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Thursday, January 1


Diary of a Patient Mistress insert 11


Friday the 13th was here, i had been awaiting it so much that nothing else mattered, except for what was gonna go down. I woke up in a very jolly mood, taking my time in everything i do. I had a very lovely breakfast, a long nice bath with slow jams playing smoothly in the lounge.
The clock struck noon and by this time i was over the moon. My outfit was neatly ironed, my hair newly styled, my make up freshly made and myself... looking Bizarre, like a princess waiting for her prince charming to come sweep her over her two gorgeous feet. I got dressed carefully, watching my make up and hair. I put on my favorite scent and took a few selfies, captioned: #HOT_DATE. It was now a few minutes before Stan calls, so i waited patiently, and then my phone went RING RING.......
Stan: Hey babe, how are you today?
Me: i'm not feeling too good
Stan: No, tell me what's wrong now?
Me: A certain prince was supposed to check up on a certain princess in the morning, as usual but he did not and she became emotionally drained
Stan: Eish baby, i'm so sorry about that. I was so excited about today and arranging everything that i got carried away in it. Am i forgiven?
Me: Well lemme see*holding my chin up as if he could he see me* U can make it up to me by getting your handsome self here now
Stan: *laughing softly* Ok baby, i'm on my way
Me: I'll be waiting, see you in 30?
Stan: Nah, make that 5
Me: *sounding cross* 5 hours? Do you know how long i ha.......
Car hooting outside...........
I ran to the window and it was Stan. To think that i was about to give him grief and all this while he was actually just around the corner
Still o the phone...
Stan: Now how's that for 5 hours? What were you saying before you were rudely interrupted by the hooter?
Me: *feeling foolish* well baby, lemme just grab my bag then we can go
Stan: Ok sweets
I felt so embarrassed, how was i to look at him in the eye after that little over the phone performance? So i decide to just pretend as if nothing had happened, walked proudly towards to the car, opened the door and sat in like a queen. He turned to look at me and his jaws dropped....
Stan: Wooooooooow
Me: *blushing* wow what?
Stan: You look totally amazing, are you sure you trying to impress me? I think you and i are gonna stay indoors, Other guys cannot see you, or i'll be sorry
Me: Oh Stan stop it, still as charming as ever. 
Stan: Shall we?
Me: What are we waiting for?..
He started the car ignition, with his eyes still on me. I felt good, i had him stunned and i felt so proud of myself. We drove to the nearest garage, filled up the car and headed to the party destination. We pulled up infront of an upmarket restaurant, as always. Stan never disappoints when coming to impressing. He got out to open the door for me, i stepped out, he held me by the waist and we walked to the entrance where we were met by the waiter who showed us to our table. As soon as we sat, our menus were brought before us and we decided to order drinks meanwhile we browse through the menu. Our drinks and we later ordered our meals. The afternoon was a lovely one, we talked a lot, laughed and often became a bit intimate, just touching and kissing and so on.
It was already late in the afternoon when i suddenly felt a bit tipsy from the chardonnay pinet noir i had been sipping on all afternoon. He realized that i was tired and decided that we go end this day indoors, i agreed confidently. He settled the bill and we went out, got in the car and took off. He played soft music in the car and held my hand. I couldn't stop blushing....
It was already evening and the sun had already set. At his place now, i quickly ran to the bathroom as i had been pressed for a while. When i came back, he ha turned off the lights, lit the fragrance candles which smelt of rich musk and exotic flowers. Music playing and 'Another' bottle of wine. He called me, took my hand and we started dancing. I missed a step, i felt so clumsy but we just laughed it off and continued dancing.
I pulled away from him and told him i had something for him, so i opened my bag, took out a small box and gave it to him.
Stan: Baby are you proposing, he said jokingly
Me: Just open it
He opened the box and i got him a set of cufflinks with his initials engraved on them. He stared at the gift for a moment before he finally uttered a verb out of his mouth. I wondered if he liked them, the suspense was killing me by now. He finally looked up at me and said 'I LOVE THEM'. I relaxed and we continued with our evening. We soon grew tired and decided to head to bed, so he went to shower while i got ready for him. I put on my sexy lingerie and fresh perfume and then i walked to the bed. As i was about to sit, there was a knock on the door. He was still in the shower so i decided to go see who was at the door, I opened the door and was met by a very beautiful lady with luggage. I greeted her and asked if i could help her..
Me: Hi, may i help you?
Lady: Who are you to ask me that in my house?
Me: Excuse me? Who are you?
Lady: I am Stan's wife, open this burglar door before i break it down....
Cold shivers across my spine, and as i was about to call for Stan, he appeared and his face looked like he had seen a ghost..............

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