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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 191


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 191

I looked at my the time 23:55 ,five minutes before my husband turns 36. Me"Thato did you bring the song?" they all laughed. Kathy"You really doing it?" I nodded. Zim"I am 100% behind you, Lobsie deserves it" I opened the trench coat,showing them whats underneath. Khanya"Omg! that is all I can say to you" I asked Kathy to buy me sexy underwear so I can give myself as a gift to Lobsie. So she bought a lacy black number,it was skippy yet sexy in a classy way. Zim"Hay cover up tsek! mother of two looking yummy mtchanam rhaa Entle" Me"You guys good mos? see you in the morning" I took Thato's phone and left, sent Lobsie a text to come quickly. I downed a short of Vodka to calm myself,I dimmed the light and sat on a chair waiting for Lobsie. He opened the door. Lobsie"babe?" Me"come sit" I stood up for him, I wont lie I was scared as hell but the vodka was kicking in, he then sat on the chair looking confused. Me"Happy birthday babe, I know I say this often but never show it but baby I love you and tonight I want to kick start your birthday with something different" Lobsie"lucky me" I switched on Dance for you by Beyonce, I said a lil prayer to prevent me from singing along then I took off the coat. Lobsie"Fuck you're sexy" guess that was enough motivation.

The song started and I locked the door, I tried to do almost everything Beyonce does on the video. I went to him and waved my ass infront off his face,dropping to the floor. I gave him a lap dance, I had the song on repeat so I was in no hurry. I saw his boner and winked at him, I went to sit on him grinding ontop of him. He grabbed me then we kissed, I pulled away from him taking off my underwear in slow motion but still moving to the song. I took his hand so he could stand up. Lobsie"Tjo" I was now naked,so he moved me to our bed and laid me down. Lobsie"now let me show you how thankful I am" He kissed my whole body kisses trailing to my honey pot, he took my legs putting them on his shoulders he sticked his tongue in. Me"mmmm" he carried on sucking and licking his tongue playing in my honey pot. I took his head making him go deeper and he did as instructed. I realised right after that and he sucked my cum as usual, we kissed. Lobsie"relax I'll do all the work" he flipped me around and I welcomed him as the good wife I am. He entered and then pulled out, he repositioned himself the went in moving in all angles not leaving any stoned unturned. Me"ahhhh" Lobsie"yes baby" I grabbed on to the sheets but that wasn't enough, pleasure was just pouring out of my ears I was so loud. Me"Deeper baby...Yes! ahhh" He pulled out and we looked at each other and laughed because we knew everyone could hear us. Me"its our house wethu" I went on top of him inserting myself and I rode him,going slow I turned around to do reverse cowgirl. We picked up the pace until he came "Happy birthday baby" Lobsie"great one by far" I cuddled on him until he fell asleep, I got out of bed to switch off the music then fell asleep too.

Thato"Rhaaa this room smells like ass" Zim"Vuka vuka!" I opened my eyes and laughed. Me"uphi Lobsie?" Zim"Even when she wakes up! they went to buy meat" Thato"Get up its after 10,sies Entle you guys made us listen to you having sex" Me"But you knew mos" Zim"Khanya was so traums that she left with Kathy to sleep at Khaya's place" Zim"Heh! worse Thato and Cwenga were inspired by you guys, they left me and hubby to go do shameful things" we laughed. I got out of bed and I wore my sweat pants with a vest. Thato"Ladies today be alert! hoes will be on a high. We may be happily married but these hoes got no chill so we have to be on the look out" Zim"We were once those whores hahaha" Me"oh karma you dirty bitch" We went to the kitchen preparing snacks and putting the alcohol in those dust bins. Zim"I'll take a quick nap before everyone gets here" Me"You can use our room" Zim"Rhaa ndinuke uLobsie nawe ngeke" I laughed. Around 3pm a few of Lobsie's friends started arriving and I still hadn't bathed, my pregnant friends were sleeping so thr only help I had was Kathy. Me"Go bath i'll finish here" I carried on with cleaning up, the guys were watching a soccer match while waiting for the other guest.

I took a shower and wore a short summer dress tied my hair in a clumpsy bun. Lobsie"baby iza" Me"give me 3 minutes" I quickly changed the dress to wear a black ankle grazer with an over sized white beater and a demin jacket. Thato"You look good calm down" Me"Arg you always say that" Thato"Xoli is here chatting up my husband" I laughed we went up to the people.

Lets party :'''D

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