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Tuesday, July 28


Life without my husband chapter 80


Chapter 80 
The morning after Cwenga and I were preparing ourselves for probably the worst day of our lives.  Me"They don't deserve to meet her"  I was honestly pissed off. "Its not about us Tee" he said. Me"Obviously bengasoze kum! Nako no tatakhe usokolise ufumaneka apha, she doesn't want to be found" I could tell he was annoyed "Thato" I looked at him. Cwenga"We found them, that's all that matters ukuba njani ayithethi lonto. I honestly expected you to understand them! but uyabagxeka wena, izolo you were crying for your son! we both know it's not easy to lose umntu omthandayo. Imagine giving up Mvaba or Thando! Give them a chance! I know you are angry but this is about Bonga not us" He helped me search for my car keys. Cwenga"Thato Joburg?" I didn't answer.  "Thato ndiyathetha" I was unemployed staying with my parents along with my two children . Me"I dont know Cwenga, I will call Kellie" my life wasn't suppose to be like this, I was suppose to be Thato Boloang! the Oliver Pope of the entertainment world . Cwenga"Just move back to Cape Town" he forgot to say 'ndiphinde ndizokunyela' . Me"Don't do that, move to Cape Town then what? you divorced me Cwenga when I needed you! Ngoku ufuna ubayi hero? a.a lets not get this twisted, I may let you have sex with me but iphelele apho. You ruined my life and for that I will always resent you" I took my bag . Cwenga"How Thato? as if you didn't ruin mine! You forget this qho, I never took Athi from you they did not mna. You knew utshata nam won't be easy but you married me, I blamed you for Athenkosi because you allowed me too! you knew uyagula umntana but you made us all believe he would survive now you are blaming me? njani? Thato take responsibility, You left Cape town ngokwakho not because of me" Wow. Me"I left Cape Town because andisenawe Cwenga!  I never liked that place but I adapted for wena! that house was empty, ubungekho but I adapted for wena. And I azange ndathi Athenkosi will survive but he wasn't suppose to die! not laweyi and you were never there but nonke nathatha umntana wam! you deprived me of his funeral Cwenga! and fuck your family nditshate nawe mna, you should have fought for me! you were never there wena, Bonga was your main priority you replaced Athi with her!" I stared at him for the longest time. Me"This is unhealthy" he sat on the bed. Cwenga"What happened to us? we were suppose to be sane, but lately all we do is fight and that is exhausting. Bonga will be doing her grade 12, let her stay with me uzohamba obviously alandele uSeth" we sat there in silence, Bonga walked in with Manzi  crawling behind her. Bonga"Mama cela unxibise lo, uvusa uMvaba pha" Cwenga scooped Manzi up. Me"Wear your jeans and the blue shirt not a dress" Cwenga laughed at us "Bobo your mom wants a twin akayazi times changed, but nxiba elohlobo" Bonga laughed at us. Bonga"You guys are more nervous than me" "and me" Thando was standing next to the door frame. Bonga"Let me go change ke" I went to check on Mvaba and Cwenga's mother, my parents slept over kwa Entle yet again. Me"Molweni mama" she smiled . Ma"Awusemhle Makoti" I love this lady.  Me"Enkosi Mama, unjani lo? he looks better kodwa" I kissed Mvaba's little hand. Ma"Sibongiseni ndifuna uthetha nawe, imbi lento yenu mntanam andiyi thandi tuu. Cwenga undixelela ngento eyenzeke izolo and my heart just broke, mtanam akuncedi ubane nqala it only holds you back" she held my hand. Ma"Losing a child doesn't mean forgetting about yena mntanam, cry as hard as you want too because that child was once your life and mntanam no one can judge you yeva? Bonga akafuni unilibala kodwa naye unelungelo lozazi, never doubt your parenting because you raised my grandchildren well. I am sorry about your son, I am sorry for not allowing you to say your goodbye but I am mostly sorry for losing you as uMakoti wam" That's all I ever wanted.

I wanted to go back to Cape Town, this place was filled with my inlaws and I needed a break from them. I had to get my husband the help he needs, everything was just too much and I had absolutely no idea how to fix it. "Sisi our order" Ntombi took the slip, we took our food and went back to Kabega. Ntombi"Sisi utheni?  pull over and breathe"  I ignored her ndadlala Sia, I could feel her eyes but I honestly could not care. Ntombi"Udlulile" I stopped the car and threw up, I sat there crying.  Ntombi"Bhuti andiyazi ndithini" she told Mbasa we were down the road. Ntombi"nanga amanzi" I wanted to tell her andifuni but the thought of Mbasa killing me in my sleep made me scared but disgusted. Me"he did it for you" I had to tell her, I had to tell someone. "he killed that crazy woman because of you" I sat there thinking about that night. Me"I helped him clean up, Cwenga, your father we all killed for you" The blood, her eyes staring blankly at me! I threw up again. Ntombi"who?" I saw Mbasa walking towards us. Me"Esihle" she sat there laughing, she started to cry then screamed. Ntombi"Wait… You.…called mama!" Mbasa just stood there for awhile. Ntombi"What did she do to me?" she begged her uncle for answers. Mbasa"she touched you …more than once! she made Seth watch! Ntombi I didn't want to kill her but she provoked me! it was a mistake, she wanted to torture Entle and she wasn't about to end it kuwe. I …i.. am sorry" "Wenzentoni Mbasa?" there stood Entle.

When secrets come out, when everything suddenly makes sense, you are bound to lose a few people.  Qhama confessing almost every night Mbasa strangles her, she just wanted him to get help without him getting arrested for murder. Cwenga realizing her is nothing without Thato but admitting she is better of without him, Bonga's parents wanting their daughter back. Bukho learning the hard way sometimes your children just need their mother more than any amount of money you could offer but Zimkitha getting remarried made him realize he once loved that girl, beyond arranged married but she gave up her life to build him a home. Mbasa's fear of losing his medical license and going to jail, Qhama not raising Milani and being pregnant behind bars. Entle feeling like she failed her brother, her daughter but mostly herself and Me? well I was responsible for each and every person's pain apha. But mostly my little girl's pain. Me"Its been 24 hours! our daughter is missing!" Thato and Zimkitha comforting Entle "We will find her" Lumka and Kagiso were driving around Rowlan Park and Greenbushes, Kathy and Siyanda went to Westering and Framesby, Viwe and Alwaba Lorraine and Sherwood but there was no sign of Ntombi. Seth"Can I borrow your car?" I gave him my keys. Entle"Lonwabo" she looked scared, and I couldn't do anything about it. Me"Somfumana" we all sat there waiting, waiting for answers or solutions. Anything that would lead us to Ntombi,everything was falling apart and we all had no plan of action. Thato"Parenthood" I looked up and nodded. Me"Thank you, we are nothing without you " Bukho laughed.  Bukho"Moments like these make you cherish your family" "and a bottle of wine" Entle said. Cwenga"Hahaha 4 bottles" Entle held my hand. Me"We will find her" she nodded. Entle"But don't make promises you cannot keep"


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