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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 33


Episode 33

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words,but to live by them.- John F. Kennedy.
My business was growing beyond my weirdest expectations. God was connecting me with the right people. I had no idea on how to run a business but Janet helped me until I learnt the necessary tricks. A certain man from Blantyre became my regular customer. He used to come and buy wrappers from me until my stock almost run out. Later in the following months,he would deposit money into my account and after I confirmed receiving , I would send the goods through Axa Courier Services and give him a waybill number for the parcel. The transaction was purely based on trust and understanding. Every month I knew I already had a done deal. I could now manage to send Amanda to a local school.
We got on well with Janet and the family. The only problem I found was one with her elder daughter Emerald who was Ten Years. I noted that she didn't like my kids, she would shout at Amanda for no apparent reason and she would stop her from playing with their toys. I started buying my kids their own toys and told Amanda that after school, she should ask the maid to switch on our bedroom Television set and stay there to watch cartoons. All this was to get out of Emerald's way. To the outside world these guys played the perfect couple but I could hear them shouting at eachother at night when the household was quite. Most times Janet would woke up moody with puffy eyes. I didn't want to look like I was snoppy but since we had now grown closer, one day I asked her after noticing that she had a black eye.
"Are you okay sis?" I asked her over breakfast. Her husband had already left for work earlier than usual.
"you won't understand dear but things haven't been easy with Francis." I know I didn't know anything about marriage but the little time I stayed with Peter made me realize that it ain't a bed of roses. To me a black eye didn't call for any understanding it was pure violence which called for instant action.
"talk to me,pouring your heart out could help." I was truly touched seeing her heart saddened me. She told me how they had been fighting for sometime. They had three girls and the husband wanted a boy. She had delivered them through Caesar and her last operation had almost been fatal. He seemed to hear none of it now that she couldn't get pregnant any more. Her gynecologist had told her that she shouldn't bear any more children yet he insisted. God was merciful to her and closed her womb but now he was accusing her of using contraceptives behind his back. I was shocked and didn't expect a person like him to be so unreasonable. It was clear he didn't give a care about her life. She was way older than me but I told her that she should actually go for the pill or injection because the moment she fall pregnant, she would sign her own death sentence. In that case a black eye was better than pregnancy because if she could get tired of the black eye,she could get out of the marriage. Some men nxaa and their obsession with baby boys.
I left to go and open my shop. Janet's issue crowded my mind,I felt that I wouldn't rest until i was sure that she had started using contraceptives, that way I would know that she was safe. I was so engrossed in my own thoughts I didn't see the man standing beside the shop opposite to mine. I felt his stare which made me uncomfortable. I pretended to rearrange some things for sometime but when I looked again he was still staring, so impolite. I became uneasy as I thought he was a thief. There was no customer in my shop, I couldn't quite think of what he wanted. I locked the drawer where I put money and went to the guy next door. He used to sell DVDs and electrical appliances and we became good friends. I told him about the stranger and pointed him out. Immediately he went to confront him.
"Madala what are you doing here?" I could overhear him interrogating the man. I know he didn't do anything wrong but looking at me like that gave me the creeps and made me suspicious.
"it's a free world I can look at whoever I like besides am looking at that beautiful lady not you." I was shocked by such an answer. Some people have all the time in the world, imagine spending an idle hour just doing nothing but looking at a fellow human being as if at the end you would be paid. I watched him move away but I had a feeling that whatever his mission was,it wasn't yet completed. I had to be more careful.
Before I knew it time was gone,I had to close the shop at 17:00. I had been on my feet most of the day being at customer's beck and call,plus cater for Laurent's needs. If things continued that way I would find an assistant. When I boarded a minbus going home, I received a call from Beatrice saying Mrs Kamanga was about to beat Mum to pulp.Earlier that morning people had seen Mr Kamanga leaving our house and the news had gone viral. Now that I was no longer there the two fools had overplayed their games and thrown caution out of the window. Knowing the female Jackie Chan am sure she would leave her face with little for any man to desire her again. To say the truth I didn't feel sorry for her, she deserved everything that came her way because I had done all I could to warn her out of that but it seemed I was too young to give her an advice.
Thirty something days are for the thief to do as he pleases but the fortieth is for the owner to deal with the plunderer...

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