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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 34


Episode 34

Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud - Maya Angelou.
Life is not always fun. If you trust God to be with you in every step you take,some mistakes,tears and sadness become a stepping stone to your success. I salute all those people who make God an anchor of their souls and seek for refuge and comfort in His words. His words is alive,every breath of it and it shall never return to Him without accomplishing the purpose He spoke it for. Those people who make suicide as a means to an end I think lack the determination to find out the essence of God's purpose for their creation. Soldier on,as long as there is life there is hope. As long as God is on the throne,things will get better. I never knew why people tend to ignore good advice when given to them for free. I am forced to think they already make up their minds even when they come to ask for a piece of your mind. I knew munthu sazatheka ( you will never get to understand a human being) when few months later I received a call from Norah. I know I have never been a good person but what I told her before was one of the best advices I have told to people. She refused to tell her husband the truth about her status and waited for 'the right time' despite my pleas. To me that was sitting on a ticking bomb waiting for it to explode then run when it would already be too late. Her sobs didn't make things better and I had to go to the bathroom to avoid waking up the kids. She was pregnant and went to start antenatal classes and these days expectant couples go for compasery HIV testing.She went with her husband Frank. He tested negative and she was positive. The problem was in all the anger and confusion, she admitted to the counsellor that she had been like that for some time. Frank remained quite as if he wasn't even there. It scared her so much. Atleast a twitch of emotions gives you clues on what to do next but in this case,it was difficult to know. He went back to work and came home around 9 pm drowned in alcohol which was unlike him. She was home all along sleepless and on the edge of emotions. He went straight to their bedroom,locked himself and started crying so loudly it nearly drove her mad. Then he started breaking things. Her mother stayed far and when she called her, she said she would come in the morning bacause she didn't have a car. Norah couldn't drive in that state,I told her to go to one of her neighbours but she said she didn't want to drag herself in the neighborhood gossip. Frank had stormed out and she didn't know where he was. I wish I was there for her. I didn't care if I would do nothing to help or change her situation but giving her a shoulder to lean on could be best. I comforted her with words I knew would soothe her soul. I gave her a couple of verses from my favourite book of Isaiah and told her to take some pain killers for her throbbing headache.
I tried to convince myself that the man who stood staring at me that day at my shop was just one of these people who have nothing better to do until I noted that I was meeting him everyday morning and evening few months later. It was clear he was stalking me and that scared me. He had some sort of an evil smirk on his face which made him look like he was doing a mental calculation of something. Call me paranoid but if you have been raped before you will know how every man looks suspicious at every action that make you uncomfortable. One day after I had gotten off the minbus, he run beside me and started introducing himself. I wasn't interested so I looked away.If he had wanted me to know him he could have it in a good way without looking as if he was spying on me. I never caught his name but he said something as being a cook at one of the district hospitals which was located close to town. He had grey hair but said he wasn't married and had a four year old son. At one point I told him to leave me alone and go his own way but he didn't hear any of it. He said his girlfriend left him after he managed to send her to college but ditched him after she had her degree in hotel management. If that had been said to earn my sympathy, I was sorry it didn't hit home. He turned back when I didn't answer him still after he asked for my name and number . If he was as wise as his grey hair showed,then he would get it that I didn't have time for him.
We became close friends with Remo but when he started making advances towards me I told him that I didn't want to be in a relationship with any man. You should have seen the sweet names he was calling me but nxaa it didn't wave me. No man didn't have any place in my heart my kids did. The bottom line was that I was done with the dating issue and I wanted to work towards the future of raising my children. Remo was single and two years younger than me. I thought he was immature and was just looking for a fling. I told him to date girls of his age and didn't want to be dubbed as his sugar mummy lol.
I don't know why he claimed to love me at first sight, to me that only existed it mills and boon novels. Girl meets boy,they like each other boom they get married and lived happily ever after.
I told him that if he ever mentions any love word to me again, I would broke him once and for all. Kkkkk he never stopped calling me my love, bae or whatever sweet nothing he could think of but I overlooked it,my heart never melted.
That day after meeting the old man can you believe that he was after me again. kkkkk this time with college of agriculture registration forms. You might think its too good to be true but this actually happened. An opportunity was dangled in front of me. Why do men want to catch me in their nets with a hook full of academic snares? if the tale of his ex girlfriend was true, it meant he was a fool who never learnt a thing or two about life. Ofcourse this chance was given on condition that I agree to get engaged to him and he pay my bride price. At the end of that year he would marry me then we would relocate to Mocambique where a new job as a Hotel Manager awaited him and I would be a teacher because in Mocambique teachers are most wanted. Dreamer. I told him that I wasn't interested,that was the dumbest thing I heard that day. As I bordered a bus back home I left him there standing with a permanent scroll on his face,disappointed and angry. I didn't care that wasn't my business.
Later that evening when I was helping the maid prepare supper, Beatrice called me. She had turned out to be my village news caster,everytime she called I was assured of the lastest scandal. I picked up the call.
" Wangu Mum is missing," She immediately started. I didn't get it.
"what do you mean? she ain't three years old..."
" I know but she went to town three days ago and she hasn't returned ever since."
I was confused, should I be worried or suspicious?...

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