Tuesday, October 23

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2 dangerous thugs from Nkandla who killed 2 security guards finally arrested - midnight operation

Two dangerous thugs who killed 2 security guards finally nabbed in movie-style midnight operation

It was game over for the two thugs that killed security guards, as they met their end at the hands of the police.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, an intelligence-driven operation was launched for the two suspects wanted for killing the two security guards two weeks ago in Soweto.

The operation included the Gauteng Tracing Team, the Johannesburg Tactical Response Team, Shonweni’s K9 unit, Durban’s National Intelligence Unit (NIU) and Durban’s flying squad.
The operation led the cops to Nkandla in Kwa-Zulu Natal where they tracked down the homes of the suspects.

The police reportedly interviewed their parents, who couldn’t assist them with information.

The cops then tracked down a mkhukhu in Clermont where the two suspects, Lindokuhle Cebekhulu (24) and Mbuyiso Mthonti (26) were found.

One of them tried to pull out a firearm with intent to shoot the cops, but the cops reacted quickly and shot them, fatally wounding them.

“Crime Intelligence and Gauteng Organized Crime Unit worked tirelessly over these past two weeks to track down the culprits,” Police spokesman Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo said.
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Last night Roman Reigns, WWE's biggest active star announced that his real-life battle with leukemia will force him to step away from the ring effective immediately.

I was originally diagnosed with Cancer back in 2008 at the age of 22.
Though he quickly went into remission, he has been fighting the disease since. Reigns apologised to the Providence, Rhode Island crowd for not being the workhorse and fighting champion he aimed to be. He also announced he will relinquish the title effective immediately.

Take a look at what some of this legend's fans had to say about his retirement.
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Meet a 14 years old boy who impregnated a 12-years-old girl - Pictures

12-years-old and pregnant, Meet the father

eport – A pregnant 12-year-old went viral after posting her photos showing off her bump on social media. The ‘pregnant and proud’ child have since received mixed reactions from social media users. The shocking plot twist is that apparently the father responsible is also an underage teenager.

Rates of under-age pregnancy in the country are escalating and sx education has to be taken seriously in school.

12-year-old girls are usually still playing with dolls and braiding pigtails. It seems that there is nothing to worry about when they are so young. But some girls start playing adults too soon and don’t take necessary precautions due to their inexperience.

However, parents and relatives should support any choice the pregnant girl has made. Keep calm and don’t abuse your child verbally or physically! Children’s behavior and mistakes depend largely on how their parents treat them. Your daughter needs your help right now.
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Video of Pastor Timothy Omotoso getting arrested while attempting to flee the country goes viral

Video of Pastor Timothy Omotoso getting arrested while attempting to flee the country goes viral

Due to his overnight notoriety a video of pastor Timothy Omotoso getting arrested during what has been hailed as an attempt to flee the country has resurfaced and the video is causing a lot of confusion.

The video was initially filmed in April 2017 by an unidentified person and has recently resurfaced because of the pastor’s ongoing high-profile trial in which he and two co-accused, Zukiswa Sitho and Lusanda Sulani, face a total of 97 charges, with 63 as main charges and 34 as alternative charges.

They allegedly trafficked more than 30 girls and women who were from various branches of his church to a house in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal, where he allegedly sexually exploited them.
He also faces five additional charges of fraud and for being in the country illegally.

The pastor was arrested on April 20 last year by the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, known as the Hawks, at the Port Elizabeth Airport and the video which has been doing the rounds on social media was filmed on that day.

No wicked will go unpunished#Ps Tim Omotoso has been arrested at PE airport trying to escape

Posted by Uche Felix Igirigi Anakwe on Thursday, 20 April 2017

Omotoso’s defence Peter Daubermann applied on behalf of his client for Judge Mandela Makaula to recuse himself citing claims that Makaula had allowed his humanity to get the better of him “and unfortunately I have to criticise you on those comments”, said Daubermann.

Daubermann outlined that Makaula wishing Zondi well in her exams had led him to think Makaula was sympathetic towards Zondi.

Quoting Makaula, Daubermann said comments such as “leave it to us” meant “leave it to me to see that justice is done on your behalf”.

“I understand what happened, my lord, but it’s not your job to consult with the witness. A judge cannot hint bias,” added Daubermann.

Makaula turned down Daubermann’s request but postponed the trial to Thursday for the lawyer to seek further legal advice.
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Punani wigs cause stir, break the internet (SEE PICTURES)

Va_gi_naL wigs cause stir, break the internet (SEE PICS)

There are now markets on the twitter streets selling v@gina frontals also known as punani wigs.

Some men love the idea and are even asking what kinds of wigs are available.

Some want afros, while others want Brazilian frontals.

Sipho Ngobeni was surprised and said he loves the idea.

“As someone’s side dish, I understand and fully support this initiative.

I love mine with hair, but bae loves it without the bush. This is just perfect. I’m even willing to buy for my bae,” said Sipho.

Meanwhile, Patrick Langa is completely against this.
He said girls are already faking a lot of things and he is definitely against these v@gina frontals.

“They wear fake eye lashes, fake hair, make-up, fake boobs, fake a$$es and now this.

Girls, you will not see heaven with all these fake things.

I prefer my girl with whatever she has to offer me. These fake things are manufactured because most of the girls want to please these boys,” said Patrick.

Luyanga Zuma said she loves these frontals and will definitely buy some.

“These look much better than these scruffy things we have. I love it and will definitely buy it,” she said.
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‘I only used my fingers not my 4-5’ – 40-year-old man arrested for raping 9-year-old girl confesses

‘I only used my fingers not my 4-5’ – 40-year-old man arrested for raping a 9-year-old girl in Warri confesses

‘I only used my fingers not my 4-5’ – 40-year-old man arrested for defiling 9-year-old girl in Warri confesses

A 40-year-old man, Aghogho Matthew, has been arrested for allegedly defiling a nine-year-old girl in Warri, Delta State.
DAILY POST gathered that the suspect is currently cooling off his heels at the “B” Division Police Station in Warri.

He was arrested last night while trying to escape from Warri when he got the wind that the matter has been taken up by members of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, CDHR.
The suspect, however, confessed that he said he only used his finger on the young girl but a doctor’s report indicated that there was penetration.
CDHR’s Assistant Public Relations Officer, Comrade Israel Joe warned that the CDHR will arrest and prosecute the mother of the girl if she insists on taking money as well as settling out of court on the matter.

Comrade Joe urged the Divisional Police Officer simply identified as CSP George to investigate the suspect and ensure he is charged to court.

Comrade Joe also thanked Officers and men of the SIB attached to “B” Division for tracking down the suspect.

He said the CDHR has taken custody of the young girl into custody pending the determination of the Court.
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Monday, October 22

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Man buried with $6 million to ‘bribe’ God on Judgment Day

Man buried with $6 million to ‘bribe’ God on Judgment Day

A civil servant instructed his wife to bury him with a cash amount of 6 million.

The money was meant to appease God for the deceased’s earthly sins.

52-year-old Charles Obong until his death was a senior personnel officer at the Ministry of Public Service for a decade. His son-in-law confirmed that his will stated that his wife should deposit a huge amount of money in his coffin.

The money was to be given to God on the Day of Judgment as an offertory so that his sins could be forgiven.
Even though the exact sin was not stated, he asked his brother and sister to ensure that his wife does as he instructed.

Uganda’s Daily Monitor news portal reports that he died after a protracted illness and was buried in his ancestral home in the northern Lira district of the country. The portal adds that the metallic coffin he was buried in cost Sh 500,000.

His will was however ‘violated’ over the weekend after his remains were exhumed and the money removed by his clan members.
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Skolopad shows off her scars after a horrific accident she killed a man

Skolopad shows off her scars after a horrific accident she killed a man

Mzansi entertainer Skolopad – who revealed that she was happy to be alive after surviving a horrific car accident earlier this year – is no longer using a wheel chair for mobility and can now walk with the assistance of crutches.

Speaking to Drum about her recovery she said, “I am doing okay…I will be going back to the hospital on 22 October for a check-up.”

The 34-year-old has not been afraid to share her scars and healing process with her fans on Instagram. In a recent post the up-and-coming singer showed off her legs with healing scars,

“God is good,” she captioned the snap.

During the interview Skolopad also explained that she was well on her way to making a full recovery and was even back in the driver’s seat again,
“I can’t wait to see myself walking much more than I do right now,” she said before adding,

“I can walk a little bit I am still on crutches and I am also driving a little bit as well.”

Skolopad also thanked her fans for the relentless support they’ve shown her throughout this period,

“Thanks for the support and the love I am healing and I’ll be there!” said Skolopad excitedly

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Queen Latifah impregnates her girlfriend Eboni Nichols, lesbian couple to get its first child

Queen Latifah impregnates her girlfriend Eboni Nichols, lesbian couple to get its first child

Queen Latifah is reportedly engaged. According to a report from Radar Online, the industry powerhouse is planning to seal the deal with her longtime girlfriend Eboni Nichols.

Nichols has also been spotted with a baby bump, leading to the conclusion the couple is expecting their first child.

Latifah has remained notoriously tight-lipped about her personal relationship over the years. She was first spotted with Nichols back in 2013 and have made numerous public appearances, including the 2015 screening of Bessie in Los Angeles and 2016 U.S. Open.
In a 2017 interview with E! News, the pioneering Hip Hop artist said she was ready to settle down.

“I’m a little bit of a procrastinator,” she said. “I had some things to deal with. I had to get a lot of partying out of my system early in life for about 40 years. You know what I’m saying. I’m good now. I think I’m ready.”

As recently as January, the two were arm-in-arm while out and about.
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Patrice Motsepe Brings Financial  Freedom for ALL South Africans - Here's How He's Doing It by give R200m to the poor

Patrice Motsepe Brings Financial Freedom for ALL South Africans - Here's How He's Doing It by give R200m to the poor

South Africa’s billionaire Patrice Motsepe hopes to bring more financial stability to his country of South Africa and all of its residents. He has big plans on giving back to the community and this is his way how.

But before you keep on reading, we want to mention that this article isn’t meant to scare you but if you take the right action and use the information we provide, your current life can potentially be ten times better all thanks to Patrice Motsepe.

Patrice Motsepe, billionaire ($2.5 billion USD net worth) from mining precious metals such as gold and platinum, he hopes to shake up South African banks from further corruption and provide a fair banking and safer currency to all South African residents.

His vision is to provide South Africa with a more safe and secure future through digital assets for all residents.

Due to the financial corruption seen in the past decade alone, people have been switching to a safer, trustworthy form of currency you may have heard of, Bitcoin.

Sure, what we reveal here won’t be for everyone and a lot of our readers will probably leave this website and go back to browsing Facebook.

But if you’ve heard of Bitcoin and is curious, please read on. Because this is where everything changes for you.

So now is a good time to turn off all distractions, your bank account will thank you for it.

Let me explain…

Bitcoin has seen an increase of over 1600% in the past year alone reaching all time highs recently at over $20,000 per coin.

Despite the recent dip in Bitcoin’s price, Patrice Motsepe is still hopeful in this currency and is confident on how it will benefit South Africa from a lot of it’s internal corruption from the government and it's banks.
With that said, Mr. Motsepe has invested in a trading platform that all residents of South Africa has access to.

Even better, everyone who signs up for the trading platform has the ability to make money from investing in it themselves. Despite the volatility in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, everyone still has a chance to make money.

Now, many people don’t know how to invest in Bitcoin but ANYONE in the South Africa is now allowed to invest in Bitcoin.

To put this simply…

It means that everyone including your son, grandma, or boyfriend can now invest in Bitcoin and reap the benefits from the growth margins of Bitcoin.

Patrice Motsepe believes that Bitcoin will be the future of currency for all South Africans. It’s safer, trusted, and very easy to use. After all, every transaction is recorded. This means that South Africa will experience less crime and corruption.

Here’s how you can take advantage of investing in Bitcoin today…

If it’s just hopes of millions you’re after, then get off this page right now. Because it would be an outright lie if we promised Bitcoin Revolution alone would make you a millionaire. However, with the right know-how, you can replace your income with this trading platform.

More people in South Africa are signing up every week and replacing their incomes. And there is a VERY good reason for that.

Depending on how much you decide to invest, you can make upwards from $5,000 to over $100,000 USD or even more.

Patrice’s vision is to soon hopefully disrupt South African banks such as First National Bank or African Bank Limited to reduce criminal activity and corruption within the government.

Now before we decided to publish this news, we decided to reach out to a small group of people behind the system and we quickly learned that that they weren’t eager to reveal too much information about their system and just told us to test it ourselves.

And that’s what we did.

They pointed out that literally anyone with no experience in trading or digital currencies can make at least a thousand using Bitcoin Revolution.

We here at Insider News today obviously got curious and decided to take the challenge. After all, everyone knows someone that is a fanatic about Bitcoin. We wanted to see what the fuss was about. Since our job involves researching economics on a daily basis we decided to reach out to our associate “Michael Finley” to test Bitcoin Revolution.
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Sunday, October 21

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Seshego: Angry Mob kills husband who allegedly choped wife & 1 year old child to death

Angry Community in seshego kills husband who allegedly choped wife and kid to death

Polokwane - Limpopo South African Police Service (SAPS) commissioner Lt-Gen Nneke Ledwaba on Sunday again condemned the ongoing mob attacks and domestic violence-related killings still prevalent in some parts of the province.

This condemnation followed an incident in the Seshego policing area at Polokwane on Saturday, spokesperson Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said.

"It is alleged that a 30-year-old man attacked and chopped his wife and a one-year-old child with an unknown sharp instrument at Seshego Zone 6 before he fled the scene."

The victims were taken to hospital for medical treatment by members of the community, but the woman died on the way and the child was still recuperating in hospital after being seriously wounded.

"Instead of calling the police, members of the community mobilised themselves and hunted down the suspect until they caught him and assaulted him with various objects to death," Ngoepe said. SEE PICTURES OF H-E-R-E
Police were eventually summoned to the scene and started with the initial investigations and a search for the people involved in killing the suspect.

"The motive behind the incident where a woman and child were chopped is not clear at this stage, but domestic violence may not be ruled out. Two cases of murder and attempted murder were opened. The suspects in the mob killing are still unknown and there is no arrest," Ngoepe said.

Ledwaba advised and encouraged members of the community to seek assistance from the local authorities when they faced domestic violence-related problems. This would help avoid such incidents in which women and children were victimised and killed.

"[And] Community members must stop the tendency of taking the law in their hands and those who are still participating in this irresponsible acts will be dealt with accordingly and without compromise," Ledwaba said.

Anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the group involved in the killing of the suspect should contact Brigadier Lucas Hlako on 082-443-8907, or the crime stop number 08600-10111 or the crime line SMS 32211.
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