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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 24

Insert 24
Later that sunday i was preparing my school uniform. A call came through my phone it was a private number. I first hesitated answering because i dont answer private numbers, but the caller kept on calling untill i answered. I just pressed the answering button then i kept quiet waiting for the caller to speak first. After a mere 5 minute the caller finally spoke.
Caller: hello.
(it was a male voice, a grown man judging on how deep the voice was).
Me: hi ndingakunceda.
Caller: ndithetha no athenkosi.
Me: ewe unguban wena.
Caller: owh molo ntombam.
Me: i think you have already greated me, so who are you.
Caller: you have no idea how happy i am to hear your voice. I always see you everytime you go to school, i just don't get the chance to talk to you.
Me: owh really now, you mean to tell me that you follow me around everytime i go to school. Well thats some really stalking tendency. And ain't you bit to old to be following school kids. Cause right now you sound old enough to be my father.
Caller: ayilo lohlobo ucinga ngalo sisi maan. I am not stalking you, i just wish i was part of your life. You have grown into this matured beautiful young lady and i am proud of you. The reason i called its because i can't step aside and watch your life get ruined.
Me: unguban and uthetha nganton. Tell me who you are or am going to drop this phone.
Caller: your life is in danger. I know that i am a part of what is going to befall you. but it was never my intensions to hurt you. Someone is planning something drastic towards you.
(mlungisi ucinga ukba wenza nton.who are you talking to)
a woman voice sounded on the other line. And the caller cut the call immediantly.
I was left confused. What just happened. Why didn't the man say who he is. And i couldn't even contact him back because he called me with a private number. But wait where did he get my number. My first thought was vuyo. Maybe he was the one behind this. But why would he scare me, it didn't make any sense. The again luyolo can be responsible for this, come to think of it he had a good reason to scare me because he thought that i was still dating vuyo. So maybe he was trying to say that vuyo wants to harm me.
Yeah that to me made perfect sense. I was convince that its luyolo who was behind obu bubhanxa. I quickly rushed to his room to confront him.
I knocked onced and opened the door. His room was empty, he wasn't there. Where the hell could he be because it was already late. Unless he was out doing his pranks calls. I looked around searching for god knows what. I open his closet. I saw an album curiosity got the better out of me so i opened the album and weird enough it had pictures of me. From my youngest age untill last week. And i dont even remember taking any of this pictures so how the hell did they get here. At the end of the album the was an envelop i opened it. The was a necklace inside it had a heart and it was written my "other half ATHE". then the was a letter i opened it. And it reads
"i know maybe i might never get the chance to be yours in the near future. But know that i would never date or be with anybody else if its not you. I dream about you every night. I worship the grounds that you walk on. I am sorry that i almost took your life. Yes the sleeping tablets that you drank were not really sleeping tablets. It was some poisinous tablets that i bought. I couldn't stand watching you being happy with someone else. I never thought that you were really gonna drink them but after i knocked on your door that day i realise that you may have drank them. And reality kicked in, i realised that i would never find piece if you ever die. Thats why i made sure that i save you no matter what it takes. But maybe it was a good thing that you drank the tablets because if you didn't we would have never found out about your cancer untill it was too late."
i didn't even finished reading the letter i dropped it i was shaking with anger. How could he be so stupid and heartless. Can love really make you want to kill someone.
Just then the door flew open and luyolo came in. He looked so scared and surprised to see me in his room. He saw the letter on the floor. His eyes wondered around the room in an instant he couldn't look me in straight in the face.
Luyolo: princess its not what you think. You weren't suppose to see that.
Me: you have the biggest nerve ever to say that shit to me right now.
Yolo: princess look am sorry.
Me: yey don't princess me. Unyorry for nton. Trying to kill me. Cause you love me is that suppose to justify your action.
I will say this once. Yohlukana nam or i will get you arrested for attempted murder.
His eyes popped out. I never saw him so scared.

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