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Saturday, December 1


Pictures at #FillUpMosesMabhidaStadium by Cassper Nyovest 

Pictures and video at #FillUpMosesMabhidaStadium by Cassper Nyovest

The star, Cassper Nyovest recently released a kwaito album hit album on his latest groundbreaking mission: to fill up Durban’s Moses Mabhida stadium.

Cassper Nyovest is known for doing things differently in a unique way.
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Thursday, November 15


Diary of a rural girl chapter 69

The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Prophetic day

Chapter 69

When we arrived at our flat, my phone rang; it was my brother Matome who had called me. I answered the phone with an excitement spirit in me that my younger brother is checking up on me today and I said “Hello little sweet brother” “hello sister Mahlatse If you don't mind calling me back because I don’t have enough credits of airtime in my phone, I have serious issues with my baby Mama that I want share with you” Matome said to me while the call braked up. Without any waste of time I called him back and fortunately I had Vodacom free minutes that could last for 60 minutes. “here I am Matome, talk to me” I said to him and he begin by crying and said “Mahlatse my baby mama went to this other prophet in the village and she says the prophet told her that I am a wizard that is destructing her life and she said she don’t want to see me anymore in her life and that i am no longer allowed to see my baby since I will possess the baby with demons”.

While he was still talking i intervened in the conversation and said “Some other prophets just lie, because their intentions are to make money for business sake. I suggest you turn your life to Jesus so that he fight for you in situations like this because there is nothing much that I can do to fix things between you and your baby mother. All I can say is that; Start going to church on a regularly basis, pray, fast and read the word of God not forgetting to seek his kingdom first and all shall be added to you. God is the answer to everything boy, give your problems to him and he shall deliver you. I will call you again later to check if you ok, but you better be ok because stressing doesn't solve problems. I will ensure i call you again in the evening; enjoy the rest of the day because I want to get busy with my school work”. I then hanged up the call.

I told Kholo my friend about Matome ‘s situation in detail and then Kholo begin to tell me about the true Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is known as major 1.His church is currently in Pretoria show ground where UNISA (university of stupid adults) and TUT (Take your time) students write their exams. The man he is so powerful and God is using him mightily to deliver and to heal the sick. He is Major1 the son of prophet Uebert angel, the retired prophet………

I and Kholo agreed to start attending church services there because Kholo persuaded me that major1 is the most powerful and true prophet of God. I believed what Kholo told me and also believed it’s also wise to plant a seed on a fertile soil like at ECG because the soil is fertile unlike other skoro,koro churches where the ground is hard. There is no way a plant can grow on a concrete and bear fruits.

 “Kholo what do you think might be the reasons many people are criticize him (Major1)?” I asked kholo “Mahlatse It does not matter their opinions over our father Major1, What matters is God's opinion over him. They may team up all against him, but they should know this, he and his God are the majority. People are just jealous because their pastors at their churches don’t have the spirit upon to perform miracles and wonders and they believe you need to be poor in order to be a Christian and the word of God says for the love of money is all source of evil but money is not evil. Mahlatse there is no opposition without position; it is the one with a ball that is marked in the football ground”. Kholo said to me because she used to watch prophetic channel back at home. I was so touched by Kholo‘s words and I said “I will take my brother Matome there, maybe he might get prophesy as well”.

While we were busy talking my phone rang, it was Tokollo who had called. He wanted to see me but I couldn’t afford him time to see me since we had unresolved issues after he came back from Cape Town for a business trip. After 20 minutes i went to my bedroom to get busy with my school work, when I entered my room I found a cobra on my bed, no…!!!... not a cobra, but a king cobra.

Stay tuned, Chapter 70 will follow soon.
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Friday, October 26




Be advised that there shall be a Memorial Service for the late Apostle Tshifiwa Irenethe memorial arrangements are as follows:

Wednesday memorial service
Venue : Pilditch stadium
31 October 2018
12:00 - 15:00

Friday memorial service
Venue : CWC Maniini Thohoyanduo
02 November 2018
From 12:00
The memorial service for the departed Mother of all nations in Lord —is currently underway at Pilditch stadium and CWC Maniini Thohoyanduo South Africa.

Thousands of people will be there , united in grief, We shall always be comforted by the footprints of your work Mama Irene , the lives you touched—and your contribution to the kingdom of God.


- Mzansi Stories
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Wednesday, October 24




*God has taken away Pastor Irene Tshifhiwa. May her soul Rest In Peace *According to reports Pastor Irene went to sleep yesterday after a long day of the service she had and didn't wake up.

When they tried to wake her up she was gone peacefully, God had called her name.Truth be told, the pastor died of a natural cause(we live and die, that's the only way).
*Pastor Irene was man before, May her Soul Rest in peace. She was married in 1984 and did not bear any children until she became a widow in 1992.For 12 years, she worked for Standard Bank of South Africa between 1990 and 2001 when she left to get into full-time ministry.

More details to follow shortly as they emerge


-Mzansi Stories
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Thursday, October 4


James Owen Nee Age, biography, family, mother, father, Child and wife - Son of Prophet Bushiri who died at the age of 26

James Owen Nee age, biography and family - Was a son & a child to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

3 members of ECG who died or passed on

James Nee is a singer, songwriter, producer and businessman. He is a son of Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and ECG worshiper.

James Owen Nee was born on the 18 June 1992 and he died at the age of 26 on the 02 October 2018
Brain Glant was born on the  24/01/1992 and dies at the age of 26 on the 02 October 2018
Beston Khamba was born on the 2/08/1993 and dies at the age of 23 on the 02 October 2018

James Nee was married to Sibonelo Khosa and they have 1 child, the wife gave birth to the child somewhere last when James was away for the work of the ministry(soul winning), unfortunately he didn't get to see his first and last born.
James Owen Nee - James was the last born of 6 children. He lost both parents at a young age and refused to be a statistic. He chose to fight for his life. He worked for God and loved to sing for a long time. Family representative, Shadreck Longwe, expressed how Prophet Bushiri located his talent earlier on in life and invested in it, sending him where he needed to go to serve his God.

James was loved dearly by the Prophet of this house, he appeared to for-see his own death and was prepared for the journey, just like Elijah He ministered powerfully, a son totally submitted to the God of Major 1. He will continue to be loved dearly by all who had the privilege of meeting him. We will always love you. May the angels welcome you.

The cause of this accident is not clear at this stage but a case of culpable homicide is being investigated, Police spokesperson, Col Moatshe Ngoepe said.

They will be laid to rest in Malawi on Friday afternoon, the 05 October 2018 (Funeral)

-Mzansi Stories
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Tuesday, October 2


James Nee dies in a car crash , Prophetic singer and son of Prophet Shephered Bushiri

ECG 'James Owen Nee' dies in a car accident on his way from Malawi to South Africa, son of prophet Shephered Bushiri - James Nee dead : Pictures 

According to reliable reports a singer, songwriter, producer & businessman 'James Owen Nee' died on his way from Malawi with 2 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri bus Drivers (Beston Khamba and Brain Glant).They were traveling in a vehicle that collided with a truck and in the process overturned and claimed the life of all three of them.

Multi-talented ECG personality James Owen Nee, who is well-known in the acting and music world died on the spot in a horror car crash in the early hours on Tuesday in Makhado, that side of Venda. They were hit by a truck on Tuesday morning around 3am.
As news of James’s death broke, tributes continued to pour in on social media for the renowned singer, writer, producer, and businessman.

Picture of Beston Khamba (deceased)
Picture of Brain Glant (deceased)
"RIP James Nee"(Rest In Peace James Nee) we will always remember you - Read the sad statement from the Prophet of God here.
(Shephered Bushiri )

- Mzansi Stories
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Bushiri - I announce the sudden passing on of our great worshipper, James Nee who died early this morning in a car accident.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - It is with great sadness that I announce the sudden passing on of our great worshipper, James Nee who died early this morning in a car accident.

I learnt that James along with my other two sons Beston Khamba and Brain Glant were traveling in a vehicle that collided with a truck and in the process overturned and claimed the life of all three of them.

When one of our own goes to sleep tragically, we often ask ourselves so many questions. And while we might not have answers to all of them, we should however be comforted in knowing that those who leave us are only sleeping and they will wake up again when Christ comes back.

“But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope” (1 Thess. 4:13).

I know that, though life often requires us to, we are never ready to say goodbye to those we love. Thoughts of spending days without their presence is often an extremely dawning thought. And it often seems like we have all the time in the world, only to realize how fleeting time really is.

But our faith in Christ has taught us this one thing, that death will never be proud.
“The matter is under investigation.”
As news of James’s death broke, tributes continued to pour in on social media for the renowned singer, writer, producer, and businessman.

Death is not about dying at an old age because even Jesus died at a young age of 33. But death is about moving away from the physical once you have fulfilled your destiny in Christ. It is about resting whilst awaiting the second coming of Christ where we shall spend eternity with Him.

You have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime of gratitude my Sons. You worshipped God relentlessly. Travelled the globe with the aim of making Jesus known. You were a great part of ensuring that souls were won to Christ. Your dedication, commitment, submission and loyalty to God have left an example through which millions will follow.

I am not saying goodbye forever but goodbye for now, for one day we shall join you as we cry holy holy holy to God alongside the 24 elders in heaven.

As tears flow from my eyes with a heart heavy with the weight of losing you, I will also celebrate your life because you have taught so many the true meaning of living. Living for God! You were and are still an inspiration to all, with a heart that radiated love and warmth through all our lives. You will truly be missed and forever remembered. I love you, thank you for making me a very proud Dad!

I, therefore urge all my son's and daughters to join in prayer as we celebrate the lives of my sons. Details of the funeral and arrangements will be given on this page very soon! May their souls Rest In Peace
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Monday, September 3


Only God can judge Former soccer player Lerato Chabangu - See before and after pictures

Only God can judge Former soccer player Lerato Chabangu - See before and after pictures

Pictures of Former Bafana Bafana midfielder Lerato Chabangu has been making rounds on social media, the man is being criticised by social media users not knowing that anything can happen to any one.

In the picture, Chabangu is seen carrying a beer in his hand while looking rather scruffy.

He is been accused of spending money on alcohol. The former Mamelodi Sundowns and Moroka Swallows striker said in an I interview last year September that :-

"I blew all my money on useless things because I was always guaranteed a salary the following month," Chabangu said

"We used to finish training by 11am and thereafter you are free to do whatever you want. We would go to Shisanyama after training and chill there over a few drinks and it just became a habit."

"My advice to footballers is to save as much money as they can. I know how hard it is, but they must just think of the future."
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Monday, August 6


'Just Divorced' – South African DJ Celebrates His Divorce In Style - Video & Reason Why He Is So Happy

'Just Divorced' – South African DJ Celebrates His Divorce In Style (See Video & Reason Why He Is So Happy)

A South African DJ who recently got divorced from his estranged wife, has celebrated their seperation in style.

Taking to Facebook to share photos of a car with a bold paint revealing the divorce, the South African DJ wrote;

#Married 26November 2011
#FiledForDivorce 03June 2015
#Divorced 03 August 2018
#ItsOver #AmFree #Zasha #KimberlyHighCourt
We also have a full video of the Dj which he posted on Facebook immediately after his divorce. You can watch the video here, play below:

According to sources close to the situation, the man's wife is a serial cheater with no self respect at all.

Although the popular Dj loved his wife very much, it is reported that he reached a breaking point after he found his wife bonking a club owner inside a car in the parking lot.

The Dj was on his way to his car to pack his Dj equipment when he heard and sounds coming from the club owner's car. Upon investigating he found the club owner who had hired him bonking his wife in the car.

The Dj went to most of his gigs with his wife because he couldn't trust her enough to leave her alone, but little did he know that a few minutes while her husband is playing at a club is all she needs to geet bonked in a car or in a club toilet.

when we reached out to the woman for comments, all she said was "who is he to judge me? he changes women every time he changes a song at a club!"
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Thursday, August 2


10 Pictures of dead people & violence in Zimbabwean after election results or outcomes

Pictures of dead people & violence in Zimbabwean because of election results or outcomes.

Zimbabwean military will remain in Harare until calm is restored to the capital – that’s the official word from authorities after protests turned deadly on Wednesday, leaving three people dead.

Opposition supporters stormed the streets of Harare after preliminary results from the election showed that Zanu-PF had a firm lead in the polls. In a press conferences the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission said the ruling party had won the majority of parliamentary seats.

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa said the election had been stolen and and the people would fight for their rights.

Scenes of violence in Harare have made international news as calls for calm echo across the globe.

Here’s seven pictures that show Harare on fire.

Crowd stands over the body of a man killed during clashes between police and opposition demonstrators in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 1, 2018. 
Image: REUTERS/Stringer

Soldiers beat a supporter of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) outside the party’s headquarters as they await election results in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 1, 2018. 

Image: REUTERS/Mike Hutchings

A man runs as supporters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party (MDC) of Nelson Chamisa burn barricades in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 1, 2018. 
Image: REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

Supporters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change party (MDC) of Nelson Chamisa react as they block a street in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 1, 2018. 
Image: REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

Supporters of the Movement for Democratic Change opposition party of Nelson Chamisa demonstrate outside the party’s headquarters as they await results of general elections in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 1, 2018. 
Image: REUTERS/Mike Hutchings

Soldiers open fire to disperse crowds of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change supporters outside the party’s headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe, August 1, 2018. 
Image: REUTERS/Mike Hutchings

A soldier stands guards in front of an election banner of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ruling ZANU (PF) party in Bindura, Zimbabwe July 7, 2018. 
Image: REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo
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Tuesday, July 31


Mugabe : They have rigged elections like I did for 37 years, this is a declaration of war & blood.

Robert Mugabe : They have rigged elections like I did for 37 years, this is a declaration of war & blood.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has just finished announcing results from seven of the 210 constituencies for National Assembly seats

Zanu PF - 6

MDC Alliance - 1

Zimbabwe's electoral commission said on Tuesday there had been no vote-rigging in the first election without Robert Mugabe on the ballot, but the opposition alleged irregularities as an anxious nation awaited the first official results.
Dozens of opposition supporters gathered at their headquarters in the capital, Harare, celebrating in the belief that they had won the presidential election based on results they said they collected from agents in the field.

Police with water cannon circulated in the area. Zimbabweans hope the election will help to lift their country out of economic and political stagnation.

Millions peacefully cast their ballots on Monday in a process closely watched by international monitors, who have yet to make formal announcements about whether the election was free and fair. - AP
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