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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 186


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 186

Lobsie and I drove home with Ntombi sleeping at the back of the car. We were not talking and trust me I didn't mind, but the car ride just seemed so long. Lobsie"Entle" Me"Yinto?" he stared at me. Lobsie" You puzzle me kanjan, but ndiyekile" Me"You puzzle me too, how you lost your anger! raising your hand kwenye intombazana like that. Screw what Esihle has done, you and Cwenga had no right" Lobsie"And she had the right to take my daughter? I dare her to lay charges fuck I want her too, that way they'll add murder to my record" I've known Lobsie for years and not once have I heard him speak like that. Me"Dikiwe yilento mna" Lobsie"run Entle, that's what you do when times get hard" I just ignored him. We got to the complex, he opened the door and took his daughter. I got out nam I slammed the door "Ndiku phuze uphambanr kemna" I laughed. Lobsie"You're sexy mfazi wam kodwa" Me"Still mad at you" Lobsie"Atleast khandi zekise kalok bra yam" I laughed so hard. Me"sies Lonwabo" Lobsie"hampa, dont act white apha. You're were charmed by such where you come from" he spanked me.

Next morning
I woke up with Lobsie's hand inside my legs,holding my honey pot. Me"Baby" he mumbled and moved so he can look at me. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom "Entle Khandiphe mani" I laughed at him for shouting that. He joined me in the shower,we got done and then got dressed. Lobsie"Mbasa outisile" Me"phi?" Lobsie"Heaven where do you think?" I laughed and went out of the room. Lobsie"Hay hay, zomosha" we sat on the couch waiting for Mbasa to sneak out his gf. Lobsie"dont be a big sister,act cool" We head foot steps, the beauty of the new house it was small so the is only one way to go out. Me"Molweni" the girl looked super scared. Lobsie"Tshesa! you make me proud kanjan" I gave him a deadly stare. Me"Mbasa make breakfast" Mbasa"now" Me"Isn't your friend hungry?" Girl" No I'm good" Me"so you dont want our food?" Girl"Okay I'll eat" Mbasa went to the kitchen, we sat with the girl. Lobsie"Whats your name?" Girl"Qhama" Me"UCT too" Qhama"Yes first year Law" Lobsie smiled. Mbasa came back with 4 banana's and sliced up apples with juice. Mbasa"breakfast, babe lets leave" Me"hahaha Mbasa just like that" Lobsie"bring Qhama to the party today, she'll bring greats in her field" Mbasa"You?" Lobsie" who else?" they laughed and left. Me"I'll cut you balls off, tshini nfathi zotyela brother wam" he grabbed me and kissed me. I went to bath the Ntombi. Ntombi"Ihlungu nkomo mama" I looked at her, just to see her facial expression. Me"uwile?" Ntombi" no mama, sisi ufake umnye kum" I looked at the innocents on my daughters face, I looked at how clueless she was. Me"Esihle?" Ntombi"mama Bonga mama" I sat on the bathroom floor, I was shaking with anger. Me"Seth izapha" he came running to the bathroom. Me"Who fetches you from school?" Seth"Aunt Kathy but thursday and friday we sat with Aunt Sihle" Ntombi"hay wena!" Seth"mxm hay wethu, she said we shouldn't tell you" Me"Okay, tell your dad I'll go with Ntombi to the party" Ntombi"mama tata zohamba naye mos ngoku, sisi zomthatha kum" she started to cry, at the back of my mind I knew what this all meant. Esihle molests my daughter and tells her never to tell me because she'll take away her dad! I looked at my daughter cry engabethwanga. Me"Sathi ngu maka Bonga baby" I wiped her tears, I knew its pointless to take Ntombi to the police because she'll say its Thato, it seems like Esihle was always two steps ahead of us. I took my daughter out of the water, I dressed her and took our things and left. I kept on looking at my two year old daughter and I just cried, I cried so hard I found myself screaming. Ntombi"Mama!" Me"play with your toy" I hated myself so much at that moment, why am I not staying with my children? is my mental stability more importent? I arrived at Thato's house with all these questions in my head. Ntombi ran to the other kids while I went straight to Kathy.

Me"He is not coping ne?" Kathy" I could never stand here and lie to you, nor will I discuss Lowabo" Me"Kat I think Esihle has been molesting Ntombi! right under our noses, how do I sleep at night knowing that? especially leave town. I know Lonwabo will never admit to needing help but our family is dying from inside" Kathy"There he is, speak to him and tell him all your fears" I ran to Lobsie because he was going inside the house.

Me"Babe can we talk?" He led to the bathroom. Lobsie"after a round please babe" He turned me around and lifted my dress. He slammed inside of me and I moaned . Lobsie"ah fuck" he thrusted again. Me"Lonwabo" he held on my waist. We carried on having sex, but my head was not there I guess that's why I started crying. Me"Stoopp!" he pulled out and looked at me.I pushed him aside and took Ntombi, I drove I knew the only person that could stop this madness is Vuyo.

Enroute PE

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