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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 28 (Part A)


Episode 28 (Part A)

the law of nature is unique and sometimes complicated. if you plant a single seed, once it germinates,it can't live to bear a single fruit. there will be multiple of them.likewise when you do a single wrongful act,you will leap a hundred fold.
the boy in question was sixteen years old, a son to our neighbours.that was what hurt most. remember Viyegzo? it was her brother Jacob. I have known these people since I was young and my father used to be drinking partners with their father. its true, the people closer to us are the ones likely to betray us,they know our every step and every move.
when he saw us, he cast his face down in shame. I wanted to slap the hell out of him but my mother told me to be a good Christian and forgive. it wasn't easy. we found out that a baby to Jacob's sister about 6 years old while playing with his friends had told them how his Uncle and his friends had torched down our house. he said it saved my mother right for refusing to give his grand Ma the salt she begged from her. an old man sitting close to them had overhead the conversation and had called the boy inside his house where he explained everything. he even said his Uncle kept a photo of me and my mother. the old man told him to go and take it and he did. the issue was instantly reported to the chief who wasted no time but reported it to Police with some members of community policing.
it was then that the Police came in the wee hours of dawn to nab Jacob. afraid of a prison sentence whilst young, he confessed that it was Peter's Mum who had sent him and two of his friends. they had been paid in advance Mk3,000 each through Peter's sister. was that how much my family was worth?
Jacob's mother was outside crying and begging my mother to drop the charges. he had dropped out of school in form one and had been loaming around the village God knows doing what. an idle mind is a devil's workshop for real.
my mind was running inside a whirlpool of questions. this woman hated me so much she wanted to kill my family and stage it as an accident. it struck my mind that she wanted me out of the picture to pave way for Masozi while I was busy sorting out the damage the fire had caused. I was right where she wanted me and I didn't know what was happening back at my house in Lilongwe. what if she had been the one deliberately delaying Mike from coming to sort the Masozi mess? did he really come to take her back? my mind couldn't get hold of everything. even if I ended up getting married to her son,there was no way we could click. not in this life maybe in the next. I wanted to call Peter but my mind run against it because the Police had already called the Police in Area 25 where I resided and gave them Mike's phone number to get handle the issue. if I had called Peter am sure he could have instantly shipped her to the moon. the way he worshipped the ground she walked on was a wonder. I don't think in his mind there was anything wrong she could do.it had always been my mother this my mother that as if I didn't have my own. there was no way I could have let her go Scott free. she had to pay for each one of her sins. the hand of justice had to catch up with her. this was deeper than I thought. Peter was standing between locked horns of dilemma. if his Mother was caught, charged with arson and sentenced to prison there was no way he could stomach it that I could have done something to help her. if I could drop the charges against her, there was no way my family could have forgiven me for choosing a stranger over them.
I didn't know what to do ...

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