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Wednesday, July 22


Life without my husband chapter 79


Chapter 79

Mama and I finally got a chance to be alone and I had to use this opportunity to speak to her, but Aunt Lumka and Zimkitha were also hard to get rid off got worse when Kathy joined in. Me"I need to talk to my mother" that came out wrong but I was anxious. "Okay you can all stay but promise to be quiet" Lumka and Kathy both laughed while Aunt Kathy and mom nodded. Me"I am married " they all looked at me. Mama"You are what? nini? nabani?" she looked really confused. Me"Let me explain" suddenly they all stopped talking "I met him in grade 8 yena beku grade 9, yi cousin yetshomi yam that's how I knew him but we started dating casual when I was in grade 9. Ngoku yena waku grade 12 ndiku grade 11, long story short satshata" my mom had no expression "Unganya! How did you get married" aunt Lumka was pissed.  Me"I was afraid he would dump me when he gets to Varsity, so I suggested we get married ngoba wayendinike ne promise ring mos. Our friends supported us and we were inlove, we had everything figured out, we were happy our secret was safe and nothing mattered more than our love" I looked at Mama and she was giving me that 'kwathini kengoku' look so I carried on. Me"Problems started when I got to grade 12, but we sorted those things together and nothing had changed between us. Until my matric dance month came and he canceled, but we got over that but after that nothing was the same. He ignored my calls, he hardly sent good night texts, wake me up to study but him not coming home for the holidays was the worst. He assured me he wasn't checking qha school was hectic, I believed him because I know that guy and he would never hurt me. He was my friend,you know? he understood me! him and I had it all figured out, never did we plan fights though, we planned everything but the hard times. Think my biggest mistake was getting pregnant or probably believing he will be next to me when I do that abortion, but that was us. We plan the good times but never the bad, maybe that's why I wore his sweater that day to create an illusion of him being there" sigh "But the funniest part is, I cannot move on! I tried and I failed numerous times. He called this other day and said he is willing to move to Cape Town with me, tell his parents what we did and do right by me. Mama I am married and I had an abortion, I tried telling you more than one. I hate how I bring you pain, but I thought you should know that I am really sorry" I stood up. Kathy"Ngoku you are getting a divorce? " I smiled.  Me"Yes" Zimkitha smiled at my mom.  Zimkitha"Yaz your mother almost married tatakho, but she got scared. Talk to him, whoever he is. Ningaba ntwana, let him enjoy his life and if its meant to be uzobuya but nawe act your age, go dancing, drink, make stupid decisions but most importantly forget you are married.  Ude wena Unekamva uzazi you're ready to be a wife, until he knows he is ready to be a husband because mntanam he gave you an opportunity most of us didn't get . A chance to grow up! A chance to act your age, never to say WHAT IF I NEVER SAID YES most of us dream of that chance, and if ever you fix things with him then rejoice because the love of your life returned but if not cry! cry so hard and be sure ukhale wagqiba then never cry for him again" she hugged me. Kathy"And remember this, you matter more ! Don't let him be your reason for living" My mother and aunt looked at me. Mama"I won't lie ndikhubekile, kodwa ke kwemzekeli and I won't force you to tell Lulama uzozenzela when you are ready. I am disappointed that you couldn't come to me kwadala, but ndibulela lento uthethile keqha"

My mothers <3

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