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Thursday, January 1


Diary of a Patient Mistress insert 19


D-day, i was about to execute my plan, Stan would finally get to know the truth. I exhaled before making my grand entrance in the restaurant, i spotted Lerato first in the corner. But what was she doing there? I meant to see Stan first, to give him a heads up about my plan of busting his wife for her lying and manipulative ways. As i made my way to Lerato, i heard Stans voice call me gently.
Lerato's eyes grew wild with anger, she looked ready to kill a lion. I wanted to attend to Stan but Lerato had already signaled me to come to her. I pretended as if i didn't hear Stan, i sat down besides Lerato and held my breathe for Stan'. He came to our table, looking puzzled.
Stan: What are you ladies playing, since when are you friends?
Me: I'ts not what you think, we just bumped into each other
Lerato: Hi love, now do you believe me when i tell you that this trash is threatening me?
Stan was about to say something drastic, when i woke up , sweating my lungs out. I walked to the bathroom, and realized that this was my 3rd nightmare of Lerato. First i dreamed of her calling me, then 2nd offering me cash to kill Stan, now she was trapping me? I lay awake for the rest of the night, until morning came. The first thing i did was call my man and see how he was doing......
Me: Hey baby, how was your night?
Stan: It was cold, I kept thinking about you all night
Me: Ncooooh, that's so sweet ey
Stan: You are sweet baby, so what are you upto today? and how is the headache and dizinesss?
Me: Ohhh that? Ja, i'm okay now. I told you it was nothing to be worried about. Listen baby, i was thinking that maybe you and i could book somewhere tonight, to recapture our love?
Stanley: I thought you would never ask, I'll pick you up around 6?
Me: Six is perfect baby, But what are you going to tell your wife?
Stan: Leave that to me baby, Tonight is all about us
Me: Well see you later then
Stan: Bye sexy
Back to my scheming ways, I was keeping him away from home. Something about the dreams i had was eating me up inside, but i decided not to entertain it, after all, I was going to be with my man tonight. Everything was planned, so a date it was. he came to pick me up exactly 6, we cruized to our destination. We got there, ordered wine and food. Things were going lovely, you could tell it was two soulmates. Stan made me feel so special, in no way than any other ma had ever made me feel, the night grew interesting and it was love-filled. The night grew more passionate, and we held each other so tight that you would think someone was actually trying to break us apart.
I had a thought about Lerato, and it gave me a very wicked gesture. I was about to do something that i might actually regret for the rest of my life, but i had high hopes that it would make things easier for me. In the midst of the night, we were now about to sleep, so we decided to show each other love one more time. It was steamy and very emotional, Stan seemed a lot more taken into this than me, and i loved every bit of it. I asked him lie back, relax, and let me take care of the rest. I was in the heat of the moment, needed him deep inside, maybe a little more than that.
I offered to put the condom on him this time, and as i was about to, an evil thought came across me. I did not try to resist that temptation because part of me wanted it, so i carefully tore the condom with my nail, i put him inside of me. He said it tasted different, i said its because it was meant to be. We both came at the same time, and to 'OUR' suprise, the condom had torn. I acted suprised, as if i was panicking. He tried to console me, but i didn't want to hear it *all an act* By the time the sun came up, i was the happiest woman alive, i thought that if i actually had his child, it would draw us closer, but i was in for a nasty suprise........
Stan couldn't make babies, he was infertile!

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11 September 2015 at 05:58 delete

But that doesn't makes him a little of a man. He makes u happy in all ways n did is also gud so what wrong if he cnt produce babies? U've got a baby gal n he'll father her.

7 July 2016 at 07:57 delete

I just started reading this diary and I like it. I am very well in the same situation.
Hope this in the end will teach me a lesson. Thank you for the interest.