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Tuesday, March 3


You cant run away from God when he called you


When God anoints you to do His will

You will never run away from the call of the lord

When God anoints you to do His will, you’ll do it even when you think you out of his plans or will, even when you feel you've freed yourself from His will. There was this anointed preacher and He was so powerful @ church, He would just point at people and they would just fall down, be healed and delivered. After few years of doing the work of the Lord the man decided to leave the church and do His own will. He began to use alcohol and drugs, one day when he was chilling at some tavern next to this tent of Christians. The preacher put a tent there for 7 days revival.

When you seating in the tavern you could see what was happening in the tent. After the service the preacher was praying for people, the guys in the tavern were just sipping the drinks of alcohol and looking at what was happening in the church. The dude that used to be a preacher started to preach to the drunkards, he explained to them that he used to heal the people by just pointing at them and they be falling down being healed and delivered.

While he was still telling this all to his mates, he got all their attention .He was pointing at the people in the church tent and at that time they were falling down. The anointing and purpose of God didn't get off him because he chose to back slide. God still did through him what he anointed him to do. He showed the people that God doesn't anoint people because they are good people but because God has a plan and purpose for their live and that it’s by the grace of God that we are anointed.

Like Jonah who tried to run away from the will of God. He’s running away preached a powerful message that got lots of people saved. Moses killed a person trying to be a saviour of people and He ran to the desert because of fear that the King will kill Him, and it was when he was in the desert that God prepared Him to be a Shepherd. See; you can never run away from the will of God, the bible says many are the plans in man's heart but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails (Proverb 19:21).

God is omniscient so when He calls and anoints you there's nothing you can do that will stop his purpose. This is the greatest thing about being saved, God knows your end from beginning; He knows all the mistakes you going to do but His love, grace and mercy welcomes you in His family. There's nothing you can ever do that will surprise God, for God knows everything and He'll use everything you do for His own Glory.
(Look what happened to this man)
There was a young man from South Africa in Gauteng province by the name of Eric .Eric was a Christian and God was using him to perform miracles in church and to deliver the healing of the Lord unto the people .when the time went by; Eric backslidden after meeting this beautiful girl by the name of Mokgadi from Limpopo. It happened that they fall into a sexual sin.

Mokgadi was sent by the devil to destroy Eric spiritually because his plan is to destroy always. Eric was not strong enough to resist the temptation, eventually when time went by, Eric begin to drink alcohol after Mokgadi introduced him to different clubbing places .Eric eventually begin to suffer in life because his drinking problem affected him negatively and he was dismissed from work for misconduct and he didn't have any source of income. Eric also tested jail because he was once arrested for public drinking.

One day Eric was sitting under a tree with his new friends drinking. There was a tent next to the tree they were sitting under; it was a Christian convention in the tent. The pastor begin to pray for the congregation and no miracles where performed by the pastor, and the people where not delivered from their different problems.

Eric and his friends could see what’s happening in the tent because it was open in the front due to summer conditions .all of a sudden Eric begging to tell his friends his story that, by the time he used to serve God he was just pointing his finger at people and they would fall down by the holy spirit .one of his friend asked; “how do you point fingers on people and they fall down?”. Eric started to illustrate pointing people in the tent and they begin to fall down and Eric was surprised because he thought God is no longer going to use him.

His friends begin to believe in God and eventually they threw the bottles of their drinks and went into the tent and they accepted the Lord as their saviour and Eric asked God for forgiveness and begins to pray for the people.

To all who are reading this story: please don't be like Eric or the man Jonah because you will always be swallowed if you are at the wrong place with wrong people? Be where God want you to be.

Stay blessed

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