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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 189


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 189

1 month later

Seth wasn't speaking to Lobsie and I which I found really weird, I get he was growing up but faster than I wanted him too. Lobsie told his friends Bukho and Cwenga about his decision to move back to PE, because of the non compete they all signed they agreed the firm will have an office in PE, it was only fair they did that plus it meant Lobsie still got to do what he loves. I on the hand decided not to even tell Lolo what went down with Ntombi, to avoid her telling me how to take care of my kids. We decided to get a place in Kabega again but different complex, things were happening so fast. Lobsie managed to pull some strings and he got Seth in St Marks primary, then Ntombi went to a creche in Westering. Mbasa on the hand, had the place in Cape Town to himself he wasn't expect to move to move with us although Lumka was against Mbasa staying in Cpt alone but Nmmu doesn't have medicine so we had no choice. Lobsie and were stay at home parents, he had paper work and confrence calls with his clients and I had tv keeping me company. We spoke about Esihle and I wont lie Lobsie's anger scared me a little bit. He kept on repeating that he'll kill Esihle but he wanted to make het suffet first, that type of talk didn't sit well with me but ey I doubt Lobsie could kill. Thato was now six months preggies and Lulama had really came through for Athi, he hadn't found a heart as yet but he got someone to prep him and reoperate on him just to keep his blood flow normal. Him and I were noy talking and trust me I didn't mind.

Me"Lowabo" he had his head on my lap. Lobsie"nop, its only cool when Kathy does it" Me"mxm yadika" Lobsie"What time are you meeting up with Zimkita" Me"I'll fetch my arch enemy first and then the side kick" he laughed, this were intense kule ndlu, our kids were mad at us well Seth was angry and Ntombi was just copying Seth but I loved it not that they were not talking to us, the unity they had formed it was really cute. Lobsie"hahaha nah leave I'll take them to Spur and this fight will end, then I'll get Seth a bicycle and a dolls for Ntombi" Me"bribe? that's such a lawyer move" Lobsie"Nope, I am fixing my family with nice things" I kissed him. Me"Let me get ready baby" I went to take a shower, I did my hair didn't know what to wear so I asked Zim where we going after while she sent a text "Primi hurry up" I wore white skinny jeans with a navy blue blouse and dark blue heels tied my hair in a sloppy bun and wore shades. Me"babe I am leaving" Lobsie"hay hay! masambe! I will drop you off, you're cheating on me Radi" I kissed his lips. Lobsie"Tonight daddy will enter you and bless you while teaching you the law" I laughed"I cant wait" I took my phone,putting everything in my clutch bag and drove to summerstrand.

I parked my car and took my shit. I called Zim "Babe uphi?" Zim"Nyuka I can see you" I hung up and went to her. Me"Dude! what the hell" she looked so big, unlike the normal Zim she was wearing a Maxi dress and uggs with a denim jacket. Zim"Just sit down! I already got your Jam jar" Me"What kind" Zim"Crenberry, chill I know your poisin" Me"and wena? I know I haven't seen you in quite sometime but hell you've grown" she stood up and laughed. Me"suxoka" she was pregnant, not just preggies but heavly preg. Me"You failed to tell me this?" Zim"I wanted too, but babe you've had a rough year and me telling you about my pregnancy didn't seem fair at all" Me"Whats with you and Thato,I'm a big girl I can handle myself" she liftes her eyebrows giving me that 'dont lie look' Me"whatever" the waiter came with a juice for her and Jam jar for me. Me"shot of black label, make it neat" Zim"Entle" Me"Hay hay dont judge me" we carried on talking. Me"Does Bukho know?" Zim"Yeah staying with his aunt in Lovemore heights" Me"secrets are the theme of the day" Zim"Its not like that, Esihle doesn't know too and I found out I was pregnant two montha after what she did to you. So he suggested I move here, plus being pregnant with twins doesn't give me a fighting chance" Me"Pregnancy looks good on you" We stayed in summerstrand until 8pm, I drove home thinking about my day with Zimkita and how everyone was happy around me that gave me hope no lies. I arrived at home Ntombi was sleeping and Seth was watching tv with Lobsie. I went straight to the bathroom and shaved my honey pot lol took a bath just to kill time then I wore my sexy undies. I waited for Lobsie until he finally came.

Lobsie"But my wife you're hot" he climbed on the bed and kissed my tummy. I pushed him aside then got on top of him, we kissed while I kept on grinding on his cock. I moved over so he can take off his pants he was rock hard, I grabbed it and kissed it. I sucked like I was eating my favourite ice cream, he grabbed my head making me go deeper I even licked his nuts lol. Lobsie"Shit" I knew he was about to come. so I sucked harder and he came in my mouth, he lifted me from the bed putting my legs on his waist. He pounded me making me bounce up and down, he kissed my mouth and it was still filled with cum, I looked at him and we laughed. We carried on our session in bed and he pulled out and went down on me, I lifted my head bitting my lips to look at him. Me"baby aaaah" I came and he licked every bit of my cum he then came up to me and we kissed.

Lobsie"Yhooooo" he kissed my forehead. Me"poooooh cum mouth" Lobsie"You're such a freak" Me"so are you tshini" we spoke until he fell asleep.

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