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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 197


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 197

3 days

Lobsie and I were in bed, we still haven't spoke about Esihle and trust me I didn't mind. I had come to this conclusion, if he killed then he did it for Ntombi and that was reason enough for me to look past everything and I didn't feel sorry for her not at all. Lobsie"Unekamva wants a phone" Me"She said that?" he laughed. Lobsie"Not in so many words" Me"Hay babe andizingeni mna, because if I buy its like am buying her love and I dont wana be that mother" He kissed me. Me"Sies that breath" Lobsie" Hahaha you're so ugly ke" Me"As if you're any better" he tickled my waist and I was laughing out loud. We shared a brief awkward moment out of no where, my body wanted him to make passionate love to me like it was our first time and I guess he felt the same because he grabbed my waist pulling me closer. We just locked eyes without talking, it was like our bodies were in charge, we kissed slowly with passion his hand on my ass and mine on his neck. He pulled away and took of my night dress and my naked body was out there for him to use to his needs.

He laid me down kissing my breast while rubbing my clit, I became wet at that moment but his eyes were still locked to mine. He stopped to look at me and then took off his boxers. Lobsie"u right?" I just nodded, andazi mani it felt like my first time,my first night with him and wedding night all combined. He inserted himself holding my hand, he moved slowly and I let out a sigh of relief. Lobsie"should I stop?" Me"a.a" he carried on, we moved in circles together. I had a tear in my eye he wiped it for me and then smiled. I kept on thinking how lucky I am to have this man for a husband, he is patient, a great father,he loves me,he listens and he is always there for me no questions asked. I realised God took his time to groom this man to be the husband I needed and Lord knows he is my everything. Lobsie"I love you" Me"I love you too" we kissed again. We had the most amazing sex we've ever had, he cuddled behind me. Me"Promise never to leave me" he kissed my shoulder. Lobsie"I promise you" I turned around to lay on his chest, so I can hear his heart beat.

I woke up Lobsie was still sleeping, I got up and wore my gown so I could check on the kids. Une"Mama" Me"Baby" she laughed. Une"Can we go to the movies today" Me"Yes, we'll go now let me bath" Seth"And Spur" Viwe"Liqaba Seth! Spur spur lets go to Wimpy mani" we all laughed. Me"What does Ntombi want?" Ntombi"Pizza mama" I left them arguing about food. I took a shower and then wore a dress. Me"Babe" I shook Lobsie for him to wake up. Lobsie"mamabo" we both laughed. Me"taking the kids to the Boardwalk" Lobsie"Take your key, I still have to go see Tat'Jama about Mbasa" Me"What time are you leaving?" Lobsie"around 3, but I'll drive back" I kissed him then stood up, he pulled my hand and we kissed again. Lobsie"you're beautiful" I laughed. Me"Have a safe trip babe" I left with the kids. We watched 2 different movies because Ntombi wanted everyone watch the movie she and her father already watched. Seth"mama" Me"heh?" Seth"Uthule wena" Me"I'm watching a movie" Seth"Mama yaz taka Une is a doctor" Me"Yes, yours is a lawyer " Seth"hayi akaphangeli tata tshini Nolhiza" I wanted to laugh but I decided not too. Me"bukela movie" Seth"Hayi we talking mama, so when will you give me money" Me"Ndakubetha ne" Seth"Chill Nolhiza" he giggled. The movie finally ended. We went to get pizza, they orderd 2 large pizza. Une"You're a cool mom" I smiled at her, I drove to Kabega around 7.

We ate Lobsie was still not back, my phone rang it was Zim. Me"Hey " Zim"I am on my way there ava, with the twins. I just need to rest in a peaceful place" Me"I'll wait up for you" Zim"thank you" I sat on the couch one by one my devils went to sleep ngaphandle ko Ntombi. Me"awozeli?" Ntombi" No, waiting for tata" Me"lala baby, I'll wake you up when he gets here" the door opened it was Zim with the twins. She was in tears. Zim" I need you so much right now" she threw herself on my shoulder. Me"I'm here for"

Ntombi"Mapolisa" Zim moved from my shoulder, we both turned around. Ntombi being scared of the police hid behind me. Me"Hello,can we help?" Police1"We would like ti speak to Mrs Skhosana" one of them looked at Zim and his face turned red, he helped Zim to sit her down. Police2"Mrs Skhosana we have bad news about your husband" Police1"Mam please bring her some water" I gave him the water bottle and they let Zimkita have some water. Police1"Your husband was involved in a car accident ........" I just screamed after hearing "he didn't make it"

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