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Wednesday, August 5


Life without my husband CHAPTER 83 (PREVIEW / TEASER)



"Lonwabo" he didn't say anything just cuddled up behind me and I felt weird, I don't know why but it felt like I had just sold my soul to the devil. You know sex should bring you together but kum it just made me feel empty , suddenly everything that has ever happened to us crawled up nothing like before this time I just felt filthy. "I slept with Bukho" he slowly moved his hand away from my chest but I held it, he was trembling fuming with anger, every breathe he took was louder than the other "Cwenga walked in on us" He pulled his hand and got out of bed, I sat up looking at him as he paced around the room naked. Lonwabo"Nini?" I dont know why but for once, I was actually hurting Lonwabo and that felt good! A smile crept up on my face but I quickly changed to my polka face. Lonwabo"hamba before ndikonzakalise" I laughed so loud without any care of waking up the children which was very unlike me. Me"once Lonwabo" he came towards me and I flinched. Lonwabo"so that makes it fine? You fuck my best friend once and its fine! Thetha man" he dragged me out of the bed so fast I knocked my head against the door frame. Lonwabo"undenza isibhanxa mos! You… hey mani! Entle lale no Bukho?" I held my head and showed him the blood, he came towards me again

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