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Thursday, January 1


Diary of a Patient Mistress insert 18


I sat there, staring at this crazy woman with hatred in my eyes. I chocked before i could utter a single word, was she for real? I grasped some air and finally said something.....
Me: What did you say?
Lerato: I'll repeat slowly: Stan and i have been married for over 5 years in community of property, he has life insurance, so you and i could be rich if we knocked him out!
Me: You are one crazy woman, you know that?
Lerato: Not crazy, just ambitious
Me: What makes you think i'll wana help you get your hands dirty?
Lerato: For starters i know you need the money, he has played us both and this is a perfect way of getting back him. We are women, we can't be treated like this
Me: Lerato you are sick, i don't think i can listen to anything more you can say. i've just lost my appetite
Lerato: I know you are shocked, but atleast think about it?
Me: What is there to think about Lerato? Why on earth would you wana kill your own husband, i thought you loved him?
Lerato: Love alone won't give me the life i deserve, i didn't marry him because i loved him! I just knew he was gonna make it in life, and that was my stepping stone.
Me: I'm getting out of here, Don't ever call me again 
Lerato: Ok fair enough! But all i ask is for you to think about it....
I got up, grabbed my bag and walked out of the restaurant. I was pissed, she just made me sick. All i wanted to do now was get home and curl up in my bed, to think i wasted my time on suck insanity? Home seemed far off, the taxi i was in was just 5 seconds from dying. I got home, kissed my baby and went straight to bed bed. I couldn't sleep, thinking about what to do next. Well i knew for 1 that i wasn't going to entertain that crazy woman, so the best thing to do was to call Stan and let him know that his life was in danger.
Just as i was about to call him, he called me....
Stan: How could you?
Lebo: How could i what? Am i missing something here?
Stan: Lebo do not play dumb with me, I know you called Lerato to meet you in town and threatened her
My brows shot up, i didn't know what to say. This woman was playing mind games on us, Just when i thought i had this game, she was a step ahead of me.
Me: Baby what are you on about?
Stan:You tell me why you are acting so selfishly? We agreed that we'd take things slowly until i find a loophole, and you now you are just making things more difficult
Me: I really don't know what you are talking about, I didn't....
Stan: So you are telling me that you did't meet up with Lerato for lunch today?
Me: I did, but she called me, not the other way round
Stan: You both are telling me stories, who should i believe? Are you now suddenly best friends?
Me: Baby listen to me, I'm getting sick and tired of Your marriage drama. I wish i had left the moment i found out that you had a wife. Lerato called me, i agreed to meet with her, an then she made me an offer t-t--t-t--to leave you alone
What was that? I had just shielded Lerato from Stan finding out what she was plotting against him. If i told Stan the truth, he would probably think i'm making up stories, what was i to do? Maybe if i kept things quiet for a while, things will get to normal. Lerato was a master in her own special way, i don't think she ment what she said, she just wanted to see my reaction and response to her crazy story. She actually thinks i'm with Stan for his wealth? SHE CROSSED THE THE WRONG ROAD.....
I called her.....
Me: Hi, can we meet tomorrow?
Lerato: Concerning my offer i hope?
Me: Ofcourse, why else would i be calling mara
Lerato: Ok, same time , same place?
Me: Cool, see u then
I made another call....
Me: Hi baby, how does your disary look tomorrow?
Stanley: Well, im not sure. Will have to check with my p.a
Me: Please get back to me asap?
Stan: Is everything alright?
Me: Yes, i just wanna see you
Stan: Ok, i'll be free after 12
Me: Great, can we meet at McDonalds in town, say around 12:45?
Stan: ok, But why do i have a bad feeling about this?
Me: Nothing bad in wanting to see my man
Stan: Okay cool then, guess i'll see you tomoroe
Me: Thanx baby
All was set and done, what i needed to do now was come up with a way of proving to Stan what a villian he was married to. I couldn't wait for the next day, she was gonna wish she hadn't played me for the fool! I had my plan and it was just perfect. Lerato was about to get the shock of her life, because the closer she thought she was, the less she would see me coming on to her..................

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