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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 185


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 185

We stayed in bed talking life and what we've missed. Me"Where is Cwenga's uncle" we both laughed. Thato"That idiot,he was supposed to come to the party" Me"then?" Thato"He decided against it because Cwenga didn't want to fetch him" Me",Cape town to Mtata then back? the value of petrol has no dignity kuye sana" Thato"Crazi no doubt" we carried on talking about everyone but we somehow avoided Esihle. Me"Bukho still hasn't set the date?" Thato" there is no wedding" Me"why?" Thato" I dont know ey, Cwenga just told me" Me"is she really Vuyo's daughter though?" Thato"Honestly andazi,I dont speak to Mkululi anymore and I asked Khaya naye akamazi. She is plain out crazy" Me"I'll ask Vuyo as soon as he answers my email" Thato"Are you fine though? honestly" Me"I know its been a year now but I am not okay, I hate what Esihle did to me! and what I hate the most is how we cant prove it. fine I slept with her father but kill my child? hay you can never justify that asoze" I controlled my emotions but my tears failed me a lil but I quickly wiped them. Thato" I didn't know until Cwenga told me,and my pride wouldn't allow me to call you. She managed to turn us against each other,but makes me wonder was our friendship that weak" Me"Honestly we were caught up in our own lives, I was dealing with my demons and so were you" Thato"Wen are you going back?" Me"sunday morning, got an early class you know those are bitches" we carried on talking until someone knocked on the door.

Lobsie"Babe where is Ntombi?" Me"You and Cwenga had her" Lobsie"Akekho apha,Entle uphi umntana" Thato"look kwi play room wethu" Lobsie went away, while Thato and I chilled in bed. I mean its a big house, I wont stress. Cwenga" Entle uphi umntana? everyone has been going up and down looking for her,akekho" Now I got worried, I wore my shoes and ran out of the room. Lobsie"Entle uphi umntanam" now I felt like he was blaming me. Me"I left her with you! Lobsie think" Lobsie"okay calm down, I'll look outside and you look at the garden" an hour went by and there was no sign of Ntombi. We called the police, but they told us we cant declare someone missing until 24hrs as expected. I drove around the street,what suck the place has no kids playing around burbs I hate them ngalonto. The time was now 19:45 I went back to Thato's house, I wont lie I was in tears I sat in my car for a while,Lobsie knocked on the window. Lobsie"iza" Lobsie is light skinned,so you can imagine how red he was. Me"We'll find her babe" Lobsie"Entle our bad luck is not normal,I hate how every year we suffer you and I! Senze ntoni thina? why us? hay hay! I can only pray and not doubt so long" he cried. I got out of the car and got him to bend so he can cry on my shoulder. Me"Lets go inside baby" we held hands and went inside, I sat him next to Bukho.

Thato"Menzele amanze swekile" I went to the kitchen and came back, I rushed to my bag and popped two pills just to calm down. Thato"We'll find her, Cwenga sent out pictures of her and Kathy called her police friend to do rounds around Newlands" all sounded nice but didn't seem like it was enough. I went to Lobsie he had his face was covered by his hands,he was crying and Bukho was patting his back. I stood there feeling helpless, we all sat there quiet as hell you could hear the pin drop.
We heard running but I assumed it was Bonga,so no one paid attention. Ntombi"Tata ne ice mna" Lobsie lifted his head in the slowest motion ever. I jumped up the chair and looked at her,her dress was filthy with ice cream stains and the worst part she seemed so happy and so oblivious to our shock. Ntombi"Mama hluthi mna tjo" I just hugged her tight and cried my lungs out. Lobsie joined us,we just cried so much. Ntombi"hayi yasinda nina" Lobsie laughed. Thato"How could you!" I looked up and saw Esihle carrying a McDonalds happy meal food pack. Bukho"Sihle tjo hay joe" he sounded disappointed to the core. Esihle"Who died?" Cwenga"sorry B mfethu, but get the fuck out of my house" he stood up and pushed Esihle towards the sliding door, Bukho just stood there watching. Thato"Myeke she is not worth it!" but Cwenga wasn't about that life,he grabbed her hand and shoved her out. Thato"Cwenga! Yeka Esihle mani,she is not worth it!" We heard a scream. Thato"Cwenga! uzobanjwa mani!" now it was getting hectic, Lobsie stood up and went after Cwenga. I looked at Bukho he was sitting on the couch playing with his ring finger, not paying any attention to the frenzy outside. Ntombi"Mama yakhala sisi" Kathy took Ntombi to the other kids, while Thato and I rushed outside to stop the war.

Me"Lonwabo yeka Esihle" Esihle was now on the ground, I was conflicted I dont believe in abuse but Esihle has pushed Lobsie and I way too much. Thato"Yeke ahambe apha" she was now shouting, Cwenga grabbed lobsie. Lobsie"Entle I cant let her get away with the shit she puts us through".
Esihle was on the grass crying her lungs out. Me"She is not worth it" Lobsie"No fuck that 6 straight hours kunani atsho that she took Ntombi!" He went towards her again. Thato"Lonwabo! Yeka Esihle" she came to pull him back. Me"Hamba apha" Esihle"th..is doe..snt end her" anyone who knows Thato, she is quick on the hand. She gave Esihle a back slap and then grabbed her collar,dragging her to the gate. Lobsie" I will kill that bitch! I swear on my childrens life" he left me

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