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Tuesday, March 10


Alcohol and drugs are bad for Christians and your health


Alcohol and drugs are not good for your health

In the South African population many people especially youth are facing Alcohol & drugs abuse. Alcohol and drugs gets you intoxicated. When you are intoxicated your central nervous system gets depressed and then your mood, physical and mental abilities change to be abnormal. Do you want to be abnormal or live an abnormal life? Answer yourself that question.

Alcohol & drug abuse are proven to be addictive. In that case when you are addicted to these threats you will then live an abnormal life. When you are abnormal as a result of this threats it means you’re no longer fit to be called somebody with sense because your state of mind will always be affected very badly or you will be depressed at all times, unless you want to live a depressed and abnormal life.

Drugs and alcohol abuse is one of the major problems that cause our youth in south Africa to get sickness like hiv & aids as well as sexual transmitted disease .If you once being to clubs, taverns and so on you will understand my point. At clubs people get intoxicated and end up doing things they wouldn't do when they are sober. Our youth end up not using protection when engaging in sexual intercourses after being intoxicated by these threats we mentioned earlier on.

When you use these threats, by that I mean alcohol and drugs, which mostly affect youth. You will not be able to hear God when he talks to you, you will not be able to understand him even if you hear him. God talks to us through people, dreams and signs .But you must be careful because some of the dreams, people or signs are from the devil who is promoting alcohol and drug abuse.

I got to agree to God when he says your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit through the book of life, the Bible. I urge you to keep your body clean from these threats so that you live a long healthy life. Don’t abuse this body God gave you with drugs and alcohol.

When you are addicted to these threats you will not be able to further your studies, work or even to eat properly. Drugs and alcohol abuse is not ayoba, so refrain from using them or else your life will be a mess.

We have seen many families, relationships falling apart due to these Drug and alcohol abuse. A lots of south African youth think it's a cool thing to use these threats. Our youth think they can't have fun without these threats. My brother my sister you are wrong ask me and I will tell you.

Many people think that using these threats helps to reduce problems or predicaments. The following day when you’re sober you start to realise that you still have the same problems which are still not resolved. And you will end up being a victim of alcohol and drugs.

Do the right thing and stop using things that destroy your body. Don’t hate yourself that much were you end up destroying it intentionally. Remember your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and you can make it to add value to the South African population and the world as a whole.

People die every day as a result of this threats and I believe you don’t want to be one of them. Stay safe by keeping away from these threats; this will also optimise your life span.

Living a healthy life is not that expensive as you think, and killing materials like alcohol & drugs are very expensive to maintain. Do something valuable with your money and stop buying these threats or you can either donate it to those who don't have it if you think you have a lot of it.

The money you spend on these threats could multiply if you offer it to the creator of the heaven & the earth and everything on it, by that I mean to God through giving at church (a place you deserve to be).

Stay blessed

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