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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 190


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 190

I wont lie my marriage with Lobsie was getting better by the day, with the kids at school it gave us more time to bond and believe me you we bonded. The sex was more than amazing, we did it everyday and every we'd try new things google was our bestfriend. Seth and Ntombi felt left out when we would giggle alone, so they decided to die down the war but with conditions that they get a tv in their room, Spur twice a month, lol Ntombi wanted a gold fish and Seth told her she is crazy "that thing will get big and eat mama" lmao question is out of e everyone in the house the fish would eat but that statement made me realise Seth was really mad at me more than he was with Lobsie and my past with Seth this right here would be expected. So Lobsie and I decided I spend a day with him, tell him everything because he was really growing up and it would suck for someone else to tell my child things that I was suppose to tell him.

Friday morning I decided they shouldn't go to school because tomorrow we were having Lobsie's birthday party he was turning 36, so Seth and I were going to Metlife to buy the needed things. Seth"Ntombi coming?" Me"just you and me" he seemed sceptical but he took the bait and we left, in the car he didn't say much but we dont stay far from Makro so the car ride was quick when we got there still things were awkward but I didn't want to push it. We spoke about Viwe playing rugby and how he doesn't like that sport, we spoke about Ntombi having an afro lol appearently she looks dirty with that hair so wr should cut it TF but I listened to my second husband. Seth"Mama yaz at school they say I am a white xhosa" I laughed. Me"nyani" Seth"so now my name will be Anathi not Seth" that hurt me alot,but I just nodded. We paid for our things, I decided to talk to him at the beach so I drove to summerstrand. Me"Undiqumbele?" I wanted to hear him admit he is mad at me. Seth"ma?" I side eyed him and carried on driving. We arrived at Kings beach, I bought him Ice cream and we sat on the sand. Seth"Mama xolo" Me"nam xolo" we kept quiet. Me"Yazi I love you, I know I dont always show it which is quite ironic because I've always vowed to be different from my mother. Since the day you were born things were never easy between us, I remember the first time I held you..." I reflected to the first day I saw Seth. "You were so tiny, you looked so much like your father it was scary I couldn't get myself to bond with you the first months were the worst, I hated every moment with you but it wasn't your fault nor was it anyone's fault. I dealt with that and I loved you protected you, even you staying with Lolo wasn't up to me but they didn't think I was fit enough to be a mother. In our old house you've seen me at my worst and I hate that, but Seth I try and I will always try. I'm nothing like these other mothers, I have issues and they sometimes get the better of me but I love you. I know if I didn't leave Esihle wouldn't have made your sister bleed, daddy is always at work but that's not an excuse" I wiped my tears. "Dont feel forced to forgive me but just know I am trying nam, you may not know it now but people make mistakes but its how they learn from those mistakes that matters" He was playing with his fingers. Me"yayazi mos english" he hit my arm. Seth"yes" he stood up and hugged me from behind then kissed my cheeck. Seth"I dont want another mommy tshini" I laughed "Mama you cry all the day tjo! hay sad all the time" I burst out with laughter. We took a walk towards Cubana. Me"I met your dad here" Seth"Tshesa mama" I laughed, we walked to our car talking.He even told me Viwe has a girlfriend that's a 'mlungu' but the girlfriend doesn't know they are dating,we spoke about Qhama Mbasa's gf and Lobsie's big tummy. To say the least my day with my son went better than I expected.

I dropped Setg at Lobsie's mom, Ntombi was already there. He kissed and hugged me, even told me 'good night' I reminded them to pray. I drove back to Kabega with a huge smile on my face, felt like life just threw me a huge bone and it was lekker to eat. I arrived at home I saw the CA number plates and I knew my people were here. I took the things out of the car and went inside.Me"I need man power, my car has all the alcohol and snacks" Bukho"Your car must be having a party" I laughed, he and Cwenga went to help Lobsie. Siyanda"Entle can you greet" I kissed his forehead, then Kathy's lips. Me"Where is everyone else" Kathy"They're making punch in the kitchen, have you seen the stats of this weekend" Me"Zim and Thato cannot drink nor get baked, which means you and I will be wasted" Kathy"Yey! got the trees" Me"Lets get baked" we laughed, I went to greet in the kitchen. Me"Khanya ka Khaya" she laughed. Thato"This is not awkward at all" Zim"why would it be awkward? they shared a dick hahaha" Khanya"You girls dont hold back do you?" Me"you haven't seen anything" Kathy"Zimmy got preggies with Bukho's kids but she was a side chick who does that?" Zim"Tsek! you've tasted black dick can you blame me?" Thato"I can! you screwed Bukho in my bed" Kathy"Entle had sex in your kitchen, whats your point?" we laughed. Khanya"Where is the chill" Me"Frozen baby" we carried on talking. Khanya" wait is that why you and Bukho wanted Khaya and I to be witnesses eHome Affairs?" we all looked at Zim. Thato"Njakazi" I laughed.

Kathy"shhhhh do you hear that" We all kept quiet but we didnt hear anything. Khanya"I dont hear anything" Kathy "My point exactly, that's life without Esihle! PEACEFUL"

Life is great :)

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