhle Wabantu' brings in a new style that is making rounds on social media

Zodwa Wabantu's younger sister 'Zinhle Wabantu' brings in a new style that is making rounds on social media.

Controversial dancer and entertainer Zodwa wabantu after becoming the talk of the p@n.ty drama and most mocked person in 2017, after winning the drama queen of the year award at the ninth annual Feather Awards on a Thursday night at The Theatre on the Track in Midrand, her younger sister Zinhle Wabantu was inspired by her older sister Zodwa Wabantu & how she makes money and then decided to bring in something new to social media.

The picture above shows the new style Zinhle Wabantu brought in, which looks like a m@n inserting it in the chocolate box.social media is crazy and excited about the new style and waiting for more crazier actions she is about to launch.

We tried contacting Zinhle Wabantu 4 times via a phone call and she didn't answer when we wanted to hear her side of the story.
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Tuesday, March 20

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Husband assault wife for refusing him bl_ow job bcz she is a Christian.

Husband b.eat wife for refusing him b.low job because she is a Christian.

A man in Pretoria brut@lly assault his wife who doesn't want to give him a bl0w job because she is a christian.

It sounds like she’s already proposed a way to address it: - She said she was fine with me getting it from another woman, but no v@g!n@l $3x (@nal is fine). What woman would agree to that? What can I do?

Quite a few women would agree to that, actually. When you say “what woman would agree to that,” you’re basically saying you think you know what women want. You don’t. Women are a diverse lot, and you might be surprised how many women would be open to such an arrangement.

Regardless, your choices going forward are: End the relationship; Stay with her and accept that you won’t get bl0wj0bs; Stay with her, accept her offer, and find another lover.
You say that option #1 is off the table. That leaves Options #2 and #3: Stay with her and accept that you won’t get blowjobs; Stay with her, accept her offer, and find another lover.

So what do you do? Choose one of those options.

If you’re looking for a way to get her to change her mind, that probably ain’t gonna happen. Stay with her and accept that you won’t get bl0wjobs; or stay with her, accept her offer, and find another lover.
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Monday, March 19

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Limpopo witch sent 25 cows to cause bus accident & the bus kills all of them at once

Limpopo witch sent 25 cows to cause bus accident & the bus kills all of them at once

Limpopo - At least four people were injured on Monday mid-day after a planned accident occurred in Limpopo Giyani to collapse a bus and to kill 60 people.The mission went wrong as the bus killed all twenty five cows at once, damaging miner parts of the bus.

Travelers who get paid on the 15th of the month were left shocked and police rushed to the scene. The accident also caused a serious traffic jam and some people are captured in video clips chopping pieces of meat from the dead cows.

The witch appeared supernaturally on the scene crying and shouting ‘I told them to cause the accident while they are hungry and the cows didn’t follow my instruction and eaten, now they are all dead and I’m not going to be held responsible because 60 people were supposed to die and now the sequence has changed “she said
Spokesperson for Limpopo police department said ;a search and rescue team was combing through the rubble at Limpopo and searching for injured people.

“According to information at our disposal, four people were reported injured at the scene and our search and rescue teams are currently rummaging through the rubble searching for survivors.”
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Sunday, March 18

Mahlatse Ramatseba




The controversial our dancer and her entire booty came out to play yesterday on the set of Oskido’s music video shoot.

As the star of the video, Zodwa wore a tiny gold dress that had absolutely nothing at the back except for two thin straps that were holding the dress up.
If we hadn’t seen the rest of the dress, we could’ve assumed that she came to set in just a bra.

The video shoot was for Oskido’s latest Serope, meaning “thigh”.

And we can’t help but think that Zodwa was the perfect lead video vixen for a song called Serope.
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Friday, March 16

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Simphiwe Ngema joins The Queen as Buhle

Simphiwe Ngema joins The Queen as Buhle

Simphiwe Ngema joins The Queen as Buhle

Simphiwe Ngema joins The Queen as Buhle – Video. The beautiful actress is going places it seems. She is the latest actress to join the Mzansi Magic Popular telenovela The Queen.
Simphiwe Ngema shared these pictures and video on her Instagram and seems she is very pleased with her new acting gig. First, it was Broken Vows and now The Queen, she is certainly going up!

Happiness is something you have to be vigilant of…right now, at this very moment. I’m happy.

She is Buhle and we hope we see more of her and that she won’t quickly vanish like Onica who was loved by many!
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Thursday, March 15

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Oskido feat zodwa wabantu Impilo ayincegwa 'Seropi' music video 

Oskido feat zodwa wabantu Impilo ayincegwa "Seropi" music video - zodwa uncovering her @$$

As long as I'm with those who knows the road before me,I just want dollars, I care less what the society wants from me - someone said that's a handshake to man to man yes I am a man. zodwa said.

Our Source close to DJ oskido reported that the music video is still in making as they are busy doing the final mixing and editing.Keep checking as the video will be released anytime soon from now.
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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Modiselle sisters 32 and still live with their parents

Modiselle sisters 32 and still live with their parents

While many celebrities can count a home as an achievement, actress and TV presenter Candice Modiselle is in no hurry.

Speaking on Metro FM this morning, the youngest Modiselle sister said she and her sisters, dancer and presenter Bontle (28) and model Refilwe (32), were still living at their parents’ house.
“All three of us still live at home,” Candice told DJ Fresh and Angie Khumalo.
“We’re comfortable and happy.”

Candice said that although there’s societal pressure to move out at a certain age, it made more sense to her and her sisters to live at home instead of moving out and being “a burden” to their parents.
“You’d reach 18 and want to leave to be independent but with what financial support? Now you’re burdening your parents by moving out when you could have just stayed at home,” she said.
The Generations actress also explained that living at home was better since they could align their finances and energy in other spaces.

“Move when you’re ready,” she said.
When asked about the rules for bringing guys home, Candice explained that her mother was a cool person who just wanted her space to be respected.

On entering the entertainment industry, the YoTV presenter told DRUM she didn’t have it easy because her sisters were already famous.

“For five years I auditioned for many platforms. I had heard ‘no’ more than anything else. At some point I thought of switching careers completely and venturing into business, until it dawned on me that God's delay is not a denial.”
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Wednesday, March 14

Mahlatse Ramatseba



A video of a couple filmed while k!ss!ng and t0uch!ng passionately in public has surfaced.

The couple was standing in front of a shop near a road when they were filmed.

They seems not to mind that people are watching.

In the video they can be seen k!ss!ng passionately, while the man also lifts the woman’s sk!t$ to put him hand in the underwear.

People try to separate them but the man is having none of it.

It is not yet clear where and when the video was taken.
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