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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 192


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 192

Lobsie"You good?" I hand a heineken on one hand and a blunt on the other. Me"More than good babe, you enjoying your day" he whispered in my ear "wen they leave I want a repeat of yesterday" I laughed. Me"not everyday is your bday tshn" Lobsie"quicky later today?" I winked and left to speak to Khaya. Me"Tall dark and handsome" Khaya"Miss party looking sexy friend?" Me"hahaha friend? stay in your lane Mr Williams" Khaya"Arg I missed you,well not you but the normal you this you" Me"that's a lot of you" Khaya"try being drunk and twang,hard work I tell" Thato came to join us and Khaya burst out with laughter. " dude you dated my uncle" we all laughed. Me"Hahahaha you're high" Thato" hahaha but Khaya where is the chill" Khaya" you're a legend in my family, they still talk about you" Me"hahaha she is married now so your family should chill" Thato"have you guys seen Cwenga?" Khaya"Went to search for more music, probably inside" Thato left Khaya and I talking to go find Cwenga.


Thato"Siya dont you know where he is?" Siya"Seth's room" she went to look for husband,chilled though because she wasn't expecting the worst. She opened the door and the sight of Cwenga on the floor broke her heart,she went in took a pillow and sat next to her crying husband. Thato"You want us to leave" Cwenga"then we'll have to explain why we leaving" Thato"Our son died and we burried him, your family didn't want me to attend my son's funeral" Cwenga side eyed her and Thato quickly wiped her tears. Cwenga"Thato I'm trying!" Thato"So am I but I haven't grieved, there is no timeline to crying for your son" Cwenga"Umna Thato? what about me? between wiping your tears and explaining to Bonga that Athi will never come back! I cant even cry to my friends because they're finally happy and I cant bring them down with my news" they hugged each other. Thato"I miss him, I keep on waiting to wake up from this nightmare. It hurts Cwenga " Cwenga"I know baby I know" she carried on crying, the baby kicked she pulled away from the hug and took his hand. Cwenga"He finally kicks when daddy is around" Thato"hahaha I think he was saying happy birthday to Lobsie" Cwenga forced a kiss on her lips. Cwenga"I love you" Thato"I love you too babe" Cwenga"Wash your ugly face and go join the others" Thato"hahaha babe please go to your friends too" Cwenga"I promise I will go, just want to gather my emotions" they kissed again and she went out to join her friends.

The party went on and I am super glad to say there was no drama at all, Lobsie and I kept on having sex every chance we got. Zimkita already left because she was due any day so she didn't want to risk it, so they left the party. Me"I need to lay down tjo" Thato"I'll join you" we walked to my bedroom. Me"are you fine?" Thato"Yea, pregnancy is just heavy on me" I laughed at her. Me"two more months friend" Thato"and a life time of hardwork,did you speak to Lolo" Me"Yea, driving down monday" Thato"Will you ever forgive her? hinestly" Me"A day ago my answer would have been no, but after my talk with Seth I realised my anger towards Lolo was pulling me back, plus I am not getting any younger I cant nurse a grugde" Thato"I hate how life didn't give us a chance to breathe before it gave us hard time" Me"pun" She laughed. Thato"should have used a condom" we both laughed. Thato"but really being a mother has humbled me to the core, I look at things differently like before I buy clothes for me I would buy for Athi and Bonga then buy a pair of shoes for me. Point is we stop being selfish at some point and we live for other people. My children are my life and I think you being angry at Lolo has delayed you my friend" Me"I am sober" she laughed. Thato"I have something to tell you" Me"Yea" Thato"Thank you for Lulama, God knows I didn't expect you to do that for my family. He tried his best at the time, we already thanked him" she wiped her tears. Thato"Last week Athi fell while he was playing with Bonga then had a seizure so he rushed him to hospital" she was breathing heavy. "Entle I hate this moment right here, telling someone else besides Cwenga because that means I am admitting to myself...her phone rang. "Hello" Cwenga"baby Zimkita is in labour, they're in Greenacres hospital" Thato"go we will follow" she told me what was happening, I took my car keys and drove to Greenacres with Kathy and Thato.

When we arrived, we saw Lobsie and Cwenga standing at the help desk. I noticed something on Thato's dress sleeve. Me"he passed away ne" Lobsir"who?" Cwenga just nodded. Lobsie hugged his friend, Kathy and I hugged Thato. She just cried her lungs out not holding back anything. Lobsie"Kat please get a bed for her" I just cried too, looking at Cwenga cry made me even weaker. Lobsie"You shouldn't be here" Cwenga"We had to be here, you guys are our family"

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