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Thursday, July 30


Life without my husband chapter 81


Chapter 81

Your first friends are always your siblings, doesn't matter what happens over the years or who you meet they will always know you better. For instance Viwe, Une and I knew where Ntombi was but we just decided to give her space, she needed to think its the least she can get after lanto. Wasn't sure about the directions but I found her school thanks to abantu abahlala next to the school, by the way that place looks like a cult but who am I to judge. I walked around until I found her sitting on one of the benches "Seriously you obsessed with this place" she didn't turn around "uhamba naba?" I sat next to her but facing the opposite direction . Me"Alone asixelanga" she nodded then laid her head on my shoulder "You know they worried right?" she whispered "yes I know " I didn't blame Ntombi she has been through so much in so little time. Ntombi"You should have told me… don't you think I deserved to know? I tell you everything but you keep secrets from me! since when do we keep secrets from each other Seth?... your hate for mama I supported you even when I didn't know why we hated her! you could have told me it was her fault, you denied me a chance to be angry at her" I laughed and she did too. Me"We never take responsibility, its always easy to blame her but babe we have a father and he should have protected us, not mama or Mbasa but our father" growing up you start realizing certain things. Ntombi"But Viwe and Bhuti were my parents, Mama cried almost everyday Seth! she stole my innocence! I needed her but you protected me nguwe who was there not them" she started crying, then suddenly it all made sense well not suddenly but at this moment, right now everything suddenly made sense. Me"She doesn't know how to, Mama doesn't know how to take care of us because she never got a chance to take care of herself. She is always trying to prove how sorry she is ku Unekamva, if its not Une then ngu Viwe she tries to fill the void his mother left or Tata because honestly Viwe no tata hardly talk. I think after wena something happened to her, after she had you nothing was the same and trust me she loves of but her love is always interrupted by something. Entle would die for us and I am not just saying that, without us she is nothing but she doesn't know how to love because Lolo well we all know that story. But mamela and I know ayikho lula but if you seek approval from Mama then you are wasting your time, do you little sis but always know she loves you and uzozi bonela nawe when you stop judging or blaming her for everything that goes wrong " I stood up . Me"Masambe, trust me everything will be fine" she didn't answer for a while. "what if I end up like her Seth?" She said. Me"Then you'll be the strongest woman I know but mostly an amazing mother" she finally stood up and we went to the car. Me"White people tendencies "

I don't know which made me happy, Ntombi being safe or Seth bringing her back to us. For once in a longtime it was just us, Lonwabo and I cooking for everyone bona behleli telling stories. Seth"Mama tell them where you met Tata please" Lonwabo and I smiled at each other. Me"eCubana in Summerstrand" Ntombi wasn't convinced.  Ntombi"So what you are trying to tell me is … uhm… Mama can dance?" Lonwabo argued with Ntombi for doubting my talents. Une"Dance off?  obvious Viwe you will be the Dj" everyone laughed.  Viwe"Two left feet but the ladies love me" he blew a kiss to Ntombi. Seth"Hay hay awuna girlfriend wena" Viwe took out his phone and made us keep quiet. "Hello" there was some fiddling,we started giggling.  Seth"Law of point hahaha!" I dished for everyone. Une"So what happens next year? not to kill the mood but I gots to know" Lonwabo held my hand. Seth"O'boy not this again" I laughed. Me"Ntombi and I will remain here, she loves it here honestly so do I" Lonwabo gave me a stare then looked at the aliens. Lonwabo"Remember the Bill Gates account?" they all looked confused but he carried on anyway "I decided to buy the house back and trust me i… " Ntombi jumped up "which house? my house? my childhood home, my house that house" Lobsie nodded, they all jumped up hugging each other "Thank you God" ohhh the keys.  Lonwabo"Hello can I finish … So now this is where responsibility comes in, we have to limit our spending until we can afford everything we once had or at least some of it. So umntu will earn mali ye petrol ngokwakhe" I looked at Ntombi.  Me"I am not ready to just pack up and play happy family again, we have been through a lot as a family but mna Entle I need Life without my husband just a little longer. But I promise everything will be fine and we will still have moments like these" Seth and Viwe were smiling.

 Une"Through the troubles , the fighting, endless drama … " "don't forget Dad dying and returning " we laughed "being accused of being gay" Viwe added. "Not forgetting being a father and dating the most beautiful girl " Seth said laughing. Ntombi"Wrecking yourself just to rediscover who you really are" She looked at me and smiled. Me"Or having the most amazing children and obviously husband" Lobsie kissed my cheek. Lonwabo"Through all the financial setbacks, being alive again hahaha but most of all having my aliens and being married to this ravishing young lady" the children laughed.  Une"Not sure about the young lady part, but through it all without you guys without you as my family nothing in this world would make sense. I love you fam"  Seth laughed. Seth"woah you forgot to say all the tears! Mamakho kaloku"

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