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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 194


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 194
I knew it! I knew it! how could I be so stupid! really though, I've watched this story before and I never have a happy ending, yeah time will fool me but it always go back to the sad times. She is 12 now,the last time I saw her was after I pushed her out! I didn't even hold her, I would cry to my mom and tell her I could her the baby crying at night,sometimes it felt like she was crying next to me but over the years the nightmare stopped. I remember I used to stalk Lulama,asking him how my daughter was but he couldn't tell me much because the child went to stay with his grandmother. I promised my father I'll stop trying over inyala lam in exchange for him to forgive me. I did exactly that Lulama and I stopped talking about the baby, he eventually moved. Even when he came back he didn't mention her and I didn't ask, I mean I had Seth and Lonwabo then plus I was getting married, Zimkita would ask if I dont ever think about her and I wont lie I did but over the years the imagine of her faded with time. Was I wrong? to hide my child? no let me rephase to hide the child that I never knew? if so then why dont I feel guilty? instead I hate Lulama for trying to ruin my happiness.

Me"Lulama" Lulama"Entle" Me"How is she? does she look like me? does she hate me?" he didn't answer, then after a while. "Hello? mama nguwe?" my heart froze, I dropped the phone at that moment and paced around the room. I took my phone and called Zimkita. Zim"Hey" Me"I just spoke to her! Zimkita she called me mama! ndithini?" I wont lie I felt so dirty at that moment, my past came into action every mistake played out. Zimkita"Breathe!" I did as instructed, call Lonwabo and tell him everything before Lulama beats you to it. 12 yrs was a long time ago, you didn't know him nor did you think today would ever happen. If he throws you out,so be it but that's your daughter and we both know Lulama wouldn't use your child to get to you" Me"I'm scared" Zim"then that means everything will be fine" I heard Lobsie's voice so I told Zim I'll update her later. Lobsie"Entle" Me"Bedroom" he stood at the door and smiled at me. Lobsie"Whats wrong baby" he hugged me. Me"I love you" Lobsie"I love you too" I took his hand and sat him next to me. Me"Lulama called me today" 

Lobsie"Entle" Me"Let me explain, we have a past and it goes beyond him being the guy who took my virginity but he fathered my first child" Lobsie laughed. Me"She is twelve and Lulama said she has been asking about me, he made her speak to me but I hung up on her" He didn't say anything. Me"I dont know her though not the way I know Seth and Ntombi, Lulama took her away from me after I gave birth and my parents didn't stop them" He laughed again. Me"say something" I wiped my tears. Lobsie"Ndithini Entle?" Me"Anything dont just sit there" Lobsie"I've been married to you for 7 years that's excluding our first marriage, we have shared a bed all these years how did you forget to mention a child! its not clothing babe ngumntana!" he laughed again. "Is that why you hated Seth so much? because you thought I would take him away from you? how deep do your demons run kanti? I always assume I know then you throw a bomb at me! I could stand here and say bring the child because I am your husband but I cant get myself to say that because you've never warned me about it" Me"I wanted to believe me I tried" He slapped me, it happened so fast I stood there shocked as hell.

"I try Entle fuck I put up with everything but wena you failed to tell me this one thing! Lulama has fucked you and disrespected me infront of my friends, you stood there and defended him because you have a love child together? is that how it goes? he gets you pregnant you two have some dramatic end!" Me"Lonwabo" Lonwabo"Fuck you!" he took his phone and car keys, I grabbed his hand trying to pull him back. Me"Lets talk!" he pushed me. Lobsie"Talk? now you want to talk, hay doesn't work that way" Me"Lonwabo if you walk out that door, that means you walking out on me,your kids and everything we've worked for" he looked down on me because I was in the floor. Lobsie"No I'm walking out on you" he took off his wedding ring and threw it at me. I watched him walk out of the door. I just cried, I sat there and I cried loud ingathi I just heard someone I love passed away.

I sent Lulama a text "My life always falls apart when ever I interact with you, its a pattern and one that has to end. I'll see my daughtet but I dont want anything to do with you" he replied "I never wanted to hurt you,not then and not now. You may hate me now but dont punish Unekamva because of our mistakes"


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