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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 184


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 184

I will never understand friendship but my mother used to say you cant call someone you've never fought with your bestfriend, and I would disagree with her because yoy dont always have to fight with someone and she said one thing that made sense "In life you make mistakes,your friends are there to protect you. You can never agree with everything they do,you are not God you are only human and as a human you make the worst mistakes. As a bestfriend your duty is to question every decision so wena you're telling me everything Zimkita does makes you happy because then you have to question your loyality and intentions towards her" I have been friends with Thato for more than 5 years and this is the biggest fight we've ever had and I am glad we fought,I forgave her a long time ago but I just wanted to be Entle without Thato and I have been enjoying that.

I replied to the text "I will be there, remember how you always say with God every action is to mould you to be strong. So pray,teach Bonga to pray, let Cwenga kneel infront of the Lord and ask for strength and wena ask God to give you strength to protect your family against those who are waiting for you to fall" She replied "Entle I am losing hope, but as a christian these battles are never rare but I hope God doesn't take my son not now anyway" Lobsie side eyed me "Thato" Me"Yeah" Lobsie"I'll wait for you inside" I sat in the car and I reflected why I decided to name Seth that name. "Lord I come before you,not for mna or Thato not to question you or anything but Lord for Athi. Bawo uphi? you said if we call on you uzoza nkosi. We praise and worship we never question but sometimes you make it seem worthless. I never doubt you and I am not about to start now, I just pray you give Thato and Cwenga strength to let go of Athi. amen" I had so much to say but I didn't want to get angry, I am a christian and I am not about to lie and say I always agree with God but still I trust. I looked at Ntombi playing outside and I smiled at how lucky Lobsie and I were. I took my phone "You're the only Cardiologist I know, my friend's son will die if he doesn't get a transplant soon. The first heart he got isn't pumping enough blood, I wouldn't ask for your help if I wasn't desparate please help. I know you dont owe me anything but please help" I sent then deleted the text.

3 weeks later

I was in Cape Town for Athi's 5th birthday,the new house looked amazing and the area was nice but it was nothing like the previous house. Lobsie finally had his man cave and Seth shared a room with Ntombi, Mbasa had his own room. It wasn't big and that I loved,unlike the previous one. Me"Dr Lamani" Mbasa"Yhuuu that wont happen anytime soon but I love the sound of it" Me"I missed you" Mbasa"so have I,so sister's can you lend a brother some wheels! taking a shuttle to school ain't good for my rep" I laughed. Me"I'll speak to Lumka but use the bmw for now, must be collecting dust" Mbasa"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit! hahahaha no but you're the best sister ever fuck!" he forced a hug. Me"You'll buy your own petrol ke" Mbasa"eh! you're killing a brother now" I laughed and left him to go take a warm shower before Lobsie came back. I wore black ankle grazer jeans, a white vest printed 'yummy mommy' with white all stars and a black biker jacket. I decided to go back to the old me,dress the way I used too and I went back to the gym. I guess I had to fall in order to recollect myself. Mbasa"Uyaphi?" Me"Lunch with Thato" Mbasa"You look good sisters" I smiled and took Ntombi with me, driving to Newlands to help out with the party. My phone rang, so I put it on loudspeaker. Me"Hey" Lulama"I saw your text" I kept quiet thinking of how Lobsie will kill or leave me. Lulama"Entle" Me"Yea" Lulama"I'll help but independent doctors cost more and the heart its self,but before we go any further are you sure you want my help" Me"Yes" Lulama"Then let me get this out of the way, I love you E and you know that. The day your husband screws up I will be there waiting to mend your broken heart" Me"I'll email your details to Thato and she'll call" Lulama"hahaha I love how nervous you get but shap" I hung up and breathe.

Ntombi"Yhooo mama" Me"Hampa" she giggled. We arrived at Thato's place and everyone in our circle was there,yes even Esihle Thato had already warned me. Bukho"Mother of two kwedini" Me"Father of one" we laughed and then hugged. Bukho "East London is good for you" Me"thank you,uphi Lobsie?" Bukho"In court" I nodded and went to greet everyone. Kathy"You owe me lunch" Me"Sunday,you me and Thato" Kathy"Shots and weed?" Me"It wouldn't be lunch" we laughed. "Hide all the knives,she might just stab all of us" I turned around. Me"Maybe you should, I might just stab you" Kathy"she is not worth it" Esihle"Arg let me not waste my time with you hags" I looked at Kathy and we both laughed. I went to find Thato but she wasn't around. Cwenga"Hey" Me"Hi" Cwenga"I know I am not your favourite person but can we talk" I had already told Thato about Lulama. Cwenga"Thato is pregnant" I was shocked as hell, I looked at Cwenga as if he was about to say 'just kidding'. Cwenga"Lobsie was suppose to tell you,but he didn't know you were going to come here today" Me"Why didn't she tell me" Cwenga"Lobsie asked her not too" I wanted to cry no lies, I swear it felt like God was testing me. Me"okay" Cwenga"Entle she is not enjoying the pregnancy because she feels guilty, I know I am asking for too much but please pretend to be happy for her" Me"How far is she?" Cwenga"Six months" I faked a smile but my tears failed me,Cwenga hugged me tight. Cwenga"I am so sorry" Me"I am sorry but I wont pretend to be excited for you guys when I am not" Cwenga"Kuzo lunga Entle,trust me" I carried on crying, you'll think I an dramatic but God can be too much sometimes,he gives Thato a baby and lets Esihle take mine and I'm expected to be happy abt it. Lobsie"I'll take it from here" he took my hand and sat me on the bench.

Lobsie"I know I should have told you" Me"Lonwabo Esihle kills my child and doesnt pay for it? we supporse to pretend like nothing happened?" Lobsie"proof baby, she will pay for what she did trust me" Me"When Lonwabo? it hurts!" Lobsie"Nakum baby it does,but worry not i'll handle Esihle. She will be out of our lives soon" he kissed my foreheas and then wiped my tears. Lobsie"smile,you look too hot to be sad" Me"Let me go find Thato" Lobsie"I love you Marakes" Me"I love you too Thithiba wam" I went to Thato and Cwenga's room because Thato was sitting there, I knocked and then opened. Me"Tee" Thato"Hey" she smiled. Me"congra" Thato"Thank you babe" I sat on the bed next to her. Thato"I am dreading fetching Athi from that hospital,ngathi I'll walk in and they would tell me he passed away" Me"Have faith" she looked at me "Pray with me" we kneeled and said a prayer.

growing up sucks

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