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Thursday, January 1


Diary of a Patient Mistress insert 12


Many thoughts were now crossing my mind, his face said it all, i did not need any confirmation from him. That right there was his wife, the wife i knew nothing of. Both Stan and i didn't know what to do next, the only thing i could think about was me being beaten like hell by this fuming woman. I needed to act fast, but what was i to do? I then thought of the balcony, but ofcourse that wouldn't work because we were on the third floor. So i quickly ran to the bedroom, got dressed meanwhile Stan opened for his wife. I stayed there with intense fear, the only thing going through my mind was if i had to had to die for something i wasn't really guilty of, my baby would be without a mother....
She walked in the house, quiet as a mouse, then suddenly i became worried. What black woman doesn't act up when he finds her man with another woman? This could only mean the end of me, i thought to myself......
There was nothing left to do, she had caught me in her house and there was no running. The only thing left to do was to get out of the bedroom and face the music. I quietly, slowly walked out, with shivers in me, whatever happened to me now can happen. So i reached the lounge where she was sitting on the couch, faced down with her hand on her mouth, in disbelief.
Wife: Stan how could you do this to me, i leave for a month and you had already found yourself a floozie?
Stan: Baby i'm sorry, it's not what you think. I can explain everything
Wife: You have got exactly 5 minutes...
Stan: Can she atleast go so that we can sort this out? But why didn't you tell me you were coming back?
Wife: So that you could have been better prepared? I'm glad i did not, now i know the kind of man i'm married to. She is going nowhere, she is going to listen to what i have to say and so God help me that i don't do any i'll regret. Now you, lil miss, what gave you the audicity to step in my house and sleep with my man?
Me: *stood there quiet, with my head bend down in shame and disappointment*
Wife: Miss, you had better start talking before i make you talk...
Me:*stuttering* I-I-I-I-I am so sorry mam, i didn't know that Stan was married. He has never mentioned you and i thought i was the only woman in his life
Wife: Ohhhhh really? And you believed him? How long has this been going on? * she stood up and walked towards me*
Me: I took a few steps back, thinking what she was to do next
Wife: Somebody answer me, i said how long has this been going on?
She was getting angrier by the minute, i did not know what to do nor say, neither did Stan. Both of us looked at her with sorrowful, puppy dog eyes, measuring every step and action she took carefully. She was coming closer to me and when she was finally in my face, Stan jumped quickly in front of me, shielding me from his utterly angry wife. I was startled and relieved, he actually protected me from his own wife?
She walked to the kitchen, stood by the counter.
Wife: Somebody had better start talking! she yelled
Stan: Lerato, i am going to be honest with you.Yes i am having an affair with this woman, but she did not know i had a wife. you know why? Because this house has been cold even long before you left, now we both know that our marriage has been in shambles since i found you in bed with him!
Wife: Don't you dare pin this on me, you drove me into his arms. You and your late meeting, business trips, I was lonely and needed someone to lean on. You were never there when i needed you most
Stan: I was trying to build a better life for us, never cheated on you. I wanted nothing but the best for my wife, but she was too blind to see that
Wife: So what now? This is some kind of revenge? You are now sleeping with this 'cheap trash' to get even?
Stan: Lerato you know that i love you, always have and always will. I didn't do this intensionally, i am still angry, i had been keeping to myself for so long thinking that i would eventually forget about your mischief
Wife: So all along you had not forgiven me, i have been sharing the same bed with a man who was bitter inside?
Stan: You brought this on yourself, i'm sure you will be relieved to know that she and i have never been intimate sexually. Now i am going to drive her back home while you stay her and wait for me till i come back so that we can sort out this mess
I had been so silent, listening to what i wasn't expecting at all. All this while i thought he was the bad guy and yet 'cruela' was the cause of all this. Nevertheless, he had been dishonest with me and he put me in danger so there was only one thing left to do, forget he ever existed...
He went to get my bags from the bedroom and took his car keys. He looked at his wife and said: i will be back, then turned to me : let's go.....
We got in the car and no one was talking to anybody, i was mad at him, him at his wife. Silence at this moment was probably the best solution, so we drove off until we arrived at my place. I didn't wait for him to park the car, i opened the door as soon as he approached my gate. When i was to get out, he pulled me back inside
Stan: Baby i know this is more than what you had bargained for, i don't expect you to forgive me overnight and i don't expect you to keep in touch after this but what i want you to know is that i love you, despite today's event.
Me: I'm tired and really can't do this with you now, or ever. I want you to work things out with your wife and don't ever contact me ag.....
He held me tight and kissed me so passionately. His kiss was intense, his touch strikingly strong and i just couldn't resist him. I hated him, yet i still wanted him so bad. I kissed him back, pulled back a little, looked him in the eye...
Me: Stan i really cannot do this, forgive me but i have to go
Stan: I know but i see the love in your eyes, you are hurting and yet i can still feel your connection towards me. What you and i have is real and i refuse to give up on us
Me: What us? Us ended the moment your wife walked in on us, and i never want to see you again
As i was about to get out of the car, he locked it and began driving again. I said nothing, i wanted to see what this crazy man was up to. He drove to the nearest formula1, went inside, locking me inside the car. He was there for a while and when he finally came out, he opened my door, carried my bag and helped me out. I realized that he had booked us in for the night and i wanted to say no, but a part of me wanted to comfort him. I did not turn him down, we went into our room, sat on the bed and talked for hours. He explained to me what was really going on between him and Lerato, i listened and felt sorry for him. The night was already gone, next thing i know we are touching and kissing. One thing led to another, and the next thing i know, we were making love. Passionate love!
I was angry with myself, yet i felt so emotionally attached to this man, how could i be so stupid again?
We were about to sleep when his phone rang, he answered the private call and it was his wife: Stan where are you? He kept quiet, hung up and switched his phone off. I urged him to call her back but he refused. He soon fell asleep, i walked to the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror and began crying. But why was was i crying, when i allowed my emotions and feelings to take over me? I then realized that history had repeated itself: I WAS A MISTRESS AGAIN...........

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