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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 31 (Part A)


Episode 31 (Part A)

darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that,hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that- Dr Martin Luther King Jr
I looked at the old man in pity and felt myself biting back the urgue to scream.I felt sorry for myself, had I reached that stage whereby old men looked at me as a suitable bride for themselves instead of their sons?
"Baba I think you should be going its getting dark," I spoke with the mastery of my remaining patience.
"don't think for a moment that am joking.please give me a chance. if you ever change your mind,call me," he paused to give me a piece of paper with his number written on it but I refused.my biological clock was ticking yes but his had long ceased functioning. it was better to spend my days as a single mum forever than signing my womanhood days off to this old cargo. maybe if I was old and widowed, I could have revisited his proposal.
I walked back into the house and strapped Laurent on my back,locking the house and took Amanda with me. I started off to my uncle's house leaving the old man standing outside. I had one or two words to give my uncle,he knew too much about me because we were related but that didn't give him a licence to broadcast my private life with every available ear. some men were loose mouthed, after having one too many of liquor with friends they tend to completely lose themselves. it was getting dark, my uncle's place wasn't far from our house. anger was boiling inside me and I prayed that I would find him home before he left to spend the night at one of his mistress' houses. he sure had some growing up to do.
I found his wife in the kitchen and she said he was inside the house. she could see that it wasn't a social call. I found him sitting on his wooden chair bare chested and dozing. I made some noise signalling my presence. after an exchange of greetings, I didn't waste time but to ask him if he knew an old man who had lost his wife a year ago.in the thick of things I had forgotten to ask him his name or perhaps he had said it and I wasn't listening.
he didn't seem to remember until I told him about his friend at the lake. he immediately knew him because everybody knew Kondowe who almost spent all his days at the lake,his wife sometimes brought him food there. I gave the description of Kondowe's old friend without front teeth and he recognized him.
"woow that's Mr Chirwa, he owns part of the rubber plantation. he is a good friend of Kondowe." well finally we were going to be on the same page.I thought.
"so you thought it wise to tell Kondowe so much about my love life?" he seemed quizzed by my question .
"it was nothing serious,he knows because he is my friend. " I couldn't believe it.
"its because of your useless story telling that am getting marriage proposal from an old man."
" wooh...wait ...wait. Mr Chirwa wants to marry you?" I nodded. "then I have just hit a jackpot because that man's purse has a gold lining." before I had a chance to answer him my aunt interrupted me "consider yourself lucky my dear, that man is an answer to every woman's dream. " these people got to be kidding me.marrying that man would be my worst nightmare.
"uncle you can't say that. this man would never be my husband. money is not everything,"I was defending my heart.
"you didn't seem to dislike it when I was giving some to your mother,now I understand Mr Chirwa's motive towards helping your mother ." so even my mother was part of selling me off to slavery? this man had acted as if he had just got to know me that afternoon.
"pass the message that I dont want him." before I rose to go, my cousin Melina entered holding the back of her head with her hand crying.
"oh not again," I heard my Aunt murmur beneath her breath. she was the youngest of his children.
"what is it again? can't you shut up? you are making noise " my uncle didn't take lightly to such an interruption.
"Jacob has hit me again Papa" Melina said.
"that man will kill you one of these days,"aunt said walking back to the kitchen.
"who asked for your opinion witch." I was beginning to forget my own issues.
"stop calling my wife that and go back to your mother. it's true if you are not careful that good for nothing husband of yours will kill you."
"What now Papa? I don't know why you still cling to that barren thing,"the sarcasm for her step mother was evident.
"that's why I didn't promote your mother to my second wife, she has a lousy mouth and you are becoming more like her everyday no wonder you are a punching bag to your husband. go away before I do more damage to you." I wanted to laugh,Melina went back without a word. I decided to leave too because my uncle was in no state to continue talking.
back home I found my mother and sister back. they had a fruitless journey because Anya Jere was not there. I didn't mind about how tired she was and went ahead to ask her about Mr Chirwa.you can't believe her answer. she said,"am happy for you my dear, you have just won a ticket to steer us away from poverty." I was so disappointed in her,was that what she thought of everything? some people would sell their souls to the devil for the love of money. as for me I didn't want to end my youthful days abruptly to such mockery of a marriage. we needed money yes but I didn't want to be the sacrificial lamb of the family altar.
my phone rung,it was Peter. I let it ring for sometime before pressing the reject button ...

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