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Wednesday, August 12


Diary of a restless soul Insert 16


Insert 16
I got home. I was in no mood to talk to anybody, i just wanted to go straight into my room and cry my eyes out. But then i guess luck was not in my side because i met my mom in the veranda.
Her: utheni nah wena wase wanyaba nje.
Me: its nothing, i am just tired thats all.
Her: too tired to even greet.
I just kept quiet because i really didn't know how to answer her question.
Her: ndiyathetha maan, uthulele nton ngok.
Me: mom i just need to lie down a bit ndinenhloko. Can we continue with this convesation later.
Her: yuu caba lenhloko yakho ikwenza moody neh.
I just watched her talk. Deep inside i wanted to explode, i wanted to shout so that everyone can hear and feel the pain that i was carrying inside my heart. Thinking of the events that keeps taking place in my life made me wish that i could just die so that i could rest and feel pains no more.
I felt tears threatning my eyes, i blinked repeatedly and they just fell.
Mom: haibo yinton ngok, athe ulilela nton. Kukho into iwrongo endiyithethile mhlambe.
Me: NO!!! MAMA ITS NOTHING OHK. CAN YOU PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE, I MEAN STOP ASKING ME USELESS QUESTION. I yelled (i could hear my anger slowely building up, i was ready to burst. So i just left my mom there before i say words that i would regret later.
Just as i got into my room. My phone rang. It was a number i didn't know so i answered.
Me: hellow.
Caller:you will pay for this uyandiva. You can not turn my son against me and go scot free. I am going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget. Ngok ke nontombi yazi ukuthi andizuku bulala i am just going to make you suffer and watch as everything around you crumble down to your feet. Umtyise nton unyhana wam. You are a witch, my son was alright all this time. And now he just meets you for few months he turns against me. Akafuni ukundimamela yazi ke girl that the battle line has been drawn between us.
Me: ndithetha naban, and which son are you talking about.
Caller: uzakundazi soon uk'ba ndingubani. I am going to show you flames. Uzuyazi that from now on ubom bakho busezandleni zam. I will.......
Ndambetha ngalo phone. I slowely knelt down on the floor. I had no energy left in me to fight anymore. Tears came flooding down my cheeks. I knew that i just talked to the devil herself. And she was busy accusing me of something i knew absolutely nothing off. At that moment only one thing came into my mind "prayer" i had to ask god to take my life before i suffer any further. I was really getting tired of living, and at that moment i didn't fear dead. To me i saw dead as a gate way for me to run away from my suffering.
"father in heaven, i know that you are watching me and you have a plan for my life. But nd'yakucela bawo thatha ubom bam ngok noko i have endured enough pain and i cant take it anymore. Ngoba icacile uk'ba soze ndikufumane ukuphumla as long as i am alive. Amen. (that was my little prayer)
i got in my bed and my phone rang it was vuyo. I didn't answer at first but he wouldn't stop calling so answered on the 4th call.
Me: can you please stop calling me.
Him: athe can you please hear me out. Ndyakucela sthandwa saam ndifuna ukucacisa thats all.
Me: undifun nton vuyo.
Him: i love you ohk. I can't just let you go. I can't stop thinking about you.
Me: i think you should tell your mother that.
Him: what do you mean.
Me: nothing and bye.
I dropped the call, and i switched my phone off. I took sleeping pills and i swallowed then. I dont know when or how i fell asleep. But i heard people banging the door. They sound from a distance. I heard them calling my name but i just couldn't open my eyes.
Yolo: mama what if something happened to her, what if uzonzakalisile.
Mom: su cinga olo hlobo. Maybe she is just resting.
Yolo: i am breaking this door. He banged the door
I could hear them talking on the other side of the door but i couldn't move nor open my eyes. I tried to scream but my voice fail me. So i just lay still hoping for a miracle. And feeling a bit relieved that god is answering my prayers.

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