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Thursday, January 1


Diary of a Patient Mistress insert 17


When you are involved with a married man, you take all precautions when dealing with the wife. I had saved Lerato's numbers when Stan and i spent the night at the motel, while he was in the bathroom. I had my reasons for doing that, reasons such as these. I bet she also most probably did the same to get my numbers from Stans's phone. We women have this 'checking our mans phone syndrome'.
I wasn't at all shocked, i knew this would eventually happen sooner or later. I had readied myself ages ago, i knew exactly how i was going to deal with this situation. So i calmly picked up.....
Me: Hello
Lerato: Yes wena, i want to tell you....
Me: * i cut her speech* Firstly, you will greet me like a sane person when calling my phone and lastly, lose the bitchy attitude towards me
Lerato: Don't tell me how to speak to you, you are nothing but a piece of rubbish. Destroying happy marriages, Just how well do you sleep at night mara?
Me: What exactly do you want Lerato? Isn't your man at home, in bed?
Lerato: That's not the reason why i'm calling, i need you to leave my husband the hell alone or you will be very sorry
Me: And that's supposed to scare me off right?
Lerato: You have a stinking attitude, i wonder how my husband fell for you
Me: Go ask him, I'm really not in the mood for arguments. Now, i want you to hang up and never call my phone again
Lerato: Not untill you have heard what i have to say to you
Me: Ok, you have exactly 5minutes ...
Lerato: Leave my husband the hell alone, go find someone that will belong to you. You are acting like a tramp, don't you think deserve better than that?
Me: Now you really starting to rub me up the wrong way, let me give you a word of advice. Go to bed, lay with your husband and try to sort this shit out. Do not tell me you have forgotten that you are the main cause of his actions, so if i were you, i would nurse my marriage like a baby
Lerato: So now you are an expert on marriage? Wow, you really do amaze me you know that. Fair enough, I'll leave you for now. Watch your move, I'm watching you
Me: So you are gona threaten me now? If i were you, I'd be threatened by me
Lerato: Just watch out........
She hung up on me! I sounded calm and brave when i spoke to her but truth is, she really scared me. Imagine having to lose my lose, if it came to that, over a man who wasn't exactly mine? I got in bed, but this was bugging me. I lay awake thinking about the worst that could happen to me, i mean i'm not the first woman to be involved with a married man, and most probably not the last so what have i got to lose? If Lerato wants to play dirty, then it's muddy she will get. I was still thinking it over when i fell asleep, i was woken up by a very early call from the man him self......
Stan: Hi sweets, How are you?
Me: I would be fine if you put a leash on your wife
Stan: What are you on about?
Me: She called last night, threatening me. Can you believe it? This is way more than i had bargained for Stan, get her off my back or i might have to do it myself, and believe me, it won't be pretty
Stan: You mean Lerato actually called you? What did she say?
Me:I will summarize it for you, in short words, and i quote from her own mouth: 'WATCH YOUR MOVE, I'M WATCHING YOU. JUST WATCH OUT'
Stan: But i don't understand how she could have, she doesn't even have your numbers baby
Me: Are you assuming gore i'm making this up?
Stan: I'm not Assuming anything, i'm just surprised nje..
Me: I bet she has a side to her that you have never seen before, well you are about to discover the real Lerato. I don't need this drama right now, so get her off my back or ... 
Stan: Or what Lebo?
Me: Nevermind, but just do as i say
Stan: I'll sort this out baby, i promise you
Me: okay thanks, so how is your day looking today? Think you can squeeze me in somewhere?
Stan: Eish, today is going to be hectic baby. Can't promise anything right now
Me: Well let me know if there is any change to your scheduling
Stan: I'm sorry about Lerato, it will not happen again. Take care neh
Me: I hope so, speak later....
As i was eating my breakfast, Lerato called me again, asking if we could meet in town to solve this in an elderly manner. At first i wasn't too sure, but then again, if i didn't go, she would think i'm scared of her so i agreed to meet at 1pm, at McDonalds. I had doubts in my mind, what if i went and never come back alive? Or maybe i should just hear what she says and try to cool things off with Stan. No woman would go through all this trouble if she didn't love her man, now i seemed like the devil coming between Adm and Eve. I finally made up my mind, i was going. If she acts out, i was going to make life very difficult for her. If she is cool, i might just reconsider my affair with Stan.
The morning went by very quickly, I left the house at about 12 noon, made in it town exactly 15 minutes before our meeting. I went inside the restaurant, talking to myself, asking how i'm going handle this. I was busy preparing my words to her when i heard: 'LEBO, OVER HERE'. I trembled in fear, my heart pounded so hard that one could actually see the beats from the top i was wearing. I felt sweat on my forehead, that was how much Lerato intimidated me.
I walked to the table she was sitting at, took a seat and looked at her with very observant eyes, watching her every move like an eagle eyeing its prey. I did not greet her, she just smiled and offered if she could order something for us. I thought why not, that wasn't her money anyway. We ordered our meals and drinks, still no words from neither of us. I felt so uncomfortable, i wasn't sure if i could do this.
I was about to take a bite from my fries when she said, Now you listen to me, and listen very carefully. I paused and looked her. She was red from anger, her anger pierced through my heart. I looked at her right in the eyes, she leaned closer and whispered something in my ear, i almost fainted............................

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11 September 2015 at 05:10 delete

Really? What did she whisper? Dnt be intimidated by Lerato, she brought this 2 herself. Didn't she think abt her marriage wen she opt 2 open her legs for another man wen her hubby was busy labouring for her future.