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Friday, January 22


Mistakes young people make - common mistakes



    1.    In matric

According to section 29 (Chapter 2 in the Bill of Rights), all South African children, including adults, have a right to basic education. Every young person in South Africa has to attend school from grades R to 12 (matric). Put together, that is a combined thirteen years of schooling when completed in record time. From Grade R to Grade 12, learners face different challenges in acquiring the necessary base education that is needed in order to make it in the adult world. The challenges that learners face are social and/or economical in nature, which further contribute to the overall challenge of learning.

When you started school, it seemed like a long way to matric, well or maybe it still feels like it. If you have made it to matric, take a few minutes and pat yourself on the back for all the hard work that you have put in order to get there. If you’re still on your way there, keep on working hard because before you realize it, you will be in matric already. Back to those in matric, now you find yourself with some kind of stress that you encountered the minute you started your matric year. “Will I ever pass my matric?”; “What will I wear to matric dance?”; “Have I chosen the right subject combination in setting me on the right path towards my career choice?”; “Will I ever be admitted to an institution of higher learning after matric?” These are a few of the key questions that every young person, irrespective of race, gender, religion or age, asks themselves regularly while in matric.

There are three TIPS that I have identified that can assist you in making it through matric and they are as follows:

TIP #1: The first trick you need in order to overcome all of these problems is to learn to relax. Don’t misunderstand me now, by relaxing, I mean that you need to take on one challenge at a time. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be worried about what to wear to your matric dance function in February, or would you? Exactly, you won’t be worried about that. When you start your matric year, it’s always wise to know which career path you intend to pursue. Can you imagine a learner who wants to become a medical researcher however chooses commercial subjects (or commerces, as they are known?) The choice of subjects this learner has taken should begin to prepare them for the course that they will be registering for in an institution of higher learning either in South Africa or abroad. Upon registering their subjects of interest with the Department of Basic Education, via their high school, the learner can then begin to nurture all the knowledge and skills they need in order to pass the subject(s), thereafter obtaining the necessary university/college/technical college admission.

TIP #2: Secondly, around August and September, as the Minister of Basic Education announces in his/her year planner address, the Department of Basic Education will provide learners in all high schools with a preparatory examination. It is advisable to treat and prepare for these examinations the same way you would a final examination paper—the preparatory examinations are meant to do exactly what they are called, ie to prepare the learners for the main (final) examinations. If you prepare enough for these preparatory examinations, you will find that preparing for the final one will be ‘a walk in the park’.

TIP#3: Lastly, between the preparatory examination and the final examination, many schools see it fit to squeeze their matric dance function in between these two examinations The two purposes of the matric dance function are; to thank all the learners for their patience and hard work throughout the whole year of matric; as well as to give them a final word of encouragement before the final examination commences. As I have mentioned above, the matric dance function is only for those two reasons alone, as for who has the flashiest or most expensive clothes of the day, or who was dropped-off at the function with the most beautiful car, is beyond the scope of the day. That has nothing to do with the purpose of the day. Yes, you’re also allowed to have fun however refrain from using drugs or indulging in alcohol while doing so, bearing in mind that you have an examination to sit down for in the next week or two.

If you follow the three above-mentioned TIPS, then you’re definitely on the right path to achieving your goals. Just remember one thing, whether you want to make it in life or not, it’s entirely in your hands. As the famous saying goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again until you do succeed”. 


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