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Pad fell off zodwa's Panty during a live performance - Video

Zodwa wabantu - Ped fell out during a live performance

South African entertainer was left in an embarrassing predicament when her s_anitary towel fell out as she performed on live on stage.

Zodwa Wabantu, was belting out on a new hit track Imali-ye-rente by Lucky012 when the towel slipped out from under her black p@nty to the floor. Viewers were left stunned.

But Zodwa remained thoroughly professional and continued with her performance without flinching.

A clip of the unfortunate malfunction has now hit the internet and gone viral. See it after the cut.

Mzansi Storie, when we reached to zodwa she said:_
"I want to make it clear that I never threw or would throw the pad. It fell by itself through a very sophisticated tunnel! Thank you, I love you."
Then she added:
"This is not something I should be ashamed of or be mocked for. But while judging, bullying and pointing at me you forget you are not what you say you are."
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WSU - University students fight Fidelity Security for attacking 2 students - See Pictures

WSU - Walter Sisulu University students fight Fidelity Security for attacking a student 

There's a fight between Walter Sisulu University- Umtata Campus Students, they fight came when Fidelity ( University Security) attacked students in Campus and in Library, Innocent students are being shot by Fidelity.

Two Walter Sisulu University students were admitted at Mthatha Regional Hospital on Thursday night after allegedly being assaulted by Fidelity security guards in two separate incidents on the Mthatha campus.

Second-year BCom economics student at the Nelson Mandela Drive campus Thobekile Tshesi sustained injuries after he was beaten up by two security guards with batons for “noise making”. Footage of the incident was captured on cellphone.

The second alleged incident occurred a few hours later at the Zamukulungisa site. Third-year BEd student Samkelo Madyibi was allegedly shot with rubber bullets for vouching for a student who had forgotten his student card.

Several attempts to source comment from Fidelity proved fruitless as the company’s phone rang unanswered yesterday.

The video of Tshesi’s assault has gone viral. Two security guards are seen standing next to him. They try to forcefully remove him before assaulting him with batons. He manages to punch the one guard four times in the 31-second clip.

Speaking from his hospital bed yesterday, Tshesi said his only sin was to talk to a fellow student at the library.

“One of the security guards came to tell me I was making a noise. Before he left, a second one came and started assaulting me.”


Tshesi had not been discharged from hospital at the time of writing yesterday.

Madyibi visited the Zamukulungisa site for a choir rehearsal when he was shot with rubber bullets. He was also still in hospital at the time of writing.

He said the incident occurred after he told the security guards that he knew a student who had been walking in front of him. The student did not have his student card with him.

Madyibi said he was angry with what had happened to him and wanted the university to deal with the matter.

The student representative council has called for the immediate termination of Fidelity’s contract.

University spokeswoman Yonela Tukwayo condemned the Tshesi assault.

Commenting on Madyibi case, Tukwayo said they had been told the security guards had been defending themselves against students forcing their way onto the premises with alcohol.
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Mshoza beaten by husband for cheating with a policeman -See pictures 

Mshoza punched in the face face by angry husband.

Mshoza was cheating with a policeman & her husband found out and it all came down to this. đź’” She's currently in hiding from the husband.I can only share one picture the rest of the pictures are really bad.

Silence- is violence, throwing out the food prepared is violence, saying that you are not man enough is violence, looking down on your efforts to be the breadwinner is violence, choosing another man/woman to have whatsapp chats is violence,cheating is violence, beating is violence.

Why is it difficult for women to leave abusive relationships but easy to leave broke men
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Saturday, May 19

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Angry & Abusive Mamphintsha dump babes wodumo's little brother in rubbish 

Mamphintsha dump babes wodumo's little brother in A rubbish BIN

Durban - He lay helplessly, battling to breath in a rubbish bin in KZN.

Netcare spokesperson said on Sunday that a 8 year boy was found in a rubbish bin by a passerby around the 10:00 am on Saturday.

Dollman said the little boy had been dumped some time during Friday evening.

Dollman said the man took the baby to a nearby church, where he was wrapped in a blanket and taken to the local police station.

Paramedics were called to the police station when the boy experienced difficulty breathing.

Dollman said he was attended to by an Advanced Life Support paramedic and treated for hypothermia.

He was stabilised at the scene, before being transported by Netcare to hospital.
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Former and Ex-President’s Son Arrested For Theft

Ex-President’s Son Arrested For Theft

THE son of a former Zambian president was yesterday sentenced to eight months behind bars with hard labour for stealing a cellphone.

According to Lusaka Times, Frederick Chiluba Junior (34) was bust on 2 September 2017 for stealing Brenda Chisha’s Samsung S7 Edge, valued at K8 500 (about R10 600). They had been having drinks at Mommas Pub in Lusaka.

He then traded the phone for drugs in a different suburb of Lusaka.

During his trial at the Lusaka Magistrates Court, Chisha said: “I have known him for years so I gave him my phone to use and he used it for two minutes then gave it back to me. About 10 minutes later, he came and asked to use the phone again and I gave it to him but he started moving further and further away from where we were.

“I then asked Isaac, who will be a witness, to get my phone from him and that was the last time I saw the phone.

“On Sunday he was caught and taken to Kabwata Police. When I asked him where the phone was, he said he had forgotten it somewhere.”

Chiluba, who is a retired Zambian Air Force officer, denied the charges.

But Magistrate Nthandose Chabala said she was satisfied that the prosecution had proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

His dad, Frederick Chiluba, was the second President of Zambia from 1991 to 2002. His term of office were tainted by charges of corruption, and he was found guilty in a British court in 2007 of stealing $46 million (about R576 million) of public money.

His love for fancy clothes was revealed during his trials. According to The Guardian, 11 metal trunks were discovered in a warehouse by Zambian anti-corruption officials. They were crammed with hundreds of designer suits, ties, silk pyjamas, dressing gowns, and shirts and shoes that had Chiluba’s initials on them.

Despite being found guilty, he was acquitted by a Zambian judge in 2009 and never served time in jail.

He died in 2011 aged 68.

Source : Daily Sun
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Things You Didn’t Know About Actor Chinedu Ikedieze

Things You Didn’t Know About Actor Chinedu Ikedieze

Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki has carved a name for himself in the Nigerian movie industry. He started acting in 1998 but didn’t break into the limelight until 2003 when he featured alongside Osita Iheme ‘Paw-paw’ in the movie ‘Aki na Ukwa’.

The duo became Nollywood sensation and had back to back hit performances in different movies. This cemented their place as comic actors who can function as kids and adults due to their short height.

Many fans, especially young people of this generation see Chinedu Ikedieze in the television series, ‘The Johnsons’ and probably thinks he’s a child, we thought to bring to your notice some notable things about the actor.

Born December 12, 1977

He is just one year short of being a 40 year old man. Yes! That puts him in the same age bracket with people like 2Baba, Sound Sultan, Rita Dominic and others. His height may make you assume he’s young but the next time you see him and about to make the mistake of touching his head, remember that’s a 40 year old man right there.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The African Movie Academy Awards had been the major Nollywood award until recently when AMVCA came on board. Chinedu Ikedieze bagged the lifetime achievement award in 2007 from their stables.

Member of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

The Nigerian government has also recognised the actor’s contribution to the movie industry in Nigeria and consequently honoured him with a national award, the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (OFR) – That makes him an important person in Nigeria.

He is a Certified Married Man

The talented actor walked down the aisle with his bride in 2011 and has never looked back since. Rumour of their separation filled the air some time ago but that was what it was, rumours.His wife is a Fashion designer. They were both blessed with a daughter in 2012.

He is Not Even From the Same State as Osita Iheme ‘Pawpaw’ Chinedu hails from Abia State while Osita hails from Imo State. Most people thought they were blood related especially because they play brothers in movies but this is far from the truth.

He Studied Mass Communication

Chinedu studied Mass Communication at the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Enugu.

Source : Online
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Babes Wodumo finds new love and overreact with Nasty C

Babes wodumo moves on with Nasty C.

The Wololo hit-maker babes wodumo ,the Ex fiance of Mamphintsha, is under fire after she was spotted in the middle of nowhere ki_ssing,hugging and blessing Nasty C in full public view,according to the latest report.

According to an eye-witness who commented on condition of anonymity, Babes already secretly dating Nasty C,an allegation she flatly denied when asked.

”I saw her ki$$ing and b0nk!ng Nasty C, hugs and all sorts of things lovers can do but that was disturbing looking at the fact that she just broke with her Ex fiance days ago,that was really disgusting,I think it’s because of stress,she wants a shoulder to lean on but I guess its too early and her decision is ill-informed and silly”,fumed an elderly eye-witness,who claimed Babes ‘grew up in his eyes’

”After what I saw I was really disturbed and I went on to ask her whats really going on between her and Nasty C and all she told me that they are good ‘friends’ and they actually dated long ago.

Aftre few minutes she got angry and started to THROW FUMED WORDS "Do I eat at your house ?Walking with someone does that mean they are in love ?What is a hug ?What does it mean to you ?Having said that,a kiss or $3x still mean nothing to me,it depends on how you were brought up and where you grow up,leave me alone please”,said fumed Babes

Efforts to talk to Nasty C were fruitless as his mobile phone rang unanswered.
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Babes wodumo's Ex Mamphintsha beat her bcz he is fat, ugly & has a small d_ick. 

Babes wodumo's Ex Mamphintsha beat her bcz he is fat, ugly & has a small d_ick.

Fat is uly, annoying and unhealthy - A source close to Babes told Mzansi Stories that babes had been complaining about the weight of Mamphintsha and their $3x@l  life was negatively affected because Mamphintsha is said have a small d!ck that cannot satisfy the Wololo hit maker Babes wodumo.

Babes Wodumo was heard in a recording saying Maphintsha is actually not her type,they just dated because he assisted her in her music career - It was not love it was returning the favour.

Earlier today, Gqom queen, Babes Wodumo confessed to being in an abusive relationship.

In her radio interview with Metro FM, Radio Presenter's Masechaba Ndlovu and Mo Flava, Babes admits that she had been physically abused by her ex-fiance and boss Mampintsha.

In a video found on Twitter, We learn that Mampintsha punched her in the face and broke her leg.

She explained that they broke up, but because Mampintsha has access to her Instagram account, he posted their engagement photo to make everyone believe that they are still together.
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Video: Mampintsha Punch Babes Wodumo in the face & broke her leg - Metro Fm DJ reveals

Mampintsha Punched Babes Wodumo in the face & broke her leg - Metro Fm DJ reveals

Metro FM DJ, Masechaba Ndlovu, on Friday afternoon confronted Babes Wodumo on allegations of abuse that the musician had allegedly endured at the hands of her longtime partner and record boss, Mampintsha.  In the interview, which was broadcast live on Metro, Mzansi's 'national treasure' wept and nodded her head as Masechaba claimed Mampintsha had allegedly punched the Wololo hitmaker in the face and broken her leg.

Masechaba confronted Babes, who was in studio to promote her new song, Ka Dazz, about the alleged abuse. Masechaba claimed that she had a friend who had taken Babes in when Mampintsha allegedly punched her in the face and broke her leg. The interview was broadcast live and was also streamed live on Babes's Instagram Stories.

In the video, Babes is shaking and starts crying when Ndlovu confronted her about the claims. Shortly after the radio broadcast ended, family members and friends who were in studio with Babes are seen going to console her.

TshisaLIVE has made several attempts to get comment from Mampintsha on the allegations. The calls have been declined and messages read, but unanswered.

Babes's new manager Keke Mokoena told TshisaLIVE shortly after the interview was aired that she was proud of Babes for speaking out.

"Babes is going to be okay. I'm really proud of her. We're all shocked. I dunno. F*ck. This was not part of the plan. We were there because we were dropping a song. It all just happened in the weirdest way."

At the start of the interview, hosts Mo Flava and Masechaba asked her about the rumours that she was pregnant. Babes said she was "free" and denied the speculation that she was still engaged to Mampintsha and pregnant with his child.

She later admitted that Mampintsha had access to her social media account and claimed that he posted a picture from March of the pair together, even though they had split and she is in a relationship with somebody else.

During an ad break on the radio interview, video footage on Babes's Instagram account shows Masechaba and Mo Flava coaxing Babes to tell the truth.

"The truth is the key. You've done nothing wrong. My blood is boiling. I hate to see a young woman as terrified as you," Masechaba told the musician.

When the show started again, Masechaba told Babes that she knew she had been allegedly abused.

"I said I wasn't going to do this, but Babes, you know, I think it needs to be said because I hate to see a young women as talented, as smart as you, living in so much fear. Babes Wodumo. Right. You don't have to answer this question, but we all know, we've heard from multiple sources, we've witnessed the fact that you have been physically abused by Mampintsha. That he has beaten you in your relationship," said Masechaba.

It is at this point that Babes looked down and started weeping.

"I have a very close friend of mine who took you in the day Mampintsha punched you in the face. And you were bleeding from your nose. You don't even know that I know that story. You don't even know that I know from someone else that he broke your leg. Babes, we live in a country where women are getting killed left, right and centre. And quite frankly I'm prepared to deal with the BCCSA. Mampintsha, bring it on," added Masechaba.

TshisaLIVE understand that Babes has not laid any charges against Mampintsha as yet, but is considering her options.

"That is someone for her and her family to discuss. She's sleeping right now. We don't talk to Mampintsha so I don't know what his reaction to this is," said her manager.

Although the pair have often made headlines for being part of publicity stunts, the allegations have rocked Mzansi as the couple are considered a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Babes has trended as the number one topic on social media, with over 80,000 comments on Twitter at the time of publishing this article.
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Friday, May 18

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Heartbroken dad commits suicide after sons killed in hit-and-run crash.

Heartbroken dad commits suicide after sons killed in hit-and-run crash.

London - The father of two boys who were killed by a drug-fuelled driver in a hit-and-run was found dead in a Greek hotel room yesterday.

Reece Platt-May, 30, died less than three weeks after career criminal Robert Brown was jailed for nine years over the deaths of his sons Corey, six, and two-year-old Casper.

Mr Platt-May, director of a freight transport firm, had spoken in court to give a victim impact statement on behalf of his wife Louise, 28, who had been crossing the road with their children when the boys were hit.

She described being haunted by their ‘lifeless faces on the road’.

It is believed Mr Platt-May had been on holiday in Corfu with his wife and their surviving children, Connor, nine, and Cooper, four, who also witnessed the fatal collision as they headed to a park during half-term on February 22.

Brown, 53, had been driving at more than 60mph when he hit Corey and Casper as they crossed the 30mph-limit road. Corey was thrown into the air by the impact and landed some distance away.

After the crash, Brown’s ex-fiancee Gwen Harrison, 42, who had also been in the car, attacked a witness. The pair were later found by police hiding behind a nearby garden shed.

West Midlands Police said that there were no suspicious circumstances in Mr Platt-May’s death in Corfu in the early hours yesterday.

Umang Patel, 56, who owns a convenience store opposite the family home in the Stoke area of Coventry, said Brown and Harrison had ‘taken another life’. He added: ‘Those two scumbags have destroyed a family. I am absolutely shocked. He [Mr Platt-May] would come in every day with his kids after school and buy them one or two sweets.

‘He was so chatty and open before the tragedy. He still came into the shop afterwards but he was more withdrawn.’

Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: ‘If it is suicide, it is more blood on the hands of those two.’

Brown, who was high on cocaine at the time of the crash, was jailed for death by dangerous driving, as well as driving while disqualified and without insurance or a licence at Warwick Crown Court.

Following the hearing, Mr Platt-May’s mother Carolyn branded the sentence a ‘joke’. It has since been referred to the Attorney General for consideration of whether it was unduly lenient.

Yesterday the bereaved mother posted a picture of herself with Mr Platt-May on her Facebook page, captioned: ‘Me an [sic] my rock.’

The father had shown his anger over Brown’s sentence on Twitter the day after the April 27 hearing.

In a message to Theresa May’s account, he wrote: ‘Justice for my 2 dead boys would be a life sentence for the animal who ploughed through them, surely you can do something?!’

Harrison, who also tested positive for cocaine, admitted assault with intent to resist arrest. She was jailed for six months.

Brown, who had 57 convictions for 209 offences, was released from prison on licence – after being jailed for possessing a machete – only six days before the crash.
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Akhumzi Jezile’s ghost haunts his family - You cant believe what happened

Akhumzi Jezile’s ghost haunts his family

Akhumzi’s girl friend, Former YoTV presenter Hulisani Ravele has moved out of their Randburg house after claiming she was haunted by Akhumzi’s ghost.

Relatives have said a few days after Akhumzi was buried, strange things started happening at the house and the final straw was when invisible objects started throwing things around the house.
One neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity said sometimes Akhumzi’s car would just start and reverse on its own. “One night, the car started without a key and a voice of Akhumzi encouraging people started playing on high volume. The elders had to put snuff on the ground and the car switched off”.


Another rumor also says the light in Akhumzi’s bedroom is refusing to turn on even though they have summoned electricians to the house to check out if there is a fault and all three different electrical companies have said there is nothing wrong with it.

Hulisani  is said to be distraught by the happenings and the family asked popular prophet Mboro to cleanse the house. This did not help as the paranormal activities continue to happen.

In the mean time, Hulisani is said to have moved in with a relative in Soweto.
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