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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 187


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 187

I drove and I didn't stop, I kept on praying and asking if God had forgotten me and my family because that's just how it felt. Ntombi"Lambile mama" I had been driving for so long I hardly even bothered to stop, so we stopped at Tsitsikama. I let Ntombi pee and so did I, we then went both some food. Ntombi"Seti mama" Me" Akekho" Ntombi"Mama funa Seti mna man" I opened a packet of chips and gave it to her, I carried on driving. You may think I am a bad mother or whatever but I would do anything for my children even if it means ignoring Ntombi's needs to put her first so be it. I played some music and she mumbled along, trust me when I play Adele my children cant help but mubble along. I didn't check my phone because I knew Lobsie would be calling none stop. I checked my phone again and sent Lobsie a text "Pls stop calling, Ntombi and I are safe. I'll sleep at your mothers house. I love you yeva" I threw my phone on the passagers seat. We arrived in PE after sometime and I went straight to Westering, I had to find out from Nomtha where Vuyo stays.

We arrived there and only Mpiwe was home, he told me he stays in Algoa . I drove to his house praying there will be people there. I took Ntombi to the Engen garage to pee first and then we went to Vuyo's house to my luck the were cars. Me"Iza" Ntombi jumped out of the car, we went to knock. Lumka's friend Busi opened the door, she seemed shocked to see me. Me"Hello" Busi"Hi,funa ntoni apha?" judging by the tone of her voice, I really wasn't welcome to their home and trust me I didn't mind. Me"Your father" she slammed the door at us, hayke that pissed me off. I banged the door "Vula mani" the door opened again and this time it was Vuyo. Me"You ruined my life!" I just jumped on him and banged his chest. Vuyo"I ruined your life?" Me"Your crazy daughter is molesting my child! she came all the way to Cape town to punish me for your adultry" Vuyo"Esihle?" Me"You dare to ask! I hate you so much" Vuyo" how do you do it? stand there and act all innocent? when you tempted a married man? you even have the guts to come to my house! You stand there and call my daughter crazy! hamba Entle" I looked at him with shock like he was about to whisper 'jokes, just being dramatic for effect' Me"Vuyo!" Vuyo" Get the hell out of my property! anything Esihle has done you deserve and seeing you standing here means she didn't do enough" I know I wasn't supporse to cry but I couldn't help it, I mean this man was saying all these things infront of my daughter, was I that stupid to date a married man? hay sana. I found myself missing my dad, he could have told me what to do in such times. Vuyo"oh and Entle, you ruined my reputation I think its only fair I let my daughter do the same" I stood at that door with my daughter on my left hand.

I took Ntombi and we drove to Lobsie's place in Magxaki, wasn't really far from Algoa. Maka Lobsie"Ngena" I wiped my tears because I didn't want her to see I've been crying. Me"Molo mama" Maka Lobsie"Naku Ntombi ka gogo mani" Ntombi jumped up and down excited to see her gran, I excused myself and went to straight to Lonwabo's room. I took my phone and put it on silent, then I cried my lungs out. I kept on asking God why me? its the most common question amongst people who are hurting.

Maka Lobsie opened the door and sat on the bed next to me. Maka Lobsie"Nothing will ever beat prayer mtanam" she took my head and laid it on her chest, I cried my lungs out. I needed a mothers love, I needed to be cuddled by anyone and soneone who will tell me this too shall pass. My mother inlaw and I didn't have the best relationship but here and now I forgot the past. Maka Lobsie"Sukhala kalok,dont you dare cry" she rocked me back and forth until I couldn't cry anymore,I was just breathing heavy. I fell asleep,she tucked me in the bed and took off my shoes.

I woke up after a while and looked for my phone under the pillow. The time was 22:57, I had 34 missed calls from Lobsie, 7 sms's from him.
"Entle mama says its cool"
"Babe answer your phone"
"Seth and I will be driving down to PE tomorrow"
"Entle the silence is not nice anymore, I am wrecking my brain trying to figure out what up"
"Bra my mom is telling me uyakhala apho! Entle calm down"
"Entle mama is worried about you,she is asking me what I did to you and ngapha uthi Ntombi doesn't want to be touched by anyone" Then the last text cut me deep
"Did I rape you in the bathroom? pls answer me"

He didn't or did he?

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