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Wednesday, July 15


Life without my husband Chapter 77


Chapter 77

Nguwo Nguwo Nguwo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We turned Kabega upside down, I wanted my son to have the best Mgidi and we provided. We got the whole street closed, we had a different mobile bars and tents for later. Lonwabo and I went all out for our son, they did the same for Viwe so nam I did the same for my son.  At 5am we were already up, Lumka and Kagiso bought a cow for us, my aunt took 7 sheep from her farm for us for umgidi three were already slotted izolo.  Some of Seth's Cape Town friends were already here, Lumka and I were running around waiting for a call from Mbasa to tell us Seth is near so we can start with inqonqo. Qhama"Sisi" She was in her Makoti gear looking all kinds of adorable. Lumka"Shiyeke akhonto, umntana is your first priority " we were the cool inlaws, well my aunts were working her to the bone but Qhama kept her cool like she was born to be a wife you know what I mean. Ntombi came running with her iPad on her hand, she has been recording since izolo. Ntombi"Tata says they are near" Sis'Thami was there too, leading ooMama becula. My heart was so warm, Zimkitha held my hand while I cried.  My son was coming home! he was safe! he was a man! moments like these make being a parent so amazing. The men were near we could hear them singing, the neighbors were peeking and some actually came to join us. We sang until kwangenwa endlini, ootata baya enkudleni beyo yala uSeth. Dabawo"Khala mntanam, hillllilili! usebenzile hay kancinci no mntombi" she hugged me, I sat there laughing and crying to think I thought I my son might not be survive initiation school. "Yhuuu yakhala? seriously Entle stoop it" I was shocked.  Me"hahaha ufike nini?" we hugged. Thato"We just got here! my mom couldn't miss this yamazi nawe, we have to go eMall quickly" Zimkitha hugged her and Kathy was screaming shouting for Lumka to come see. Thato"Reunion!" her mother walked in with her father. Thato"We bought a few things, I hope this will be enough" they bought alcohol beer,ciders, vodka and they hand kingsize drinks. Mama"Hau Entle you still cry a lot" I swear God may have took both my parents, but Thato's parents were their replacement .

Umgidi uyewaqala around 2, later than planned kungengcwele Lamani family and Skhosana family, friends from Khayelitsha and my colleagues. Bulelani"Awusemhle" this guy, he checked up on Seth helped me out with my furniture and he help ngoxhela. Me"You're amazing,thank you for helping" I had to go back inside akhonto bingayo ngxaki, complaints from Lonwabo's family but Lumka and Dabawo dealt with them. Kugasa gidwa,  Lumka bought him a bed, Zimkitha bought him a laptop, Kathy gave him a him a gift voucher and case ye beer,  Lonwabo's family and mine were giving gift vouchers. Lumka"Unekamva write everything down! don't rest yi duty yakho le" as we were chilling, Thato yanked my arm. Thato"Don't let her get to you" kuculwa 'Nilele nha? nanku omntu enkqonqoza' Sindile leading the non-suspecting women. Unekamva"Hahaha drama alert" I laughed.  Kathy"You're better than that" she gave me the blankets. Me"Enkosi" we hugged. Dabawo"Sela kalok" we didn't even pay attention to her after that. Viwe"Mama yabizwa" I followed him and he led me to Bukho. Bukho"You must have saved up, kuyanyiwa apha hahaha" he hugged me. Bukho"What do you need? Cwenga and I feel useless" I laughed at them. Me"Nothing okwangoku, maybe ngomso. But thank you for providing accommodation" Khaya stood next to Bukho and didn't say anything.  Cwenga"Should I act cool or warn Lobsie buzotyelwa?" we all laughed Khaya and I not breaking eye contact. Bukho"The latter and fast hahaha" Cwenga and Bukho left us. Khaya"Can I say something stupid" I laughed nodding "uyi All Star wena, timeless nyani Entle"  I hugged him. Me"Can we talk later, I have to attend to my guests" he winked. Khaya"Sho akhonto"

Lonwabo and I were standing together but not showing any affection, he couldn't because he was still married and well I had to wait for the divorce before getting any public attention. Lonwabo"You can wait at the hotel, or nihambe kwa namhlanje" Before I could answer Bukho and Cwenga came to stand with us. Bukho"Told you Entle is sleeping with Khaya awamamela" I honestly dislike Bukho he is vile and arrogant.  Lonwabo"Facts" I was either invisible or being intentionally ignored.  Me"why do you care?" Bukho laughed.  Cwenga"Kaizer ulapha" Lonwabo's face turned red and he stormed off, I tried to run after him but Cwenga blocked me. Bukho"Walk away" I was really getting irritated.  Cwenga"Let us tell you a story" Bukho cleared his throat "Lonwabo cheats, and leaves Entle for you…" Cwenga"Just get to the ending" I was really annoyed. Bukho"He always goes back, because when its all said and done Entle was there for him when she could have ran, Entle gave him a family but uquqa ebuyela because she actually loves him for him" I laughed. Cwenga"Uzokutya and promise you ilizwe lonke,  but it will always be Entle buza Alwaba she will tell you" they took turns telling me shit. Me"Grow up!!!!" They both laughed.  Bukho"At least use a condom! Entle can raise so many bastard children"

I hate them!!!

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