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Thursday, January 1


Diary of a Patient Mistress insert 15


My 1st card was now on the table, i had drawn Stan in to me but that was not enough. I had to do more to secure my place. I sat all day thinking about my next move and i had bright ideas that could work out in my favour, just needed a bit of strategising. I didn't whether i was doing this to prove a point, or simply because i loved Stan. No doubt that i loved him, but was he really fighting for? The say the the heart will never lead you astray and i was doing exactly that, following it.
Stan called me very early in the morning, as always....
Stan: Hey girl
Me: Hi
Stan: How was your night?
Me: Well, i'v seen better days
Stan: You do'nt sound too good, what's the matter
Me: Baby it's nothing really, i might be coming coming down with flu
Stan: Ok, but you still sound different hey
Me: Ok ama be honest with you. I know e have gone through this abut a zillion times but i just have this feeling that you might be feeling sorry for me. I did not sleep a blink, thinking about my options.
Stan: Wait, i'm gonna have to stop you right there. I sense a 'call-off' coming down. I thought you were fine with the arrangement for now?
Me: I am baby, but for how long? I understand that she is your wife but you also need to understand that i'm ur woman, and therefore i refuse to be treated less equally
Stan: I know baby and i will not make you feel that way
Me: ok, as long as we on the same page, so tell me, how are you....
He quickly jumped in.....
Stan: Baby i have to take this call urgently, just don't hang up ok?
Me: Ok
I put my phone on speaker while it sat on the kitchen counter, I wondered who it might be. I was obviously getting jealous, i mean i knew this man had an important and demanding job, yet i still feel insecure each time his rings. I decided to pull my act together and be the 'ever supportive' woman i signed up to be.
Back to our conversation on the phone.......
Stan: Listen baby, Lerato has been discarged so i have to go pick her up
What? I thought to myself! The devil in me replied..
Me: Where are you now? 
Stan: I'm at work
Me: So can't you send a driver or friend to go pick her up? I remember you told me you have a very important meeting that can boost your company, so are you gonna cancel that for a pick up? I care about your interests you know
Stan: You know what? You are a star, i had completely forgotten about that. Think i should hire you as my PA. 
Me: Argghhh, it's no problem
Stan: I'll ask my secretary to reschedule the meeting
Why was he being so difficult?
Me: First impressions last baby, you will never make it to the top while procastinating things. Organise someone to pick her up and go do what you do best
Stan: You are right, besides Lerato is fine. I'm sure she won't mind. You are a piece of work you know that?
Me: I aim to please sweets.
Stan: I have exactly 30minutes before the meeting, let me go through this paper work and we shall talk later?
Me: You do that baby, and goodluck hey
Stan: I've got all the luck i need baby, you are my luck. Cheers then
Me: Ciaou
Hahahahahaha, he fell for the ' first impressions' story. There was no way i could have let him go and bond with her, the more time they had together, the more chances of them working things out. Yes his job was important but i didn't do this for him, i did it for my benefit. I will slowly and carefully draw him to me, Lerato won't know what hit her in the face....
I decided to go job-hunting for a change, i know men are highly aroused by independent women. So i took a bath, got my cv's ready and took the next taxi to town. I dropped off about 5 of them to a few companies, with hope that they will call me back. When i was done, i went to grab something to eat, just to regain my energy levels. As i was sitting there, he called......
Stan: Hey
Me: Hi, how did your meeting go?
Stan: It was great, they want to come on board!
Me: Wow really? That's great news baby, we need to celebrate, what do you think?
Stan: Definitely, but just not today. You know Lerato is back home so i just wanna make sure she's ok
Think quick Lebo
I became silent, and breathing heavily....
Me: Staaaan.......
Stan: Yes, i'm still here baby. Why are you panting so much, are you ok?
Me: I'll be fine, i'm feeling a bit dizzy
Stan: Lebo where are you?
I could hear the tension and concern in his tone
Me: I'm at a restaurant in town
Stan: Shall i call a cab for you?
Me: Nah baby, i-i-i-i'll be fine. Go home and take care of Lerato
Stan: Give me the name of the place, i'll be there now
Me: Really Stan, i will be ok. I'm sure it will blow over
Stan: Lebo don't start, give me the name
I gave the phone to one of the employees there, who directed him. Still acting up, i thanked the waitress, and put the phone on my ear
Stan: Baby do not move an inch, give me 20 minutes, i'll be there now
Me: O-K...
He hung up! He arrived there faster than a lighting bolt. He came in the cafe, carried my bag, whilst i leaned on his shoulder. He could see i was in pain, but that was all just acting. He was here, and that's where i wanted him to be....
Card #2: Stan came to my 'rescue', while Lerato was home, in need of his TLC!

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Lebo I like gal, show Stan wat u r made of, he won't know what hit him. As for Lerato o tlaba strong.