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Saturday, July 18


Life without my husband chapter 77+


Chapter 77+

Watching from a distance Seth ehleli no Bonga kwi khukho and Manzi between them, I couldn't get close to him kodwa bendifuna umfaka eyona hug. "Reminds you of us" andazi ndadiphi esololuka. Me"I was in primary usoluka wena, how can it remind me of us?" we both laughed.  Lonwabo"Akusemhle" unyanisile ke apho, I went all out because I knew my enemies will be gathered in one place had to show them. Me"Enkosi" we stood there in silence, he held my hands. Lonwabo"Can we talk?" I nodded. Lonwabo"But promise to listen, don't shout just listen" we took a walk, he wasn't saying anything so nam I kept quiet until we stopped near BP garage.  Lonwabo"Tell me what happened when I went ended up in hospital" He sat on the pavement not making eye contact. Me"Why?" I stood between his legs and he held my hands.  Lonwabo"Please tell me, everything" I cleared my throat. Me"You had a trip to London, it was weeks after my fathers funeral andazi what happened on the way but wabakwi accident and when you finally woke up bungasazi. Seth and I but you remembered everyone else, you spoke to Alwaba more than mna, Ntombi was a new born " he looked up with tears in his eyes. Lonwabo"Then what? thetha yonke" This conversation was opening wounds I thought healed. Me"I got admitted yet again, we fought Lonwabo a lot mna nawe and I always suffered more. You left me with 4 children to raise alone and pretend to be dead, they blamed me for your "death" everyone Lonwabo! I was in and out of hospital, you left me when I needed you most. I wasn't over my father passing away and you pilled up kwingxaki zam, your mother taking me to social workers, loans to keep a house that I couldn't afford! You were not there when I needed you Lonwabo, I cried every night praying to God akubuyise and when you returned you Lonwabo begged me to take you back! but you knew unoMntana! you always hurt me and I let you because ndakuthanda! love shouldn't be this painful" I think I cried for a good 15 minutes, he didn't say anything wavele wandiyeka. Lonwabo"Entle" I looked at him. Lonwabo"Your love scares me, I don't know ndithini kuwe sometimes I feel so unworthy ukulala ecaleni kwakho like I am not man enough for you. Today I checked our 'Bill Gates account' you never touched a cent, we sold our dream house for me to start my own firm! waboleka imali because you believed in me, ndakoyika Nolhiza your strength and ability to love scares me. Jonga Entle I will never justify the shit I have done to you, andazi noba ufuna nto kum. You raised those children wedwa, you turned a house into a home., nangoku Entle today is possible ngenxa yakho. I don't know nangoku what I want to say… you make me nervous" I sat next to him.  Me"I cannot get back together with you, not now I need to find myself without you. I need to figure out what happened to me, I use to be happy Lonwabo and I used to have direction! you took that from me, andazazi without you. And that's not normal! I miss being Entle Lamani, I love you but let me love me just as much" he put his head around my waist. Lonwabo"We have forever, I promise you no more Sindile but Sanele ngumntana wam I have to look after him njengabanye" I decided to put my head on his shoulders. Lonwabo"Forever and always" I smiled. Me"Until the Aliens move out hahaha" we were not back together, we were just talking. Lonwabo"Ina" he gave me keys. Me"ngezanto?" I moved my head. Lonwabo"I used the Bill Gates account, zozibonela what they open ngenye imini "

It will always be Lonwabo

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