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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 198


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 198

The motion of bad news: they give you water,sit you down and tell you to come identify the body not forgetting them telling you they're very sorry for your loss. Yet they dont know Lonwabo, they have no idea how them saying sorry is just annoying because they are not sorry, they dont know us mani! Lonwabo waziwa ndim! ndim! that was my husband,the father of my kids! He drove a black MINI COOPER so why should I go identify what we all know already? do they want to tanish my husbands memory? they already told me the woman he was with in the car was in LivingStone hospit wasn't that enough mani! or there is more?? how could Lonwabo leave me! he promise today not any other day! how does he do that to me! 4 kids alone, he knows I wouldn't be able to pull it off not alone. Zim"I'll go with them" Me"Phumani! Phuma!" I took the bottle of water and threw it at them. "Get the hell out of my house!" My tears just seemed useless because they were never going to bring back my husband. Ntombi"Mama" she too was crying. Ntombi"funa tatam mna mama" I wiped my tears and took her hand leading to their bedroom. The minute I switched on the light I notice they were all awake, Seth was crying on Une's shoulder and Viwe had his head on his lap.

Seth"Mama" he came to hug me. Seth"Vi..we heard la..tat..a, is my dad.. dead? ... ma..uphi tatam" I didn't have the answers, just like him I needed Lonwabo too. I couldn't stand to see my children cry like this and its only day one. Me"I'll call grandma avah" I snuggled Ntombi next to Viwe and I went to the bathroom avoiding going in our bedroom. I called Lobsie's mother at first she didn't pick up. Ma'Lobsie"Likhona" Me"Mama cela uze" I breathed. Ma'Lobsie"Yinto na ntombi yam" Me"Please come, I'll ask Malume akulande. I need you" Ma'Lobsie"Likhona you're scaring me" I just dropped the phone, I sent Lobsie's uncle a text and then Lolo. I washed my face then took my pills, I sent Cwenga a text too then I switched off my phone. I got water for my kids and went to sit with them, Viwe had calm down but he wasn't done he seemed so lost. Une"Mama" Me"Uhm" Une"We'll help you with the tea, Viwe gave Seth and Ntombi panado" Me"Okay" I wiped my tears again. Viwe hugged me from behind and then kissed my cheeck, I turned around and wiped his tears.
The next day

Bad news spread fast, by the next morning alot of people were showing face. We had moved to Magxaki because our complex didnt allow funerals, Lolo and Zintle arrived the next day, even Lumka and Kagiso, Mbasa was writting his last paper then he promised to drive down as soon as he finished. My family came out in numbers,meaning the place in Kabega was packed. Ma'Lobsie"Likhona" Me"Mama" Ma'Lobsie"Never be too shy to ask for help, even after the funeral please dont be a stranger mtanam. You were the apple of my son' eyes and you made him happy" I had my head on her lap and Lolo was sitting next to Lonwabo's mother. Lolo"Akayenza ngabom uLonwabo baba, never think other wise. He made a vow to take care of you and that he shall do, he gave you his soul in 3 parts and those are his children make him proud by making sure his seeds grow old and make him proud" After our mini talk, we all decided the funeral should be this weekend. Me"I need answers" Lolo"Can you handle them?" Ma'Lobsie"You deserve them, its the only way your heart will be at ease" I stood up and thanked her, I drove to Livingstone hospital.

My phone rang it was Lulama, so I decided not to answer. I arrived to the hospital, the nurse at the help didn't look friendly at all but I gathered every piece of strength I had.Nurse"Molo sisi" Me"Molo sisi, izolo a woman came in here after an accident that happened eNational" Nurse"Gama" I looked dumb fast, I didnt know her I never thought Lobsie was cheating on me again. Ma"I dont know her, she was in a car with my husband when he died and I want to know why!" I wiped my tears "What she was doing in his car that's all" She was staring at me like I was stupid or something. Me"ndakucela I need to know! he promised to ne...never do it again so after 7years I have the right to know why he lied to me for her, why he wou..ld risk losing his family" Nurse"Room 345 " Me"Enkosi" I took my things and asked around where I can find that room, when I finally found it. I stood at the door asking myself what the hell is wrong with me! he cheated so what? it doesn't change how happy we were, am I bitter that I'd ruin my last memories of my husband? No women is with that! that was my soulmate and if he was cheating so be.

That was my cheating husband, he was the love of my life, my partner in crime, he was patient,loving and he was the best Goddam father. We had bad moments and alot of arguements but I woke up and went to sleep next to a man who loved me,would have done alot for me. I took walked out of that hospital happy that Lonwabo Thando Skhosane was my husband but sad that I have to say goodbye when I am not ready

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