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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 35


Episode 35

Sometimes the desires of our hearts land us into trouble often times. We tend to go against the morality of nature in persue of fulfilment.
The news of my mother's missing unnerved me. How did she get missing or was it deliberate move? My questions were answered when I called my Aunt and told her of the news. She laughing her lungs out and called me stupid for believing such hearsay. She said Mr Kamanga was missing too and that day his wife had gone to aunt's place and told her the issue which meant they had calculated each one of their moves. I was so mad at my mother I clenched my fist. If she was near me I could have slapped the living daylights out of her. So it didn't sink in her to leave him alone, am sure the beating she received just scratched her skin because if it pierced her heart she couldn't have done such a thing. Aunt told me not to worry myself to death, she was capable of taking care of herself wherever she was. I was sorry to say she acted like a bitch in heat. Talk of throwing her modest out of the window. Weren't there men who were single and could have loved her the more? I was too old to see her do such a disgraceful thing. I didn't know what my uncle would do upon hearing it. I called her number and it rung a couple of times without answering. Had she answered I could have given her piece of my mind. I was ashamed to tell such a story to Janet.
I went to bed feeling sorry for my mother. If my father was dealing with such behavior before he died well it must have been the worst way to send a man to his death. That must have sent the poor man to his grave quicker than the stroke.
The following morning I went to open my shop as usual minding my own business. I started saving my money to finish my course in Mass Communication. I still had that passion enclosed in my heart. I knew I had to do that for myself no matter what if I wanted a good future for me and my own. Every month end when I stood on the altar giving my tithe, I always reminded God to do what He said in Malachi 3:10-12. It's a matter of giving back to God what is already His.
I don't know why but that day I was feeling so sleepy and had a terrible headache I could hardly keep my eyes open. I just wanted to close my eyes and drift off. I decided to close at mid day and go home. I needed some rest. I found Janet at home which was unusual and she was taking a bath while the maid was cooking. I asked the maid if she knew why her Madam was home she said she came home in quite a rush and she heard her talking on the phone about going to Nkhatabay. I wasn't sure either why she was going. I waited at the sittting room until she was done.
"Sis why are you home this time? " she asked me just as I was about to ask her the same question.
"I ain't feeling well so I came home. Why are you going to Nkhatabay anything wrong?" I didn't think Aunt mentioned of this visit the previous day.
"well dear I wanted to call you as soon as I finished taking a bath." My heart somersaulted. Her face was suddenly clouded with sadness.
"what is Sis?" I moved to the edge of the chair.
" It's your mother..."
....to be continued

Episode 35.....continuation
I wanted to scream and cry my heart out but the tears didn't come , my mouth went numb. I didn't believe my ears to have heard her perfectly. My mum was involved in an accident with Mr Kamanga and he died on the spot. She was in a critical condition and wavering between life and death. I knew we were not on speaking terms but the few months I had been away from her deepened the love inside me. She was a difficult woman to please but she was still my mother and I loved her to the moon and back. I realised that I was shaking all over. Janet came where I sat,took Laurent from my arms and placed him on the floor. She hugged me and told me that my mother was a fighter and she would pull through.
" We need to get her transferred from Nkhatabay District hospital to Mzuzu Central hospital. when they went to collect the body of Mr Kamanga from the mortuary his lunatic widow went to your mother's room and attacked her." I put my hand to my mouth in paralyzed shock.
"Well she met her match because my mother beat the demons out of her and she wailed like there's no tomorrow." I imagined the scene and couldn't help smiling. Poor woman to have lost her husband in such a hurtful way.
"Pack a few things we need to be on our way mum has already done the transferring process she is waiting for us."
I knew and understood the power of relations. If my mother was half the person her sister was am sure we could have moved mountains. It brought tears to my eyes to think that these people were so caring yet she didn't care about them. I packed a few things for Laurent and hurried back. I fed him and changed his diaper. In a few minutes we were ready. We boarded a minbus to town to go to Janet's husband's work place. He was waiting for us in his car outside the office premises. We didn't waste time but started on our way. We drove in silence. I was lost in my own thoughts reflecting on my life. It had not been easy but here I was in one piece. If God had not been my anchor and strength I could have been dead by now. My Mum needed a steel hand and my Aunt was the right person to do it. I only prayed that she would pull through and live to learn from her past failures. Before I knew it we were in Nkhatabay. Janet called aunt and she told her where they were. I hurriedly walked behind her my heart threatening to burst in my chest.
We walked in the narrow corridor until we arrived at a door marked Intensive Care Unit. Janet told me to go inside because they couldn't allow both of us at the same time. I felt my legs turn to jerry. I heaved a deep sigh before I let myself in. The sound of machine was the only thing that was heard. A nurse was arranging tubes and wires in preparation of the move. I looked at my Aunt sitting on a chair beside the bed. She had aged overnight. Her eyes blood shot from lack of sleep and too much crying. She crushed me to her and sobbed so hard I thought my mum was no more.
" Be strong baby the devil is trying us." I went to stand beside the bed and looked at my mother,she had an oxygen mask on her face. My heart tightened with love and heart break. This woman had carried and nursed me with so much love, I vowed to move the world and nurse her back to health. She had been unconscious since she was brought here. One minute her condition would stabilize the next she would be at the end of her living thread. The nurse announced that we were ready to move. We moved her bed out of the room so carefully not to hit anything. Janet was also alarmed at the sight. Nobody had thought it was this serious.The ambulance was parked right outside the hospital door. We moved her inside and made her comfortable as much as we thought best. The nurse would accompanie us to monitor her. My Aunt stayed with the nurse in the ambulance and we started our journey back.
A week had now passed with my mother still in coma. The doctor said her condition was still not changing. She had sustained internal injuries with some broken limbs. She was swollen from head to toe. We talked to her everyday but there was no response. We prayed everyday for God to intervene. I fasted Esther ( 3 days dry fasting) but nothing happened. We didn't lose hope but banged our trust in The Lord. Those few weeks my life revolved around the hospital and my shop. The dark circles around my eyes showed the stress plaguing me. During weekends I would leave Laurent with the maid and spend the day with her while Aunt went home to rest. I would read her the bible and watch her for any twitch of emotions. Day by day the human in me started drifting off in despair. I was losing hope if she would ever regain consciousness. It felt like we were waiting for something to happen whether good or bad. I had to be strong if not for myself but for Beatrice and my brother. Whatever the will of God was to seal the fate of my mum we were ready to face it. My aunt was the one who kept me going. When I cried she was
there to take me in her arms and let me cry.
"it's okay to cry love,the pain need to get out," she would say.
That weekend I was sitting beside my mum and just watched her. It brought back childhood memories when I would pull her eyelids when she was sleeping. It was to tell her that i was hungry. She would wake up and tickle me i would laugh so hard it brought tears to my eyes. My phone vibrated, it was a private number. My thoughts quickly raced to my customer from Blantyre until I went outside to pick the call.
"hello," I muttered in the mouth piece.
" hey love..."
oh goodness that unmistakable voice I knew too well and fought so hard to forget ...

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