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Monday, July 13


Life without my husband chapter 76


Chapter 76

Time flies when you are also stressed, 3 weeks went by faster than the speed of light. One week was left before umgidi ka Seth, buying food and alcohol was stressful not to mention juggling work too. Obviously the Aliens helped but I needed more man power, Lumka arrived with Vali just in time to rescue me. Unekamva"Mama" She was holding the door frame with her head peeking inside. Me"Ngena" I was sitting with Lumka and Zimkitha. Une"I'll just come back later" Lumka said they'll give us space but she refused and promised we will speak later. Lumka"Aww mntana ka Gqirha" they laughed. Zimkitha"Sana! I always wanted to ask, udyola nini? " she smiled and walked out. Zimkitha"Lesbian" Lumka nodded. Me"Futsek! you said the same ngo Viwe kodwa mjonge ngoku" I was worried about lo mgidi but mostly Seth, I wanted to see my son. 
Telling my secret was a whole lot more harder than I thought it would, I decided to call Luntu I had to share the burden . I needed to know if there was still a chance for us? or should I move move on, I had put so much effort in this relationship will never happen. Me"Hello" he didn't say anything, which I took as a blessing because I had plenty to say. Me"You're so unfair, I am here waiting for you to give me a sign! anything just to know we still have a chance. You promised me you will nev…" him laughing cut me off. Luntu"I dated you ku Grade 9 wena you were in grade 8, I worshipped you remember? my first kiss, our first time I loved you! and everyone knew that but wena you have this bad habit, you push everyone away . Before I let for Varsity we both, not mna dedwa but the two of us decided we should break up because the distance won't work" he was pissed I could tell. Me"I know but things changed! Luntu, remember how we decided to get married? Nguwe it was your idea" I went to lock the door because this was about to be huge. Luntu"Yes you were crying!!! I love you Kamva that you should never doubt, but us getting married was reckless but I don't regret it. But you left me not the other way around" heh. Me"Luntu! you stopped trying, we hardly spoke after you left and during the holidays I hardly saw you. Yes we were not ready for marriage but we are married! I deserve an explanation Luntu! it cannot be the baby thing because you never bothered to call! I wanted you to call me ubuze how it went! You stopped caring Luntu! I am 23 married with an abortion under my belt!" we both went quiet, I dropped the phone and he called again. Luntu"I will move to Cape Town then, we will figure it out just like we use too. I didn't call because I was scared that I ruined your life yet again, but baby I promise I will move to Cape Town and tell my parents about what we did. I am sorry for being a coward, I just found Varsity fascinating new City, new crowd and I forgot us that wasn't cool. I love you though, it will always be you" sigh "But Une I don't want you to hate me, date someone else, get hurt whatever you need to do but be sure ufuna mna qha" he dropped the phone, how do I date someone else? Luntu is all I know. I thought Luntu and I were the perfect love story, how do I date? how does he expect me to just let go.
Viwe and I were at Greenacres looking for last minute things, apparently I should have bought inkobe. "Sis'Entle" Viwe and I turned around. Her"Ndim Lelethu" she was so grown up and judging by Viwe's smile he agreed. Me"Awusemhle" we hugged. Lelethu"Hahaha Enkosi, ngu Seth lo?" she beamed. Viwe"Nah babe, Viwe the oldest" she was giggling. Me"Uphi tatakho?" I cannot remember the last time I saw Khaya. Lelethu"At home, I'll tell him I saw you" she was speaking to me but looking at Viwe. Me"Ngumgidi ka Seth saturday, I'll ask Viwe to send you the address" They exchanged numbers and we left. Viwe "How old is she?" perfect example of the apple not falling far from the tree. Me"Hahaha probably 17 but ngumntana ka Khaya lo, so stay away" he pulled my chick. Viwe"Mama you could see nawe, does she look like she wants me to stay away?" I don't know why but for the first time in forever seeing Khaya or the thought of seeing him excited me. Viwe"Day dreaming uqhuba? hay hay Nolhiza"

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