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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 188


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 188

I replied to Lobsie "No you didn't rape me, sorry for giving you that idea. We'll talk wen you get here, please pack my clothes too. Got school monday" I sent another one "I love you baby, I love hoe you've been there for your family. We'll be fine again" I took off my dress and dozed off.

I woke up the next morning a hand was on my waist and I knew it was Lobsie. Lobsie"Finally" I giggled. "baby you snore tjo" Me"liar" he kissed me. Me"feels awkward sleeping in this bed" Lobsie"Hahaha was expecting that from you, I also tapped you here mos" Me"Hahaha remember when we did it outside" Lobsie"Nothing beats the night I snicked you in, baby yazi ndaku winner wena" I hit his shoulder. Lobsie"hahaha I remember Thato tried to cock block me! Telling you not to go home with me but you told her to chill you can handle this mistake" I was so ashamed of myself. Lobsie"Baby you were my one night stand and then my wife, pussy so tight made a nigga wife you! take five my nigger" We shade a high five. Me" We fucked that night, you even fell in the kitchen. I think that's why your mother didn't like me" Lobsie"Nah mama loved Alwaba, she never expected you and I to last. Especially because the first time she saw you, you were sneaking out of her house" Me"but the second time, I looked neat and was sober, she thought I was Nandi's friend" we laughed. Lobsie" I dont regret you yaz, from that night to now I still thank God for you" Me"Now I get why you dont want me to drink" Lobsie"Hay mtchanam, you're drunk you get friendly with the honey pot. I cant deal get drunk when am around, cant have these tigers tapping whats mine" I kissed him "I love you too Gaba wam, but you've hurt me alot in the past especially with Babalwa and Alwaba" he kissed me. Lobsie"I messed nyan no lies, especially after Seth was born. I hate those memories they still haunt me, I messed up and I respect Khaya for taking care of you and Seth but it hurts to think Khaya raised my son but ey we live and learn" Me"Remember the night we saw you at Tops" we both burst out laughing. Lobsie"Yhuuuu hay that night! Khaya killed me infront of Sivu, calling my son his son! he made me man up and what hurt the most was how calm you were you two looked so happy together" Me"Khaya was good though at that, he knew how to make to make you angry" Lobsie"He loved you though" We carried on catching up and laughing about the past.

Maka Lobsie"Likhona" I jumped out of bed and wore my dress, I took Lobsie jacket and wore a doek. Me"mama" Maka Lobsie" Likhona I will never tell you how to raise how to raise your children nor how to handle to house. Kodwa mntanam my son cannot raise these kids, Seth naku uvasa uKayise but we adults are here goes to show he does it often. He made her food and washed the dishes afterwards" I got why she was worried but Seth was bound to take care of Ntombi at some point, just like Lobsie probably did with Nandi. Me"I'll talk to them" Maka Lobsie"Seth feels the need to protect his sister more than he picks fights with her. I know you know something is wrong with that image, I will not comment or put my 2cents in it but get Lonwabo and sit your children down and talk to them. I am going to Greenacres" she kissed my cheeck, dont know if I was confused by her kissing me or her being civil with me.

I went to call Lobsie and then we both went to the living room, Seth and Ntombi were watching Ben 10. I took the remote "Family meeting" Lobsie" Seth are things good at the house" he looked at Ntombi and then he nodded. Me"Ntombi what did Bonga's mom do?" she looked on the floor. Seth"Lets go to Spur" Losbsie"When we done with the meeting" Seth"Bonga's mommy put a finger in Ntombi's plivate parts. She had blood mommy" Lobsie turned red so fast. Lobsie"Thato!" Ntombi started crying "Seti tata zohamba ngoku naye" Seth wiped tears from his eyes. Me"Wasn't Thato,she told them to say its Thato or else you'll leave him like I did" Seth"My sister was crying and dad was not home yet,Mbasa away and sisi usilandile at school" he kept on wiping his tears. Me"Aunt Sihle?" he nodded. Ntombi"zohamba wena tata" she threw her self at him crying . Me"I'm so sorry" Seth" Nguwe wonke lo mama! you left us alone! nguwe mani" he took his sister from Lobsie and he went to the kitchen.

Me"He is right' that's all I could get myself to say, I knew Seth was getting old and with age things become clear. Losbie"Both of us" he kept quiet. Me"I'm quitting school, my family is falling apart because of me! Lonwabo why am I so selfish, who leaves her family mani" Lobsie"Our biggest mistake was Cape Town, think PE is what we need" Me"And your job?" Lobsie"That was our first mistake, you and I can afford everything we want, Ntombi goes to a great Creche and Seth goes to one of the best schools in Cape town but guess what they're misarable as hell. money isn't everything babe, we will see how we pull through but we are moving back to PE"

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