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Wednesday, August 5


Diary of a Single Mum Episode 37


Episode 37

I was waiting for Peter with abetted breath. I didn't think what he would think of me after getting a glimpse. For what seemed an uptenth time I straightened my dress. Well I had picked a bit of weight over the months and I didn't know if he would like this new me. I had been standing at the bus depot for the past one hour. Waiting had never been one of my best virtues. Knowing these local buses I was sure another breakdown has amassed leaving the passengers with no choice but wait till it was fixed. Peter's phone was off so that left me with no choice than wait longer and have a stretch over my nerves. I took out a pocket mirror and combed my hair again until I told myself to stop acting like a teenager on a first date. Unknowingly I was tapping my feet until a man sitting next to me almost shouted that I was driving him on the edge. I didn't blame him my high heels were making a deafening noise. I was glad i left the kids at home because it could have driven them nuts.At last after what seemed like ages, a bus came in and I watched the passengers disembarking one by one until I saw him. My Peter as handsome as I could ever remember. As if on cue,we looked into each others' eyes and I felt his smile melting my heart. I run into his arms and for a moment thought it was just the two of us in the whole world. There was no need for words,the closeness was just enough. I felt tears misting my eyes, it wasn't for sadness but an overwhelming joy that tied my heart in knots. I almost regretted for shunning him all this time,didn't it ever cross my mind how much I was missing him? He looked into my face and oh boy I swear I could drown into his eyes. That was when we noticed the people around us. Display of public affection was considered as embarrassing but at this moment it was the last thing on my mind. Why does love become embarrassing yet people fought openly in public places and everybody would see nothing amiss?
We went to the hotel he was booked for the night. It was getting dark so I just helped him settle down before he reluctantly agreed to let me go home. I had a permanent glow on my face and my eyes shone like those of the cat who just got a bowl full of milk. I felt so young and bouyant I could feel a light to my step.
However when I got home the mood was different, almost sombre and when I walked in to find Aunt and Janet, they went silent as if a bomb had been dropped and waited for explosion.
"I hope I didn't interrupt something important," I said apologetically. Trying to lighten the mood my aunt said, " No love. You can sit down and hear all about it after all it concerns you too."
" No mummy please don't, I will tell her myself after I have sorted it all out." Oh poor Janet always trying so hard to protect me from hurting but did she know how much pain I had taken aboard my life or she all thought it was a joke like everyone else did?
" I can't think of a better time than now," aunt said and my mind started to wonder hoping it wasn't my mum.
The following morning I went to see Peter. I didn't want to have him worried but now I had a problem bigger than death itself at my hand. I replayed Janet's words in my mind and for once envied those people who smoke just to get the stress out of their system. I could do anything to get this out of my mind. Janet's husband had said he has had enough of feeding what looked like his wife's whole clan. He had said he won't release any upkeep money until we got out of his house. Janet had protested at the cruelty and inconsideration of it all but he had threatened to leave without a second thought. I laughed though realising the selfish side of it all. It wasn't like we were staying forever. A visitor is like dew,comes in the morning and goes before you know it. Where was the African in him? in Africa if you marry somebody, you marry the whole family. It gives one a complete sense of belonging.
I found Peter having a late breakfast and he was quick to pick on my black mood. I told him everything and he went quite as if in deep thoughts.
" Come with me," he said finally but i looked at him blankly in disbelif. My worry was my business. I already had existing customers in an already existing target market. The thought of starting all over wasn't so appealing to me.
I started telling him about my business and how this place seemed to be full of opportunities. He still insisted that he wanted me with him on the first bus to Lilongwe the following morning. I told him that I needed time to take my mother back to Nkhatabay until she fully picked up the pieces of her life. It would mean I would be out of business for a while but it was worthy it. So I thought.
" Don't make me wait for a life time because I also have a life to run," he said. It was unexpected and I couldnt hide my dissapointment.
" You know what I have to do this whether you will wait or not." With that I stormed out. The selfishness of some men too nxaa. One minute they will be caring, the next they will be driving you crazy with their constant demands for you to do as they please. Well he was in for a shock ,unlike the last time I now had a strong grip on myself.
Back home I just wanted to take a long bath and go to bed. Amanda and Laurent were a gem as always. They detected my black mood and made me smile. Laurent was making funny faces at me while Amanda was tickling me. I had no choice but to join in the fun. Seriously at times I felt like a kid again around these two.
When we were exhausted, we went to have supper then watched Television until it was bedtime for the kids. I tucked them in then took a novel Two women by Martina Cole. She would always be my favourite writer as far as books are concerned. She tells it all like it really is. After reading for almost an hour I decided to log in to facebook. I had one message in my inbox and thought if it was another useless 'hie' from a man I would scream my head off. I remembered another hie from a hie fanatic. When I asked him what was up with the 'hies' he said, "am not on whatsapp." Dumb bugger I blocked him instantly.
I opened the message. "I want my kids back you fool" It was Ben.
oh God not again ...

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