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Sunday, August 30


Diary of a rural girl Chapter 62


The rural girl who went to Gauteng

Matome's girlfriend giving birth 

Chapter 62
In the morning around five O'clock when I was preparing for my early classes I received a call from my younger Brother Matome, “Sister, the girl I had impregnated just gave birth to a baby boy this morning, I really don't know what is going to happen to the baby since his parents are both not working and I am no longer dating her mother Mohlago (my ex-girlfriend ) for some reasons and her parents are not financially doing well however I am ready to take full responsibility for my boy but the thing is; I am not working and I am thinking of quitting school and go work for my boy”, Said Matome. “Oh poor Matome I hear you, the damage is already done and there is no way to change it but I will try and come up with the best solutions for your case, living school for that reason is not going to happen as long as I am still your sister, I will see how we can support your baby and there is also Government grant which will also assist at some point as an alternative.” I said to him. “Mahlatse I really thank you for being there for me, what I had done is a bad thing at the age of 15 but one day this terrible thing will be a Good testimony to tell, I promise you to be a better person from now on and thanks again for ensuring that I am not going to quit school to work for the child. I am overwhelmed by the way u treat me and the way you care about me sister, my airtime is almost finished I believe will talk later this afternoon because I have to get ready for school.” Matome said to me. “OK well will talk later, even if we can tell our close relatives about this matter i don't think they are going to help anyhow, like they never supported us financially in any case, Good bye Matome” I said to him.

When I made my way to the kitchen to make my favourite breakfast I came across Kholo who had been very wasted by alcohol the previous day when I last saw her and she seemed to be drunk still, “Good morning Kholo aren't you supposed to be sleeping by now because you slept two or three hours ago?, I can see you got hang over, but no your still drunk my friend anyway how was it at Europa groove lounge last night because you very excited about going there yesterday when I last saw you” I asked. “It was happening in there Mahlatse, black coffee was rocking the stage and we had so much fun even though I feel like I didn’t have enough, because they closed at 2:00 am, I feel they should review their licence so that the closing time can be prolonged to at least 5:00 am. anyway let me just have some few classes of water and go back to rest” Kholo said. “Oh, that will best sweet those of you who prefer to party the whole night, but I think that will be bad for most people because they will never have enough time to rest for at least 8 hours as recommended by the doctors and for students because they will miss their classes more often since Europa operate seven days a week which is every day. I think two o’clock is much better even though it will still impact negatively on other people who doesn’t have a backbone, can you please make a way to your room to rest before you fall into my breakfast.” I said to Kholo while I dished up my cereal and went to the living room a couple of minutes later to eat my breakfast.

While I was busy eating, Matome’s issue kept on ringing in my mind to a point where I couldn’t ignore it anymore, After some few minutes I realised that Matome is my full responsibility now and I have to act as a parent to him since I am the elder one in the family, All of our parents had passed away as well as granny who looked after us lately. After eating my breakfast I decided to go to my room to tell God about Matome's situation that i am involved and affected, so that God almighty can take control over it even thou God knew this matter before us, sometimes God wait for us to tell him staff so that he can act on our position. After my short conversation with God I felt very relieved and desired more and more of my time with Him, unfortunately I couldn’t have much time to spend with Him that moment because I had early classes to attend to. Before I could take my school bag and get on my way to school I decided to text Matome. “Matome please make sure you go to school regularly and stop stressing about your situation because you made our parents and granny happy where ever they are, it is a blessing to have a new member in the family since it’s just me and you at our home. Everything is going to be ok I promise you.” I texted him.

I took my school staff and made my way to school, when I arrived in Arcadia where i catch a bus to main campus, where i attend my classes I came across Thabang who had bought me a very nice necklace. “Hello Mahlatse I missed you so much that is why I even bought you this present.” Thabang said to me. “Thanks for the necklace Thabang, it looks beautiful and I love it not you, Can you please excuse me for today, I really need to think about something very important, hope you don’t find me rude and i am just having things to sort out.” I said while I got into a different bus to the one Thabang took. “Ok well Mahlatse I will wait for you up until you’re ready to talk to me” Thabang said to me.

I thought Thabang will take back the necklace after the way I spoke to him, I think he didn’t take it because it was not that expensive and I had to believe my thoughts about Thabang that he is only doing all this to get what he missed when he had the opportunity.

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