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Sunday, August 23


Diary of a rural girl Chapter 61


The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Girls chat over a bottle of wine

Chapter 61
When I arrived at the flat, it was around 4:45 in the afternoon. I found Kholo and Tsakane enjoying a bottle of four cousins over deep house music at the flat. “Hello girls”, I greeted them and went straight to my room to change my clothes and when I was done I went to the bath room took a very long bath, and when i was done i went to the sitting room to join the girls over a bottle of wine. After having two classes of wine I said to the girls, “We are worse, drinking during the course of the week…! But the wine is very nice however we should refrain from drinking during the week to avoid unnecessary outcomes”. “As for me; I want to finish all the alcohols in this world before I could even think of making babies so that when they arrive on earth they would find alcohol finished”, Kholo said as she began to get more and more tipsy and the music was too deep to a point where it can increase your level of drunkenness.

Before we could pour some more wine into our classes we had a knock at the door, it was sweetness who had just visited us without any notice. “Hello my lovely friends it had been a while since we have not been seeing each other”, sweetness said as she made her way to the kitchen to get an empty class to pour some wine. “How have you been? I hope you had been all good my friend, I missed you so much, but next time when you visit you better let us know to ensure we are available because in a healthy friendship it is very important for all parties to still do their own things as a vital matter and Sometimes friends need time apart, please don’t find it rude it’s just the matter of building each other to a better friendship”, Kholo said. “Ok well the ear doesn’t have a coverage, I appreciate your words of wisdom Kholo as for now let’s focus on drinking and discussing on getting some more wine because the bottle is almost finished”, Sweetness said.

“Gosh”, I exclaimed, “do you really think we should get some more wine, don’t you get it that is during the week and some of us got some school work to do, if it was on weekends it would make sense however you can go get some if you think it’s necessary but I want to take a nap around 7 o’clock and wake up around 10 o’clock to do my school work because the first day I packed my bags to Pretoria the intention was to further my studies, so I treat my school work as a priority this days. “OK well hlatse girl, as for myself I’m in the mood for turning up tonight, maybe we should do Europa because I saw on the notice board yesterday by Essellen street that black coffee will be playing there tonight and there is a special of red squares, each for ten rand”, Kholo said while she made her way to her bedroom to get some cigarettes to smoke because all the Girls couldn’t ignore the nicotine cravings while drinking. “Girls I also side with the idea of getting wasted at Europa club, it had been a while since we have not been going out together and the other interesting part about it is the special of our favorite drink and our legend Mr coffee” ,Tsakane said. “I also agree girls, let’s make a happy life for ourselves and enjoy this life, tonight we turning up” sweetness said.

I normally do what the girls are doing without even thinking, but that day I couldn’t because I had school work to do and a choice. Being around Gauteng had taught me a lot about life and gave me more of experience about life and now I know when to say no and to priorities. The bottle of wine got finished and the girls went to Shoprite checkers in Sunnyside to buy another bottle of wine while I made my way to the bedroom to take a nap because it was around 7 o’clock, the time I agreed with the girls to take a nap. When I got to the bedroom I received a romantic text massage from Tokollo, when I was about to read it, I received a call from a stranger; “hello Mahlatse, it’s me Denny from Facebook, I got your contacts from your Facebook Profile and I want to be your lover”, the stranger said. “I have got enough lovers so take your love and give it to somebody else not me and never call me again” I said while I hanged up the call, that was the day I decided to remove my personal contacts from my Facebook profile.

I replied the text message from Tokollo and texted “thanks” and then called my little brother Thabang to check up on him and  slept.

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i like you mahlatse for having priorities