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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 195


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 195

Society strikes again on ruining lives, I always say this alot is expected from women in such early stages too. Hence I dont judge nor do I applaud a pregnant 13 year old, she has been told what to not to do what who did wrong instead of being told 'Out there you'll find dick,it is so nice especially without a condom but with that being said it adds to the population which decreases the things I get for you' black parents have made sex and pregnancy taboo, dont say its respect its annoying as fuck! Just wished I said that to them when they took my kid but ey I couldn't because I was already told that society called me 'Ihule' yet the very same people ended up with 'TB' touchè right?

'Entle' I was already in bed because he has been gone for so long with my kids, plus I wanted to sleep early because I had to fetch Unekamva was arriving tomorrow morning. Me"Velaphi?" Lobsie"Entle wakhe just one time wandi thanda? like how deep is that love shallow baby pool dosnt like a bad answer too" I didn't answer, he sat on the edge of the bed. Lobsie"I've hurt you alot in the past fuck and I hate that about me, I showed you whoring on another still level kuwe but you still stayed. Sorry for being drunk but unlike you I am a coward" didn't say a word. Lobsie"We tried again after a messy marriage, I proved myself to you and everyone else. I loved you to core but the said thing about love its never enough nor does it ever balances out. I love you more thsn you love me, sometimes you forget to pretend the love you have for me. I've always known Entle but I waited for you to say something, I hated how you didnt trust me enough to tell me your secret. I noticed a pattern with your depression every from december you'd lose your mind 6days before Xmas then I called your dad when he told me what he did to you I cried so much, at St Anthony's you would always seem like you waiting for someone.

You were not hurt when Esihle aborted our baby just pissed that you didn't think of it first. Resent me for saying that but I know you Entle, when things cut deep you run away from everything instead that time you hubted down Thato and that was it" I just let my tears pour out in bulks and he kept on wiping his. "You cheated on me with Lulama I forgave you, you ran after Khaya when you heard his mother passed away I forgave, I lost my memory what did you do? you got a job as far away from me,you were never home and most of the time you were crying I was confused why because I didn't remember us or you were too quick to give up" Me"Lonwabo" Lobsie"Dont get me wrong Entle, I know you loved me in your own way. You were there when we didn't have shit, after our huge ass wedding,when SARS took what was theirs you stood by me when all seemed lost and you lovef my son like he was your own I know that aint easy. I didn't forget the good times but today my mom told me something I didn't or never wanted to realise" he breathed and then looked at me. "She said you love me so much that you forgot who Entle is or what Entle wants, you became my shadow over the years you forgot your dreams because your parents told you as a wife your husbands dreams are worth more than your own, but now you breaking free and you resent me because I set you back with two kids and I made you a house wife" Me"No! dont you dare I love my kids" Lobsie"I know baby I do know that and no one will take them away from you" he kissed my forehead. Me"Lonwabo I know what you'll say but please dont not now" Lobsie"When Entle? I am so old for mind games, found myself hitting you and I have never done that. I told you I love you, i'll wait for you to figure what you want. Go on holiday, or something if the freedom is lovely we'll divorce share the rights to our kids and if you return I wont ask shit I will just welcome you back and we fix the tracks together" He stood up and took a pillow. Lobsie"Goodnight Entle" I didnt reply I just looked at him,he walked out without saying anything then the door slammed.

Then right there everything started to sink in, I just let my tears fall. I called Zim but her phone was off, I tried Kathy and straight to voicemail so I called my mother. Lolo"Ekuseni kangaka Entle" Me"mama" I could hear she was shocked that I called her that. Lolo"Sukhala baby wam" Me"Lonwabo is leaving me and its all my fault, this time I dont blame him at all" Lolo"I told you this and I'll tell you again 'I"stopped existing the minute youu said 'I do' .Self pity mtanam won't fix your marraige instead it makes it worse. and Entle" Me"ma?" Lolo"I know you've lost alot and been through hell and back but mtanam God didn't forget you yeva?" Me"Ewe" Lolo"It was never your fault,so cry mtanam until you can't because you're allowed too" we said our goodbyes and I thanked her. I got out of bed and went to the lounge, Lobsie was laying on the big one.

Me"move over please"" he moved and I cuddled behind him. Me"I love you alot and I want to fix things with you" Lobsie"As long as you trying I am willing to stay" Me"Please accompany to fetch my daughter tomorrow" he turned around and kissed my forehead. Lobsie"I thought you'd never ask"


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