Wednesday, September 19

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Updates on student 'Tumisang Moraka' who stabbed teacher to death for 'denying him food' at Zeerust - Very Sad story

Updates on student 'Tumisang Moraka' who stabbed teacher for 'denying him food' at Zeerust - Very Sad story

A boy who allegedly stabbed his teacher to death was unhappy because the man had refused him a second plate of food a few days earlier.

The 17-year-old went into a classroom and allegedly killed his teacher who was monitoring a class writing exams on Thursday. Gadimang Mokolobate‚ 24‚ was stabbed with a butcher knife at Ramotshere Secondary School in Zeerust‚ North West.

The pupil appeared briefly in the Lehurutshe Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

After his appearance‚ his grandmother spoke to Sowetan from her house in Dinokana. She said the boy normally went to school hungry as they often ran out of food.
She said the boy’s mother was unemployed and the family survived on social grants for the boy‚ his younger sibling and herself. “We are really struggling and some days‚ he would go to school on an empty stomach.”

The 78-year-old woman said the boy had told them just before police took him away on Thursday that he had allegedly killed his teacher for denying him food.

She said her other grandchild was stabbed to death at school eight years ago.

The woman said her grandson’s behaviour had changed but she never anticipated that he would kill someone.

-Mzansi Stories
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Tuesday, September 18

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Student beat bus driver to death for driving slow & playing soul music while he want hiphop - Video

Video of Student beat bus driver to death for driving slow & playing soul music while he want hip-hop music 

Pretoria - Another student from a school which which is unknown at the moment allegedly assaulted the bus driver to death on their way to a Career Exhibition.

A source told Mzansi Stories that the incident happened in the bus after the student instructed the bus driver to play hip hop music and to drive a bit faster. According to our source the bus driver who is an elderly man didn't have hip hop music or an Aux cable.
Apparently the bus driver was playing old soul music from a CD and before he could finish to explain that he doesn't have hip hop music and the aux cable for him to play from his mobile phone, the student lost his temper and begin to beat him until he lost control of the bus; and there was a collusion which left the bus driver dead and 8 students injured including him.

The student is now in ICU and he was under the influence of weed #dagga

-Mzansi Stories
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Minister Malusi Gigaba who cheated on his wife with Buhle Mkhize also impregnated Dr Musa Mthombeni's mother?

Minister Malusi Gigaba who cheated on his wife with Buhle Mkhize also impregnated Dr Musa Mthombeni's mother?

Malusi Gigaba, the Minister of Home Affairs, might actually be entertaining the suggestion that Trending SA presenter Musa Mthombeni is his son, Well, as a joke at least!

The minister played along on social media this week and even went as far as inviting Musa (who is also a qualified doctor) to lunch where they could “talk, uTatakho”. In case you’ve never watched the show, uTatakho (which directly translates to “your father”) is a show that attempts to reunite children with their estranged fathers.

It all began with innocent praise from Dr Musa, who spoke very highly of the service he received at the Soweto Home Affairs branch. He then piled the praise on the man at the top, even going as far as tagging Malusi Gigaba for improving the workflow.

Dr Musa wrote: “Can we just acknowledge the Department of Home Affairs. I went to apply for a new passport at a Soweto branch on Monday (whole process took 45 min) and a few days later it’s ready for collection 🙏🏾 well done to the staff. Well done @mgigaba”

At this point the best we were expecting was a polite response from the minister, but what we got was far more entertaining.

Twitter folks went on to claim that the reason why Dr Musa had received such favourable service is because he looks a lot like the Malusi Gigaba.

And from there, people drew their own conclusions:

To his credit, Malusi Gigaba was a great sport when he responded to the tweets
As soon as he spotted the notifications in his Twitter profile he immediately tweeted Dr Musa:
Do you think there is any resemblance between Dr Musa Mthombeni and Malusi Gigaba or is Twitter being a bit too extra?

While it seems like a joke to many, but to some anything is possible with Minister Gigaba. 2 years ago the minister broke headlines when his affair with a socialite Buhle Mkhize became a public secret. Some people are of the opinion that if a whole minister could cheat on his wife with a celebrity, why then can't he impregnate Dr Musa Mthombeni's mother.

After cheating on his wife, a storm then erupted on social media on an account allegedly belonging to Buhle Mkhize against Norma Gigaba, wife of Minister Malusi Gigaba.

Mkhize had an affair with Malusi Gigaba in the past, and a previous social media spat between the two carried on for months in 2015 and 2016.

On Twitter, socialite Mkhize appeared to threaten the Gigabas, indicating that she has a recording on tape that could embarrass the minister.

This was after January 2016 when for the first time, Noma Gigaba admitted that her husband, Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba, had sex with New York-based fashion stylist Buhle Mkhize.

“The reason she is continuing with her posts is because I don’t respond and it upsets her. I don’t understand why she is harassing me when she is the one who had sex with my man. She started sending me threatening e-mails in 2014, demanding money. I told her she would not get any money, only a prostitute does that,” the minister's official wife said.

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Video - Students get high with weed & screams at teachers after the legalization of weed #dagga

Video - Students get high with weed & screams at the teachers after the legalization of weed 

While SA celebrates the legalization of weed in mistaken perceptions of the conduct by individual citizens.SA schools have turned tables on the conduct of corporal punishment by almost every student.

Needless to say that a lot of South Africans are very excited about this news, even celebrities such as Emtee, Saudi, A reece and more.
Althogh weed is now legal, there is only one catch. Citizens can only smoke it at the comfort of their own home.

Public use of marijuana will earn you a trip to the slammer(jail).
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Monday, September 17

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Man collapses into coma after discovering that the house they rented for 10 years belongs to the wife.

Man collapses into coma after discovering that the house they rented for 10 years belongs to the wife.

The man who had rented an apartment so his family can live in, has been shocked when after six years, he discovered that he had been paying house rent to his own wife.

According to a social media user who posted the story, the man was surprised that the house rent kept increasing after every two years and when he could take it no more, decided to investigate.

While making the investigation, he discovered the shocking fact that his own wife is his landlady and she had been collecting the entire rent he had been paying.
A Man rented a house and moved in with his family, After 2 years the rent was increased, he did not complain because he liked the house and environment.

After another 2 years, typical of landlord in lagos, the rent was again increased and the man could not come up with the money.

Pressure from the agent made him miserable and that point the wife offered to help, she decided to go borrow and the husband agreed to pay later.

He was happy thanking God for the life of his wife. Another 2 years, Another increase on rent, he was so upset that he decided to meet with the landlord for dialogue but the agent prevented him.

After doing underground Investigation to uncover who the landlord was, the revelation shocked him: He REALIZED HE HAS BEEN A TENANT IN A HOUSE BUILT AND OWNED BY HIS WIFE. What would you do ?
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Video of students at University of Zululand attach a knifeman who killed his roommate 

Mob attacks of alleged knifeman after fatal stabbing of his Unizulu roommate

The University of Zululand is reeling after a fatal stabbing incident between two roommates led to a violent mob-justice incident.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Thembeka Mbele said two students attacked one another on the main campus at Unizulu‚ in northern KwaZulu-Natal‚ on Sunday.
“Two students had an argument. At this stage we are not sure what it was about. One of them produced a knife and stabbed the other repeatedly‚ and actually tried to cut his throat. He died at the scene‚” she said.

“After that the students got angry‚ mobilised and attacked the suspect. He was rescued by the security [at the university] and the police‚” she added.

Mbele said the student was gravely injured by the mob and remained in a serious condition in hospital‚ under police guard.

He is expected to be charged with murder.

This is a developing story.
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"IM KILLING myself, this life is useless without clients"

These were the words of a self-confessed magosha shouting from the top of a bridge.

After an attempt to end her life, she set in the sun between a railway and the bushes where she showcases her business to every man that passes on the path that crosses the railway.

When no man passes through, she speaks to herself demanding money from clients who paid her.

After midday, she apparently goes from shack to shack in Phomolong Mamelodi East Tshwane asking for condoms.

The behaviour of this magosha has worried local women for some time.

The women claim to have sought help for the magosha without any success.

They said they are afraid the magosha could be very depressed and needs help.

Resident Martha Rankapole (48), said she fears that one day the magosha will succeed in killing herself.
"I think years of abuse at the hands of her clients has traumatised her.

“She has been beaten and picked by passer-by’s many times.

“After such incidents she disappears for some time and comes back to the streets when she has healed," she said.

She said the woman is in no state to be a magosha.

"She is not in a good state of mind, she cannot negotiate and we hear that sometimes she tells people that she charges R5 per session, she needs help," she said.

Rankapole said attempts to get her family have failed.

"She tells us different names every day, I hope men become sympathetic and stop buying her services," she said.

The SunTeam visited the magosha, who said she was mrs nyaope and she was speaking to herself.

She told the SunTeam to stop asking her questions, but rather buy her services.

"I have a 10-year-old child that I'm looking after, I work under the bridge and I'm happy," she said.

Her behaviour resembled that of an unstable woman, as she would change her statements.

 She said she does not need help, as she has devoted her life to addiction, making money and she not prepared to quit.

"You should stop taking pictures of me and give me money. I'm the president of my life and I'm dangerous as well," she said.

Source: Dailysun
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Man shares photo of himself licking his girlfriend’s “used” menstrual pad

Man shares photo of himself licking his girlfriend’s “used” menstrual pad

We don’t know if this is true love, foolishness or just a desperate bid to trend online, but we stumbled upon a photo of a man licking his girlfriend’s ‘used’ menstrual pad.

Sharing photos of himself in the act, the man wrote;

“If I lick my girlfriend’s menstrual pad, does it mean am a fool?”
This is coming few days after we reported that a video making rounds on social media, shows an unidentified lady pooing directly into a yahoo boy’s mouth for alleged money ritual.
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'Tumisang Moraka' Student who killed teacher denied bail by Lehurutshe Magistrate Court because the community threatens to kill him

Lehurutshe Magistrate Court in Zeerust denies 'Tumisang Moraka' student who stabbed teacher to death bail because the community is ready to kill him

A 17-year-old North West boy 'Tumisang Moraka' who killed teacher appeared in court for the first time today at Lehurutshe Magistrate Court were he was denied bail because the community was ready to kill him in a mob justice.

Tumisang Moraka is been charged with murder for stabbing his teacher to death at a school.He is a grade 10 leaner who is now facing murder charge and has been in custody since the incident.
The incident happened last week at a school in Zeerust in full view of pupils who were writing an exam.

It is alleged that the teacher had reprimanded the pupil the day before the fatal attack.

more details to follow shortly
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5 Mzansi 'South African' celebrity Stars who have been married for many years, number 1 is Shona & Connie Ferguson - pictures

Mzansi 'South African' Stars who have been married for many years, number one is Shona & Connie Ferguson - pictures

It’s been a rough year for celebrity couples, especially when we count up all the couples who have broken up so far and it is not even December. It seems as though love is dead but it’s not, there are plenty of celebrities who have inspiring love stories in South Africa.

As the divorce rate goes up all around the world, couples like Shona & Connie Ferguson are proving to us that two people can grow together in marriages.

Take a look at some of our favourite couples who have stood the test of time.

Shona & Connie Ferguson. Not only do they have a successful marriage, they are also business partners.

Kgomotso Christopher and her man. The actress met her husband years ago when she was a student in the US.

DJ Fresh & his wife. The super private couple has been married for more than 10 years.

Lira & her bae. The songstress has been married to her man for close to a decade. A couple of days ago, she celebrated her nine year anniversary.

Nhlanhla is one of the biggest singers in this part of the world and we love her relationship with her husband.

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Student Stabbed To Death By Roommate At University Of Zululand - Reason Will Shock You - Video

University Of Zululand Student Stabbed To Death By Roommate  - The Reason Will Shock You - pictures

Chaos erupted at the University of Zululand’s kwaDlangezwa campus on Sunday afternoon in KwaZulu-Natal after a student was stabbed to death, reportedly by his roommate, reports the Zululand Observer.

The incident took place at the campus’ eSipheto residence, block BB at around 2pm.

Violent reaction spread, with police called to the scene having to bring in reinforcements from as far as eShowe before they were able to restore a measure of calm and remove the deceased’s body.

This after one police member was injured from a stone thrown by students who wanted to kill the suspect, according to Empangeni station commander Brigadier Jeros Thango.

The argument is said to have arisen over cold water taken without permission from their fridge, with the alleged perpetrator stabbing the victim with a kitchen knife.
An emotional video circulated by a student expressed the shock, horror and pain of those who witnessed the proceedings.

Members of the university’s protection services department saved the stabber from students seeking revenge and locked him in an office until police arrived.

An emotional video circulated by a student expressed the shock, horror and pain of those who witnessed the proceedings.

Unizulu spokesperson Gcina Nhleko confirmed the incident, saying two students were involved in a stabbing incident in which one died and the other was injured, and that the university was investigating the matter.

The situation remained tense by late Sunday.
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