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Thursday, January 1


Diary of a Patient Mistress insert 14


After deep thoughts, i realized that relationships are like the corporate ladder, you need to work your way up, and work even harder to stay up. I had been a mistress for a while and now i wanted them to be more than fine. I wanted them to 'blossom in my favour. He said he loved me and he needed to do everything his power to prove his love to me. Yes his 'dearly beloved' wife was going under some what i could say 'denial' and she needed him, but i needed him too. He took half me and made it his when we made love, i was now a part of him and he was going to have to accept that fate!
I decided to call him a few hours later to check how 'WIFEY' was doing, not that it bothered me in any way, but just to draw him closer to him. I learned that the more supportive and caring you are to a man, the more he'll need you more....
Me: Hey baby, how are you doing?
Stan: Hi sweets, not so good
Me: Why, what's wrong?
Stan: This whole thing has just blown out of proportion and i'v got to make some hard decisions and one of you is gonna get hurt
I quickly picked up that he's feeling sorry for her and was most probably feeling guilty for her suicidal attempt. She was now playing the her cards, and she's definitely not bluffing. I had to come up with my own strategy soon because i could feel him ending our affair...
Me: Baby what do you mean hard decisions? I know what happened was totally shocking but Lerato did that to get your attention, which seems to be working.
Stan: But what if she tries it again? How will i live with myself?
Me: You know what you gotta do? Be a good husband to your wife, give her no reason to ever suspect at all. 
Stan: I don't know hey, i mean we....
Me: Hush now, this is the same woman who played you like a fool. I was there when you had nobody, now all i'm saying is let's keep this lying low just till she recovers. You are going under emotional strain, and i understand that but i refuse to let you go through it alone. You are my man and i intend to support you in every way. If you ever need someone to talk to, you know i'm just a phone call away
Stan: *He sighed a little* You know you are making this quite hard for me?
Me: If you think that this is hard for you, then let's just forget everything and i'll never bother you again! Just don't come running to me when she has done it again
Stan was quiet for a moment, i panicked. What if i was too harsh and he picked up that i was being insensitive? I needed to calm down before i dug my own grave.....
Stan: Baby can i call you later? I just need to sort out some stuff
Me: Ok, i'll be waiting. Please don't think i'm being harsh, just that i have been hurt before like you have and i would never forgive myself if you got hurt again.
Stan: I hear you baby* he laughed a little*
Me: Did i say something funny?
Stan: Nah, i'm just amazed at how much you are looking out for me, and for that i'll forever remain grateful
Me: I guess that's what lovers do, support each other, right?
Stan: yes baby. I have to get going now! You have a lovely, so speak later?
Me: Yeah, ofcourse. And don't stress neh, like i said, i'm just a phone call away
Stan: I'll remember that sweets, bye for now...
Me: Bye baby
Damn, i almost lost the battle before it had even started, luckily it didn't get to that. I seemed to have loosened him up a bit, he needed a bit more convincing. He was still calling me 'baby' and ' sweets', so that was a good sign. I thought hurling in this man would be peanuts, but it was a lot tougher than that. I needed to come up with a plan.. And suddenly it hit me: I had tostop bad mouthing Lerato and play the culprit here. How could i not see that, i thought to myself?
My day went by slow, i longed for his call.....
He called...
Me: Hey, i thought you weren't gonna call
Stan: Why, cos i promised.
Me: Listen baby before you say anything, i just wanted to apologize for this morning. I was off cue, insensitive and ignorant. I apologize for Lerato's condition, if it weren't for me, she wouldn't have been in hospital, I'm so sorry * started sobbing*
Stan: Hey, take it easy there. It wasn't your fault, it was minne
Me: No, if i were her, i would have probably done the same. She doesn't deserve this, so i think its best that you and i call this whole thing off. I don't wana hurt her any further...
Stan: Listen baby, like you said earlier on, we can lay low for a while and when she recovers, i'll be all yours
Me: I don't think i can do that, I'm as much a woman as she is, imagine if some one did that to me? Please, just set me free
Stan: You are emotional and being irrational about this. I'm sorry for the things i said earlier but it was just out of confusion. I now know what i want, and that is you Lebo!
BINGO..... Right where i wanted him...
Me: But Stan...
Stan: But Stan nix baby, we are gonna make this work
Me: I can't, please, i'm setting you free to build a happy life with your wife. Please forgive her for whatever she did to you..
I hung up the phone and switched it off. I knew he would try and call me, and when he couldn't reach me, he was gonna come up to my place, WHICH HE DID......
PEEP PEEP, went the hooter off his 2 hours later after our phone conversation. I sent my sister out to tell him that i didn't wana see him. He insisted, just as i had been expecting, so i decided to go out and talk to him
Me: Stan what do you want, i thought i told you we are through!
Stan: Baby please just hear me out
Me: you have exactly 5minutes
Stan: That is all i need. I am not letting you slip through my fingers, not now, not ever. You are a good woman to loose, Can't you see how much i have fallen inlove with you, I'm basically tripping on my own shoe laces.
Me: Stan i don't know, your wife is in hospital for Gods sake, you should be there with her now.
Stan: She will be fine, anyway she is being discharged tomorrow, so she's out of danger. We can now focus on us
Me: Eish, can i atleast think about it?
Stan: You can think while i'm waiting, i'm not leaving without my answer
Me: OK OK.... I will give this 1 more try but if it doesn't work out for me, i'm leaving you
Stan: one more chance is all i need to prove my love to you, you won't be sorry
Me: You promise
Stan: With my life
Me: Alright, we back on then
His brows shot up in disbelief, i could see the relief on his face. He started to ease up and i was singing ' THE BOY IS MINE' in my heart. Phase 1 had passed: I captured his heart, now i needed to keep it glued to mine. I never intended to be this manipulative, but i guess life itself isn't fair!
We made up, things were back to normal again, and i couldn't be happier. I went to bed bed feeling proud of myself. The innocent girl i was was now gone, i have to fight for what i want.
Stan was here to stay, and i would make sure of that, Lerato could go to hell, or DIE for all i care.......

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