Saturday, August 29

Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 23

Insert 23
Me: did we? Talk damit.
Vuyo: whoow come down dear.
Me: i cant come down ok, firstly I've never been intimate with a guy before. I am not ready for sex, even if i was ready i cant imagine my first time being drunk and especially sleeping with you, man you are my worst nightmare. So please put me out of my sorrow.
Vuyo: well do you feel any pains down there.
Me: well no.
Vuyo: then that's your proof that we didn't do anything. Your first time will be a bit painful and enjoyable at the same time. And it would be special. So i would never take advantage of you while you drunk. I love you too much for that.
Me: enough with the love talk, what happened phezolo.
Vuyo: well i was also in the club with my friends yesterday and i saw your friend get beaten by his boyfriend and he left her there, so she left with some random guy and it was already late so i knew that you wouldn't get any cab so i offered to take you home but it was already late so i brought you to my flat instead. When we got here you told me that you were sleepy so i undressed you and the minute you got in my bed you felt asleep instantly. And i slept on the couch in the sitting room.
Me: thanx hey you are a life saver, yoh my head is so heavy, its pounding.
Vuyo: ina drink this cofee you will feel better.
Me: yhuu am never drinking again. I wonder where is khitha.
Vuyo: am sure she is safe wherever she is.
Me: where are my clothes.
Vuyo: owh wait (he went to the bathroom and came back with my clothes) after you finish that coffe you can go take a bath, breakfast will be ready for you downstairs.
Me: thanx again.
I went to take a bath using his stuff. I wore my dress and blazer and went down stairs. Mmmmh the smell it was devine. The guy actually prepared a full english breakfast.
Vuyo: right this way angel take a seat.
Me: you know how to cook wow that's a first.
Vuyo: there's a whole lot you dont know about me angel.
He brought me the food and i dug in. It taste so deliscious you wouldn't tell that it was prepared by a guy.
Me: this is nice, you really know how to cook. It tastes great.
Vuyo: yeah well i know alot of things.
I finished eating and he took the dishes away and he poured me juice.
Me: i have to go home, i am a dead meat today, my mom is gonna kill me. I was suppose to come early last night.
( and vuyo laughed).
Me: whats funny about what i've just said.
Vuyo: relax your mom wont kill you,
Me: and you know that how?.
Vuyo: well because before your friend went awol we called your mom and told her that you will sleep over at her house because the party ended late, you also talked to your mom and she said its fine.
Me: i don't remember any of that yho andiphindi ndisele ebomin bam.
At 9h00 vuyo drove me home. Everybody was getting ready for church. So i rushed in my room and took a proper shower i then wore my black penicl skirt that stood a bit below my knees and a white t-shirt with a black blazer.
Mom: ndicinga ukba usa k'lo khitha mna. When did you come back.
Me: minutes ago i had to rush back early for church. You know i never miss it for anything.
Mom: ibinjan i party.
Me: it was great i had some great time.
We were all set for church. Luyolo drove us to church and well it was heart warming just like usual. I was revived and i really enjoyed it. When we came back to church i cooked a storm. I was really in the mood to cook. My phone rang.
Me: hello.
Caller: so how did it go.
Me: ndithetha naban.
Caller: woow so u deleted my number. Uthetha no vuyo angel, did your mom kill you.
Me: well no she didn't infact she didn't even shout at me.
Vuyo: thats great. Am glad to hear that.
Me: i am sorry to cut you short but i am a bit busy right now so i really have to hang up.
Vuyo: owh ohk sorry i didn't mean to disturb you. Have a great day.
I dropped the call and continue with my pots.

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