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Thursday, May 28


Diary of a cheating husband chapter 199


"Women are the reason why men cheat. They know that too"

Chapter 199


I was in bed with my children all 3 of them, Unekamva went back to Joburg. Beku wamkelwa umzimba by the others, I decided my kids shouldn't be there because he wasn't taking this we'll at all. Me"Viwe will you be able to talk alone ecaweni?" Ntombi"Nam mos mama" Because Lobsie wasn't sick, his mother preposed we let his children tell their own stories about him. Seth"Nam mama" I was shocked to hear him speak but didn't want to dwell so I swiftly moved on. Me"Viwe what did mommy one say?" Viwe"She said I can stay if I want but you'll have to ask her" Seth and Ntombi were so excited. Me"Shhhh" we all giggled. I promised Lobsie I'd take care of his children and that I will do. We eventually left for the church, Lobsie's mother was crying so much and so was his sister. That broke my heart, death is hard to deal with that's no shocker but I've always wondered does it get easier. In church people came out in numbers, some were his rugby friends from high school,varsity and work mates. Bukho and Cwenga shared their stories about Lobsie, then Sivu talked about what type of person he was the community and finally my 3 little pigs.

Ntombi"Mama uthi kum tata is heaven and usijongile, wathi Sethie yena 'Bubi yam xa funa thetha no tata you have to sing twinkle little star but awuzombona but yena he'll see you and be your arm" I giggled. "tata ndakukhumbula mna, mama yena akapheki nje ngawe. Enkosi" Viwe"It hurts being the oldest, sometimes you have to put your needs aside for your siblings yet my father once told me 'a man is not defined by his success but the way he puts his family first' I wont lie ndithi he was close to being super man because he was better. I once told him he loves Seth kunam, he cried that day and he kept on asking mama if he could speak to me and I said no, the next day I woke up and he was sleeping next to me in my bed" he wiped his tears. "I was lucky enough to have him as my dad, so I say to my siblings and mama 2 'Mamabo life goes on' my family knows that was his favourite line" he sat down and Seth came on. Seth"3 things matter here now and tomorrow, ndayiva ngo tatam lonto. I just want to say qha uhm enkosi" he got off the stage and went straight outside, I wanted to chase him but mama ka Lobsie stopped me.


A woman stopped Seth while he was running without looking. Seth"Sorry" he looked so much like him, thoughts to herself. Woman"Ina sela amanzi" Seth gulped the whole bottle. Seth"Enkosi" Woman"I saw your father before he died, and he was rushing home to show you the Play station game he bought, I dont know you all but I can tell who the whole family is and how old everyone is" she gave a faint smile. Woman"Please give this to your mother and tell her, I'm sorry for her loss" She got up from the bench and walked out of the church.
As soon as the service ended I looked for my son. Me"uright" he nodded and gave me a letter. Me"Velaphi?" Seth"Yhoo andazi nam mama" I opened the letter I didn't even know the hand writting but read anyway.

'I saw the death of your husband officially on the Herald yesterday and I cried so hard because he died because of me. I heard you came to see me but I didn't see you, I am not your husbands mistress if thats what you wanted to know. He just saw me and recognised me, but didnt understand why I was cleaning at your house and that didnt sit well with him. He made a few calls and managed to get me job at the Boardwalk hotel and for that I am greatful. I noticed something though, my envy for you slowed down life because I was so focused on running your happiness instead of building my own but most of all I am sorry for suggesting your parents take away your child that was evil of me. Look at me and then you now, you won Entle and your husband loves you or atleast loved you'

After the whole funeral people were starting to leave. Ma'Lobsie"Iza ne wine Likhona we need to calm our nerves" I gave her the bottle, she and Lolo were now drinking buddies lol. I left them to go speak with Alwaba, she was standing with the usual Xoli and Babalwa arg ex gf union lol. Me"can we talk" Alwaba"Thetha" see now that pissed me off.

Me"Tell me when you are done being childish" Alwaba"That would be the day you stop pretending to care about my son" Me"okay" ndim dala ngoku, mommy thats looks after her kids and has no time for drama. I walked back to the house to call my daughter.

No more tears

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