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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 196


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 196

I woke up the next morning way before Lobsie, even surprised I fell asleep with all the excitment/ fear but hey time waits for no man or woman in my case. I took a shower and wore a dress because we were also going to Lobsie's house to fetch the kids. Lobsie"Bhinqa Entle" Me"Dont act smart, I took out a scaf already tshini" Lobsie"Baby please iron for me" I took his clothes and did as instructed while he took a shower. Lobsie got done and we eventually left for the airport, he kept on looking at me while driving. Lobsie"Dont be a bitch, chill" I laughed. Me"Dont nag a bitch, I got this" we both laughed,when we arrived at the airport I made Lobsie speak to Lulama to prove there are no grey areas. Lobsie"Kuthwa she has your picture so uzokubona" Me"Did he bitch?" Lobsie"hahaha nah he wasn't himself for once" Me"Hahaha baby daddy drama" he looked at me "too soon?" Lobsie"hahaha I can imagine Lulama acting like a crazy ass skank" I was in tears with laughter. Lobsie"Babe her flight just arrived" I stopped laughing right then just my palms started to sweat. Me"I am scared" Lobsie"Good" he got up from his chair to go look for Unekamva leaving me there.

Cwenga was speaking to Bukho on the phone after he heard one of the worst news not sad but the worst. Cwenga"B are you sitting down?" Bukho"Yeah, dont be dramatic thetha" Cwenga breathed out loud. "So I heard from Sivu they found Esihle" Bukho has been worried because she wasn't answering her phone and she wasn't at her place,regardless of everything a part of him still cared about Esihle. Bukho"Phi? I'll get the first flight out to Cape town" Cwenga"In Khayelitsha, she was shot to death 3 bullets clean shots" Bukho"What?" that was all he could say. Cwenga"Mfethu I'll it sink in kuwe then we will talk later" he didn't reply but dropped the phone. He hurried upstairs and started packing his work things, when he was done he took his house and car keys going straight to the nursery to kiss the twins. Zim"Yaphi?" pointing at the bag. Bukho"Esihle got shot dead, something just doesn't seem right about all of this" he could see Zim was beyond annoyed. Zim"so you're leaving us to investigate your ex gf's death?" Bukho" Please dont take it personal" Zim"It is though, the minute we got married previous partners stopped being a priority and the day I gave birth you bacame a father" Bukho"I know" Zim"no you dont, so let me make it easy for you. If you leave us I take my kids and move back to Durbs, or you go back up stairs unpack and play happy family with us" Bukho giggled a little. Bukho"Cute but you signed a spouse agreement of no divorce for atleast 3 years and if you do leave you dont take my kids under any condition. So you're stuck with me and really you should read the fine print" Zim laughed too and then kissed his forehead " Oh but baby I do, and I watch suits I saw the loop hole too. If I feel mistreated or any type of abuse I deserve a divorce and joint custody of the twins, so dont threaten me if you thought Entle was crazy I can be worse" she kissed his forehead "Let me go prepare lunch for us" she walked out of the nursery chilled as fuck.

Lobsie came back holding une's bag, she didnt greet me. Me"Hi ndingu Entle" Une"Ndakwazi mama, I have seen the pictures" Lobsie wanted to laugh but didn't. Me"oh okay" she looked so coloured, with caramel skin and natural afro. Lobsie" Lets go fetch the others then we go to Spur" Une"I am not a fan of red meat" Lobsie looked at me and the whispered "she is 12 right" I nodded. We arrived in Magxaki, Lobsie got off to fetch the kids while his mom came to the car to greet Une. Ma'Lobsie"Likhona fana nawe ngqo" I laughed. Me"Nam I was just as shocked" Ma'Lobsie"Dont rush things ke, you have all the time in the world" I nodded. Me"Enkosi mama" Ntombi came running to the car followed by her brothers. Viwe"Mamam" I smiled at him. They all jumped in the car and we left for Summerstrand because Lobsie wanted to take pictures of everyone. Seth"mama" Me"Hmm" Seth"who this" Me"Ask her" Une laughed. Viwe"Seth subuza bafo" Bafo? since when? hahaha.

We arrived at Spur and placed an order while Seth felt the need to tell everyone that he knows where I met Lobsie. We carried on talking even about Cpt, Une seemed to be having fun. We took pictures making fun faces, Ntombi loved Une to a point where she if she could stay with us. Seth came to whisper in my ear "mama two boys two girls, no more others" I laughed so hard, my phone interrupted me,it was a text from Thato.

"so Esihle was found dead, shot to death. just thought you should know"


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