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Monday, August 31


questions to ask yourself when you feel like God has forgotten or forsaken you


Let me help you. By Elijah Padi.

If you are not seeing the hand of God in your life,or maybe you feel like God has forgotten or forsaken you; Ask yourself the following 4 questions:

Where am I now?

In order for you to see the hand of God in your life, you must be where God want you to be. Elijah had to be in the Kerith Ravine in order to drink from the brook and to be fed by the ravens. If Elijah was not where God wanted him to be he would have missed the blessing from God. Check your current location.

Where am I going?

The bible says the plan of God is to prosper you, if you will abide by his laws. Are you going towards fulfilling the purpose of God or are you chasing the things of the world? Jonah was swallowed by the whale and nearly died because he was going in the wrong direction. God wanted him to go to Niniveh, he chose to go to Tarshish. Check your direction.

What do I see?

Sometimes we miss our blessings because we are not seeing what God has prepared for us. Most of the time we are seeing and choosing worldly things over spiritual things. God asked Jeremiah "what do you see jeremiah?" He answered, "I see the branch of an almond tree." The Lord said to him" You have seen well." Are you seeing well? Are you insync with the Lord? Check what you are focusing on.

Who are you with?

The bible says bad company corrupts good morals. Are the people in your life leading you to your Godly purpose or are they causing you to chase the wind? Is your relationship enabling or disabling you? Are you friends enabling or disabling you? Maybe it is time to let go of relationships that are not serving you positively.

God wants to prosper you, but he needs you to look at yourself honestly and ask" For how long will I be in this undesirable situation?"

The truth is; Nothing will change until you change. Nothing will improve unless you improve. Nothing will be renewed unless you renew your mind. You have been in the wilderness for too long. Today make a decision to move on.

It's time.

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