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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 193


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 193

Lobsie"I dont care how happy I am! you and I are brothers, we share each others pain! I hate what you and Thato did but I hate you for not crying kum we always share our pain" Cwenga"You have no idea how I tried to call but then drop. I didn't expect him to pass, yeah at first we knew it would happen but over the years we started to have faith. So me calling you would mean I was accepting his death and I haven't , I look at Thato and Bonga then my faith is restored but doesn't feel the void" Lobsie was just crying with his bestfriend, they agreed not to tell Bukho not now anyway. Me"Can I get anyone coffee" Lobsie" can we talk in the car," I nodded and we went to the parking lot. Lobsie"I love you, you and our children. You humble me,yea its not always rosey but you're worth every speed bump baby. Entle Skhosana dont you ever leave me and if you do death should be the reason that way I will follow" he wiped his tears. Me"I love you too baby and I'll never leave you" Lobsie and I have this bad habit, when the going gets tough or when we tell each other how we feel we break the awkwardness with having sex but not tonight instead he held my hand and we walked back to the others.

"Push Mrs Nombewu we are almost done" Zim held on to Bukho's hand tight, they shared a moment when their eyes met suddenly he felt a tingle in his stomach. She wasn't just Entle's naive friend that he just used for sex and while paying damages his father forced to marry too,suddenly she wasn't a burden to him but the mother of his kids not just some girl who ruined what he had with Esihle, it went beyond that now he wanted to know her share a joke with her not just fuck and leave but fuck and cuddle and maybe fall inlove with her. Suddenly felt the edge to tell her 'I like you' he let out a grin because of the thought. Bukho"Thank you" he kissed her forehead, Zim just looked up and nodded. Hurt at the pain she just endured while giving birth but that was worth it type of pain but Bukho saying 'thank you' didn't sit well with her at all, she suddenly saw a glimpse of their future. Cold and lonely but it was a small price to pay because she'd be with her kids and who knows she might meet someone. A tear fell from her eye the thought of being 28 with twins and a demanding job, yeah meeting someone seemed unlikely. She looked at Bukhi again and wondered will she have to watch him bring girls to their house everyday and pretend to be fine with it? she decided tomorrow she will call her father and tell him to speak with the Nombewu family,make new arrangements. She thought to herself 'Should have used a condom'. Dr"Congratulations Mrs Nombewu" Zim and Bukho just smiled as they were handed their babbies. His thoughts 'She is so beautiful like her mother' Her thoughts'I pray you'll forgive me when I leave your father' Bukho and Zim just looked at each other with huge awkward smiles.

3 days later
Thato and Cwenga left that night for Cape Town after Zim finaly gave birth, Bukho being Bukho named his son Athenkosi after Lobsie told him about Athi's tragic passing, they named the girl Banothando. We haven't seen the twins though tradition. Lobsie and I drove to KwaMagxaki that night we slept next to our children. Something about death that makes you question time and a birth of a new baby that makes you look forward to the future. Me"Thank you God" I cuddled my family until we fell asleep that night. Today Viwe was coming for March holidays, Lobsie went to fetch him while I baked with my two angels/lil devils. Ntombi"Yhoo mama" I knew she wanted to gossip. Me"what did Seth do?" Ntombi"mxm yeka va" I laughed. Seth"Masihlebe nge English" I laughed. Me"Why must we gossip" Seth"Heh she has a boyfriend ke" I giggled. Me"How do you know" Seth"Ntombi is sister of mine tsh mama" Ntombi" mxm nadika apha ninani! " she looked so much like Lobsie tjo,especially when she is angry. Me"Xolo nana wam" Seth"come you ugly person" he laughed. Me"Tsek wena" he took Ntombi to the lounge and they watched tv together, whispering. Seth"Mama please come here" I went because I was curious. Seth"Muffins njani when today we go to Spur" Ntombi"Ewe mama ewe" now they ganging up on me. Me"a.a we going to the Boardwalk when Viwe gets here" My phone was ringing so I ran to it before I answered more questions. Caller id made me sceptical about answering but I did anyway.

Lulama"Entle" Me"Lama" He breathed. Lulama"She is asking about you again, I think its time" Me"no no no! dont do that to me, your family took her away from me. You all made me move on like she doesn't exist so why now" I really cry alot. Lulama"I know but Entle she needs you now, my parents passed away and so did yours. Now tell me whats stopping you from getting to know your daughter"

We all have a past

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