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Mahlatse Ramatseba

Diary of a restless soul Insert 25

Insert 25
Me: owh dat prank phone call you just made minutes ago its really not on. Infact iyadika.
Luyolo: what prank phone call are you talking about.
Me: don't you dare play dump with me. You know exactly what i am talking about. So please cut the act.
Luyolo: i can agree on doing alot of things to you. And i don't deny that i am jealous about you. Thinking about you alone drives my head insane. I am head over hills in love with you. But right now i have no idea of what prank call you are talking about.
Me: mnxm so you keep saying.
I then exited his room. I was now scared, if its not luyolo who was behind that call then who is. I was dump strike i called luvuyo and he answered in one ring its like he was waiting for the phone to ring.
Me: hey hi.
Him: woow i must be dreaming, i really need to wake up from this dream. It can't be really you calling me right now. Tell me that i did not just heard your voice right now.
Me: ohk you didn't hear my voice right now and it is not me calling you right now.
Him: mxm stop being funny. Anyway ndenze nton today ze ndikhunjulwe nguwe.
Me: nigga please don't get ahead of yourself just yet. I just wanna ask if you know anybody who goes by the name MLUNGISI.
( i could hear his breathing patterns changing).
Him: ehhm no.
Me: are you sure.
Him: yyyess yes i am sure. And why are you asking about him anyway.
Me: ah lets drop it since you don't know him:
him: please tell me maybe ndingakunceda.
Me: you can't do anything to help me, since you dont know him, but anyway for what its worth i think his stalking me.
Him: whoow now thats a big accusation to throw at someone don't you think. Khona what did he do to make you think that. And what if his not a stalker.
Me: yho whats with the 21 questions and kutheni wa curious kangaka nah wena.
Him: no i am not.
Me; ohk whatever, suit yourself and bye.
I dropped the call. Something was not right. Why did vuyo became so tense and defensive right after i mentioned the name. It was clear that he definantly knows something. I went to take a shower and then i wore my pyjamas i then went to say goodnight to my mom, she was in her room.
I knocked once and she ordered me to come in.
Me: owh you not asleep yet. I just came to say goodnight.
Mom: you are going to sleep so early.
Me: ewe i am a bit sleepy and tomorrow siskolo so i have to wake up early.
Mom: i know how much you love your sleep. Goodnight ma baby. Anyway are you still drinking the medicine that tat'ujola gave you.
Me: yes i am. Why are you asking.
Mom: bendibuza cha. Please don't stop drinking that medicine. That man knows what he is doing.
Me: even though you are scaring me right now but i assure you i haven't stop drinking it.
Mom: ohk then have a wonderful night.
Me: you too mom (i kissed her cheeck)
i went back to my room. A piece of me wanted to tell my mom about the phone call i received, but i decided not to scare her. Incase it was nothing serious. So its better i get to the bottom of this myself. I knelt down and prayed first before i got in my bed. After i finished praying i got under my blankets and i took my phone and logged in my mxit. It was the in thing back then. Thats why when you had a sumsung e250 like me back then it was a big deal because of mxit. Anyway mr handsome was online. I greeted him and we had our usual conversation (i can't go in to details) . He knew what to say to make me feel better about myself. You would find me smiling alone like a retard when i was chatting with him. Don't get me wrong but i was really attracted to a stranger. I felt like i knew him somehow. The was something about the way i connected with him. After we finished chatting we said our good byes i was really sleepy at that moment. So i just felt asleep in an instant.
I woke up early the next morning i did my dairly routine then i made breakfast for everyone. I took mom's breakfast to her room. And then the others woke up took their baths. And they joined me at the table i gave them their breakfast. Things were awkward between me and luyolo. I knew that he wanted to say something, he just didn't know how. So when we finished eating everyone washed their plates. It was time to go. I went to take my school bag and my phone we said our goodbyes to my mom. We got in the car and luyolo drove us to school. I notice that my phone had a message and i opened it, it was from vuyo and it reads:
"i am sorry, i lied to you yesterday. The truth is i know who mlungisi is. He is my mom's husband i belive that he is your father. I don't know how you got to know him but please stay away from him. He is dangerous"
what the heck!!!!!!!!!.

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