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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 198+


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter  198+

Lobsie"Day 2 as Mrs Skhosana and you haven't even made me breakfast" Me" Day 2 as my husband and you've been getting the sex you want" we both laughed. Lobsie"I know you not keen on Cape Town but please babe try" Me"I promise to try" we kissed. Lobsie"We are leaving at 17:45 so lets get down to business" Me"Noo! Hahaha honey pot is offline" he went under the blankets and kissed my honey pot, trust me to get wet. Me"Okay I'll allow you to get in and get out" Lobsie"hahaha I paid Lobola I think I own it" Me"Then dont be greedy, it will be your house warming gift" Lobsie"Stingy Entle rhaa" I laughed at him, he laid his head on my breast. Me"Have you ever imagined death?" he didn't answer. Me"Lonwabo" He lifted his head and then went back to my boobs. Lobsie"why?" Me"I think death will take me away from you" Lobsie"and if its the other way around?" Me"I wouldn't live without you! I dont even want to try" Lobsie"Nam but baby I'd want you to be happy, plus if you'd die our kids will be a reminder of our happiness and especially love" Me"Would you want me to move on" Lobsie"Yes and you?" Me"No!, I cant imagine someone else on my side of the bed, doing everything we once planned,taking over what was once mine! I know its selfish of me but I doubt I'd ever accept it. maybe 5 years down the line" he laughed. Lobsie"I would rather another man lay his head on my side of the bed than watch you cry every night for me, babe sadness delays life. I love you Lamani and even when I die your happiness comes first" we both kept quiet. Lobsie"Promise me you'll never cry for me! no matter how much it hurts but promise me you'll be strong because I know I would have died a happy man" Me"I cant promise that" Lobsie"Then you dont love me" Me"I love you Lonwabo" Lobsie"Then my death shouldn't take away all of you, I leave you with my children and our memories. Infact I would be if you'd move on after a year just as long as my kids are taken care and you're happy" Me"Then should I die first, get a new place. You bought that one for me,its only fair that you and your new wife respect our memories" Lobsie"hahaha linda naxa uswelekile, anyway why we talking about death on our honeymoon" Me"You married a weirdo kalok"


I drove to back to Magxaki,memories of my life with my husband playing in my head like a movie. I missed him, reality though hit yesterday when his uncle came back from identifying the body. It was like someone took my heart out of my chest, I cried so much until I couldn't anymore. I doubt I'll ever accept Lonwabo's death, when they came back with his things the first thing I saw was the arm band I gave him, I just started crying again. Ntombi kept on asking me 'tata fika nini' think that killed me more, Seth was just worse he wasn't talking to anyone and I didn't want to rush him. To say the least I am not looking forward to his funeral. I arrived and got in emva, went straight to the sit with Lobsie's mother. Lolo"uright?" Me"Yea" The day went on, funeral arragements made and a fight occured appearently women are not allowed emagcwabeni xa ingumgcwabo we accident, but Lolo told me to speak up because Lonwabo was my husband after all we concluded his sister mother Ntombi and I will be the only women there. I decided to go Kabega to clean out Lonwabo's clothes so they could burn them.

I arrived and switched on our bedroom light. Me"Lonwabo" felt like he was going to answer me or something, I wanted him to answer and tell me to wake up from this nightmare! I wanted my husband back,no I needed him! how could he die that wasn't part of the plan! Me"Lo..nwabo!" I grabbed his clothes pulling everything to the floor. Me"Its always us! Lonwabo I cannot do this alone" I took our wedding picture, I felt like setting the whole house on fire. Me"I need you so much" I couldnt burry my husband, I know I once promised him but this is one promise I was about to break. I sat on that floor crying my lungs out.

I took his sweater and I wore. Me"Pleaa..se take this pain from me" I heard the door open but I didnt look up. Someone laid my head on their shoulder. Zim"sukhala sisi, we are hear for you" Thato"Lobsie wouldnt want you to be sad" I looked at her. Me"I forgot to say I love you! " Zim"Entle hay hay! " Me"Get out! you'll never understand! that was my forever" Thato"I'm sorry" Me"It hurts so much.. " "Lonwabo" she was rubbing my back. Me"I need my kids right now"


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